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Submission opportunities for women in film/video.
New Names! New Categories!
New Opportunities for Women in the Arts & Media!
Submission Opportunities Newsletter for Women in Theatre
(previously known as Theatre Funding Newsletter)

Submission Opportunities Newsletter for Women in Film & Video
(previously known as Film/Video Funding Newsletter)

All brought to you by the Women in the Arts & Media Coalition, WomenArts, and the League of Professional Theatre Women.

We're building up new opportunities, and we're organizing them differently as well:

#StageOpps will include Project Submissions (completed and self-produced),
Script Submissions, Onstage, Backstage, Funding, and Residences. #ScreenOpps will include Festivals, On screen, On set, Funding, and Residencies.

We may only have a few opportunities each month for actors, composers, designers, and women whose work fits in some of the newer categories, but it is important to us to broaden our base, and to build the available opportunities up however we can over time.

We will also have a Special Opp every month for both Stage and Screen. This Special Opp will either be just for newsletter recipients, or recipients will be given special attention. There will be a code for the subject line of your email to denote that your submission is through the Special Opp. To receive this month's submission code, click here.

We are looking for theatres, production companies, casting offices, and more to offer these Special Opps. For more info on submitting a Special Opp to the newsletter, click here.

*Opportunities in red are for selected populations.
**Opportunities starred and in red are for women only.

December’s Featured Opportunity
Well Dang! Productions
Well Dang! Productions (http://www.welldang.com/) seeks country/Americana/rockabilly/folk musicians to compose episode theme songs for our redneck web series, The Girl From Carolina. The songs will center around the content of each episode, and will serve as either the intro or credits tunes. Please send your website or social media and any relevant work samples to Breanna Foister at breanna@welldang.com.
Well Dang! also seeks post production assistance for The Girl From Carolina. Please send resume and relevant work samples to breanna@welldang.com.
TO SUBMIT: Include the Special Opps Code, which can be retrieved by emailing specialoppscode@gmail.com, and “Musician” or “Post Production Assistance” in the subject line.
Seattle True Independent Film Festival (May 1-9, 2015, Seattle, WA) – Seeking diverse new voices in independent film from the Northwest and the rest of the world in the following categories: Short, Feature, Student Short (director must be enrolled at time of submission in a film school, college film program or high school; 16 minutes or under), Indepenetration (subjects that most people would find offensive), Documentary Feature, Documentary Short, Experimental, Web Series Episode. FEE: $20-$60. Seattle True Independent Film Festival, 2311 N. 45th St., #194, Seattle, WA 98103, T: (206) 650-7470, contact@trueindependent.org, www.trueindependent.org. Deadline: December 1, 2014 (late), January 3, 2015 (extended, via withoutabox.com)

