Broadway Babes Get Zapped

That's "our" Mary Jane Houdina


Our own, Betty Biggers is now a published author!

A delightful memoir by Betty Biggers Galvano. From early memories of farm life, World War II, and the outbreak of Polio, to city life, college and a modeling career. Betty's quest for faith is paramount, even over her achievements and fame as a top ten model, announced on The Ed Sullivan Show. The story spans several decades, and you will be delighted as you read about the strength and grace given to Betty, by God.

I hear Betty talks about The Rehearsal Club, too in this book.  But she's saved the best of that story for us -- her story, too, is one of our memoirs in our Rehearsal Club book.  Glad to know God's grace, too, is with us always as we count our many blessings this holiday season.

(pictured l to rt: Sunny Keyser, Dottie Belle, David Lewis, Denise Pence,
Rise Clemmer, Larry Spivack and Arthur Anderson (seated)

ACTORS HOME CAROLING 2014, Wednesday, Dec. 9??

Wanna do it again this year?  We had a blast at our impromptu gathering last year -- we haven't "really" set a date, but are wondering how many might be interested in joining us during the week of Channukah.

RSVP (1) your interest; (2) if you might have transportation that could help get us out there . . .

Last year the van picked us up in the 12:30 area (no longer available); we had lunch out there; sang around 3:00 and were back in the city by 6:00pm.  This year we have no transporation out.  We know one of our women, Jan Owen, was delighted to see us -- and will be again.  Arthur Anderson, unfortunately, is suffering early dementia and will be unable to join us.  However, we hope you will remember him (and Phyllis Creore Westerman) with a card for Thanksgiving:  Arthur Anderson, 13 West 13th Street, #4GS, NYC, 10011; and, Phyllis Creore Westerman, 1150 Fifth Avenue, NYC, NY  10128  

RSVP to this e-mail if you're interested in caroling if we can arrange it!


If you missed the Rockette Alum party, book for December 6 & share with your Rehearsal Club sisters! just call the box office and use our discount code: KICK29 Joanna Rush is a powerhouse talent who will make you laugh and cry at the same time.  A beautiful piece of theater & a tribute to all of us past that certain age who are still creating and loving what we do!  Support her!  She soooo deserves it!
(212) 246-8140 or (212) 947-3499


Dear New Yorkers (primarily):
We know everyone across the country is loving the fact that we're keeping us all connected -- a few actually take the time to make sure we know it; others have been paying up their $10 dues so they can participate in the Alum Action list below.  Whatever YOU enjoy about our coming together, staying together, creating together, please, show us your continued commitment.  We've worked this past year without a Secretary.  It's necessary to fill our Officer positions in order to maintain official status.

As of this next election, Terry Baughan wants to step down as Treasurer.  We need two names on our account at the bank.  We need a Treasurer.  We need a Secretary.  Our FOUNDATION has been laid and the actual "work" is very basic, but we DO need volunteers who CARE where we go, want to go and, ultimately we need those who want to be an active part of making our goals a reality.    


Our women continue to get hired and/or generate their own work. 
OLYVE HALLMARK ABBOTTone of our Cinderella writers, is already a published writer - check out her books on Amazon.com (her last book, Come Sundown, was ranked in the Top 50!) RC Alum TV performers might find TV-Live or Dead especially fascinating.
TERRY BAUGHAN was the 1st Place Winner in her college alumni association's short story contest, published, April 2015.
is a former Rockette, featured in the upcoming Diet Coke documentary; now runs her own business as a personal physical therapist -
BETTY BIGGERS is retired, but constantly busy campaigning for her son, a Republican Congressman and has just completed her first book, "Zapped by the Spirit."   
a member of Actor's Studio, is continually writing & performing.
KATHY CONRY continues to direct and choreograph professionally while producing projects for her ministry.  
CYNTHIA DARLOW is a working actress in NYC and a current member of TACT
DIANE FINDLEY  is coming to Broadway again soon in Gotta Dance.
ANDREA FRIERSON is a singer, actor, and writer living in New York City.  Currently, she performs her one-woman show, "me & ella" throughout the U.S.  
BETTY GALVANO has a new book, "Zapped By The Spirit" released September, 2015
SUSAN GARVEY was cast in Calendar Girls ("Annie Clarke") & is pulling double-duty as Myra Brhul" in Deathtrap about the same time (Oct. 29 - Nov. 22) Next Stop Theatre!
PATRICIA HILL  continues behind the camera with Mr. Robinson (NBC)
LIZ HODES continues to produce & perform out of her home in NYC.  Next up:  State of the Union, Nov 15, 2015  Contact:  lizhodes@yahoo.com

SUNNY KEYSER's daughter, Jen Halpern, casting director, also produces an annual "Rescue Men" calendar featuring men who adopt our furry friends: www.rescuemen.org

MARSHA KRAMER continues to work in LA; most recently on Modern Family
FRANCINE MANCINI continues to perform her original music & lyrics for her rock band, "NO UTURNS."  www.nouturnsad.wix.com/rock
DIANE PHELAN, our 2013 RC Rising Star is in "King and I." www.dianephelan.com
GRACE KILEY's Ongoing and Master Classes in Acting & Directing.  Contact her directly at gracekiley@gmail.com
MARY JANE HOUDINA teaches Pilates, adult jazz & tap  @ 5-6-7-8 Dance Arts (Brewster, N.Y.) & @ Logrea Dance Academy (Ossining, N.Y) regularly.  She continues to choreograph professionally, most recently "High Society".
LEE KELLEY s available for coaching
MELANIE MAYRON is actively directing; watch for her name in Pretty Little Liars, Grace & Frankie; and Jane the Virgin.
ANNIE O'DONNELL continues to perform & can be seen in features like, Jersey Boys & The Artist while continuing to guest star regularly.
DENISE PENCE continues her weekly broadcast, "The Cinematic Arts" for Gatewave Radio, is an Associate Member of Articulate Theatre Company in NYC and teaches "Business of the Buzz" at the SAG-AFTRA Conservatory (next seminar Dec. 11). (www.articulatetheatre.com)   www.denisepence.com 
CHERYL STEINTHAL  is a retired Rockette currently active with the Original Florida Follies (performers are 61-92 years young). She choreographed their next show, "A Brand New Day"  http://www.theoriginalfloridafollies.com
AMANDA TREES recently co-authored and starred as "Alice" in Alice Are You, based on Alice in Wonderland, performed in Brooklyn to a sold out crowd. www.aliceareyou.com

Contact us with your Goings On!
Paid up member's latest news is repeated on our website: Then & Now
(special thank you to Francine Mancini for web updates)

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