Boston LGBT Film Festival (April 2015, Cambridge, MA) – The largest, longest running LGBT media event in New England seeks films about topics of interest to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community in the following categories: Documentary Feature, Narrative Feature, Narrative Short, Documentary Short, and Experimental. FEE: $0-$35. Boston LGBT Film Festival, 955 Massachusetts Ave. #361, Cambridge, MA 02139, T: (617) 233-1190, bostonlgbtprogramming@gmail.com, http://www.bostonlgbtfilmfest.org. Deadline: December 1, 2014 (early), January 2, 2015 (regular), February 1, 2015 (late), February 15, 2015 (extended, via withoutabox.com)
Qu: A Literary Journal (April 2014) - Seeking to publish short, 10 minute plays and screenplay excerpts.  Seeking unproduced and unpublished work that are no more than 10 pages of provocative, original theatre and film scripts reflective of contemporary culture.  Multiple submissions are acceptable, but please inform the literary journal if your work is accepted somewhere else.  Writers will be compensated $10 per play/screenplay/prose piece, and $5 per poem.  All application must be sent in electronically: https://quliteraryjournal.submittable.com/submit. Deadline: December 1, 2014
Liverpool Lift-Off Film Festival (February/March 2015, Liverpool, UK) - Liverpool Lift-Off is part of the prestigious network of transatlantic based Lift-Off Film Festivals. It is the 1st event in the Lift-Off Season and the 1st Film Festival of the year based in the United Kingdom. Winners of the Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Amsterdam and London Film Festivals screen at Liverpool Lift-Off, along with new hopefuls from around the globe looking to join the ever expanding network of emerging industry professionals. Every single filmmaker who submits will receive from us exclusive submitter only content that aim to coach and guide all filmmakers on the continuous marketing of their work. Please allow liverpool@lift-off-festival.com to be accepted into your inbox! Accepting all films and scripts in any genre. Submissions are accepted on DVD, paper and secure-online screeners. Please label all work clearly with your name, contact information, exhibition format and running time. The festival cannot be held accountable for faulty or uncued preview DVD's. Visit https://filmfreeway.com/festival/LiverpoolLiftOffFilmFestival for more thorough guidelines. Deadline: December 5, 2014 (Late), January 9, 2015 (Film Freeway Late), January 30, 2015 (Extended)
Dallas International Film Festival (April 9-19, 2015, Dallas, TX) - During the past eight years, the Festival has featured the finest in U.S. and international cinema, including 1,518 films representing more than 50 countries, and has presented more than $545,000 in awards. One of MovieMaker magazine’s “25 Festivals Worth the Entry Fee.” Competitions include: Narrative Feature Competition, Documentary Feature Competition, Texas Feature Competition, Shorts Competition, Animation Competition and there are several awards including an Audience Awards series. To submit, http://www.dallasfilm.org/submit-your-film-for-diff-2015/. Deadline: December 5, 2014 (regular), December 12, 2015 (late)
**Through Women’s Eyes** (April 10-19, 2015, Great Falls, VA) – International festival featuring women directors, with a focus on international women’s issues, stories and lives. Seeking films directed by women in the following categories: Documentary, Feature, and Short. FEE: $40-$75. Through Women’s Eyes, 241 Bliss Lane, Great Falls, VA 22066, T: (703) 402-1428, tobrack@aol.com, http://www.throughwomenseyes.com, Deadline: December 7, 2014 (early), December 29, 2014 (regular), January 5, 2015 (late), January 10, 2015 (extended, via withoutabox.com)
**Women and Minorities in Media Festival (WAMM)** (April 3-5, 2015, Towson, MD) – All works need to either be created with a woman and/or minority in a key creative role (video: writer, producer, or director, audio: producer, engineer, or mixer) or the subject matter needs to be of interest to women and/or minorities.  Seeking films in the following categories: Narrative Short (20 minutes or less), Documentary Short (20 minutes or less), Animation Short (20 minutes or less), Experimental Short (20 minutes or less) or Audio (10 minutes or less), Audio Narrative (Audio-Only, 15 minutes or less), Audio Documentary (Audio-Only, 15 minutes or less), Music Production (Audio-Only, 10 minutes or less), Music Video (10 minutes or less). FEE: $10-$60.  Women and Minorities in Media Festival, 8000 York Road, MC103, Towson, MD 21252, info@wammtu.com, http://wammtu.com. Deadline: December 8, 2014 (late), December 15, 2014 (extended, via withoutabox.com)

American Pavilion Emerging Filmmaker Showcase at Cannes (May 2015, Cannes, France) – Supports upcoming filmmakers by showcasing their films at the American Pavilion during the Cannes Film Festival while providing an opportunity for filmmakers to connect with the Cannes Film Festival, Marketplace attendees and to a global audience. Seeking entries by emerging and student filmmakers (current undergraduate and graduate school students and emerging filmmakers up to three years post graduation) in the following categories: Short Film, Short Student Film, Short Documentary, and Short Student Documentary. FEE: $35-$85. American Pavilion Emerging Filmmaker Showcase at Cannes, 9336 W. Washington Blvd., Building C, Ste. 106, Culver City, CA 90232, T: (310) 202-3370, showcase@ampav.com, http://www.ampav.com/index.php/student-programs/cannes-emerging-filmmaker-showcase/
Deadline: December 8, 2014 (early), January 30, 2015 (regular), February 27, 2015 (late)

San Francisco Green Film Festival (May 28-June 3, 2015, San Francisco, CA) – Aims to present forward-thinking programs of films and discussions that inspire collaborative environmental action and advocacy. Seeking entries that bring critical and contemporary environmental issues to light in the following categories: Documentary Feature (over 45 minutes), Narrative Fiction Feature (over 45 minutes), Short (under 45 minutes), and Interactive/Multimedia.  FEE: $0-$55.  San Francisco Green Film Festival, Ninth Street Independent Film Center, 145 9th St., Ste. 220, San Francisco, CA 94103, T: (415) 742-1394, info@sfgreenfilmfest.org, http://sfgreenfilmfest.org. Deadline: December 12, 2014 (early), January 9, 2015 (regular), January 16, 2015 (late)

AFI DOCS Documentary Festival (June 18-22, 2014, Silver Spring, MD) – Honors the creativity and passion of independent, non-fiction filmmakers and the power of the moving image to alter our perspective and expand our world-view. Seeking Feature (41 minutes or longer) and Short (40 minutes or shorter) documentaries that demonstrate a bold commitment to subject matter, excellence in cinematic craft, and innovation in storytelling. FEE: $30-$70. Silverdocs, 8633 Colesville Rd., Silver Spring, MD 20910, T: (301) 495-6720, FAX: (301) 495-6798, info@silverdocs.com, http://www.SILVERDOCS.com. Deadline: December 12, 2014 (early), January 30, 2015 (regular), March 2, 2015 (late)

Sarasota Film Festival (April 10-19, 2015, Sarasota, FL) - The SFF emphasizes the best in new cinema alongside exciting repertory work and with almost 50,000 attendees each year, we rank among the largest festivals in the southeastern United States. Our industry attendance is also impressive — recent guests include reps from IFC Films, Magnolia Pictures,, First Run Features, Fortissimo Films, Cinetic and Participant Media. What's more, SFF selections are heavily promoted by attending media outlets, which in the past have included USA Today, GQ Magazine, Vanity Fair, Variety, Indiewire, Filmmaker Magazine, The Huffington Post and Screen International. http://www.sarasotafilmfestival.com/2015-festival/submit-your-film. Deadline: December 12, 2014 (early), January 2, 2015 (regular), January 9, 2015 (regular)

Frameline: The San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival (June 18-28, 2015, San Francisco, CA) – Aims to strengthen the diverse lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and further its visibility by supporting and promoting a broad array of cultural representations and artistic expression in film, video, and other media arts. Entries by women and people of color strongly encouraged. Seeking diverse works by, about, and of interest to the LGBT community in the following categories: Narrative Feature (40 minutes or longer), Documentary Feature (40 minutes or longer), and Short (under 40 minutes). FEE: $0-$55. San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival, c/o Frameline, 145 Ninth St., Ste. 300, San Francisco, CA 94103-2636, T: (415) 703-8650, FAX: (415) 861-1404, programming@frameline.org, http://www.frameline.org. Deadline: December 15, 2014 (early), January 20, 2015 (regular), February 17, 2015 (late)

**Female Eye Film Festival** (June 2015, Woodbridge, ON, Canada) – An annual competitive international independant women directors film festival. Seeking entries in the following categories: Drama (Shorts: Maximum 40 minutes, Features: Minimum 40 minutes), Comedy (Shorts: Maximum 40 minutes, Features: Minimum 40 minutes), Documentary (Shorts: Maximum 40 minutes, Features: Minimum 40 minutes), Experimental (Shorts: Maximum 40 minutes, Features: Minimum 40 minutes), Animation (Shorts: Maximum 40 minutes, Features: Minimum 40 minutes), Canadian Feature (Minimum 40 minutes), Foreign Film (Minimum 40 minutes), Late NIGHT [horror, suspense, thriller] (any length). FEE: $20-$100. Female Eye Film Festival, 50 Wallace St., Woodbridge, ON L4L 2P3, Canada, Phone: (905) 264-7731, femaleeyefilmfestival@gmail.com, http://www.femaleeyefilmfestival.com/. Deadline: December 30, 2014 (regular), January 31, 2015 (late), February 28, 2015 (extended, via withoutabox.com)

Seattle International Film Festival (May 14-June 7, 2015, Seattle, WA) – Bringing people together to discover extraordinary films from around the world at the largest film festival in the U.S. Seeking entries in the following categories: Feature (31 minutes or longer), Short (30 minutes or shorter), Documentary Feature (31 minutes or longer), Documentary Short (under 30 minutes), FutureWave (made by youth age 18 or younger at time of submission; under 10 minutes; submit proof of age with submission). FEE: $15-$115. Seattle International Film Festival, 305 Harrison St., Seattle, WA 98109, T: (206) 464-5830, FAX: (206) 264-7919, info@siff.net, http://www.siff.net. Deadline: January 5, 2015 (late), March 2, 2015 (extended, via withoutabox.com)

**The Gracie Awards** – Given by the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation, honors outstanding programming for, by and about women, as well as individuals who have made exemplary contributions to the industry.  Programming entries must reflect subject matters of interest and concern to women; entries that reflect diversity in women’s issues are encouraged.  Entries must be produced, directed, or written by at least one woman.  See website for complete guidelines and application.  Applications must be submitted online. FEE: $35-$250. Alliance for Women in Media Foundation, Gracies Call for Entries, 1760 Old Meadow Rd., Ste. 500, McLean, VA 22102, T: (703) 506-3290, info@allwomeninmedia.org, www.thegracies.org.  Deadline: January 7, 2015

Indie Boots (Chicago, IL) - Is currently accepting short film submissions for the fourth annual festival. Selected films will be screened this spring in Chicago at Indie Boots Film Festival, where an audience award will be presented, following a filmmaker Q & A. Email info@IndieBoots.org for iquiries, visit http://www.indieboots.org/submissions.html to apply. Deadline: February 1, 2015 (regular), February 15, 2015 (late).

Workers Unite Film Festival (May 2015, New York, NY) – Celebrating Global Labor Solidarity. Seeking films that highlight the struggles, successes, and daily lives of workers in their efforts to unite and organize for better living conditions and social justice. Seeking entries in the following categories: Feature Narrative, Narrative Short (under 50 minutes), Documentary Feature (over 60 minutes), Documentary Short (under 50 minutes), Films from the Front Lines (3-30 minutes; dealing with current labor struggles either in the U.S. or globally), and Working Lives Screenplay Competition. FEE: $20-$65. Workers Unite Film Festival, PO Box 1525, Radio City Station, New York, NY 10101-1525, T: (646) 455-2225, FAX: (646) 328-4559, info@workersunitefilmfestival.org, http://www.workersunitefilmfestival.org/. Deadline: February 10, 2015 (regular), March 5, 2015 (late), March 25, 2015 (extended, via withoutabox.com)

The DIY Film Festival  (Year-round screenings, Los Angeles, CA, and touring) – Seeks to honor independent filmmakers and self-produced films that demonstrate that great art can be created without large expenditures. Seeking entries in the following categories: Dramatic Feature, Documentary Feature, Comedic Feature, Animation, Dramatic Short, Documentary Short, Comedic Short, and Student (any genre or length as long as it was produced under the auspices of an educational institution).  Feature lengths being minimum of 30 minutes, and short lengths being a maximum of 30 minutes.  FEE: $15-$50. The DIY Film Festival, 7095 Hollywood Blvd., Ste. 864, Hollywood, CA 90028-0893, T: (323) 665-8080, FAX: (323) 372-3883, martinifilm@yahoo.com, http://diyfilmfest.com.

Cinemonde (New York, NY) – Private film series with screenings of American and international films throughout the year (approximately 6 to 9 events over every 12-month period) followed by a discussion with the films’ creative teams, along with a gourmet reception for guests and filmmakers. Seeking compelling, thought-provoking works from around the world with universal themes, that are able to entertain, enlighten, transport, and inspire audiences in the following categories: International Feature, American Independent Feature, Documentary, and Short (maximum 20 minutes). FEE: $20-$40. Cinemonde, 49 West 27th St., Ste. 801, New York, NY 10001, T: (212) 343-1910, FAX: (212) 965-1338, cinemonde@mistralartistmanagement.com, http://www.mistralartistmanagement.com.

The Cobblestone Corridor (MainFrame Pictures, Erik Blooquist, dir.) - Seeking talent ages 16- 27 of all ethnicities for a tongue-in-cheek modern day film noir set at an elite prep school. Shoots in Connecticut in early January. Copy, credit, meals, transportation provided. SAG-AFTRA Short Film Agreement (both union and non-union welcome to submit). Seeking submissions from: Hartford, CT; Boston, MA; New York, NY; Providence, RI. Please include a reel with your submission. Submit via Backstage: http://www.backstage.com/casting/the-cobblestone-corridor-53537/

Moko Jumbie (Moko Jumbie LLC, V. Anderson, prod.) - Casting female lead in "Moko Jumbie," a feature film. The screenplay has won the Chris Columbus/Richard Vague Production Award, Best Screenplay at Bahamas International Film Festival, and the Canon Filmmaker Award from Film Independent. Rehearses Jan. 2015; shoots Feb.-March 2015 in US and Trinidad. Pays: $100/day, plus meals and travel provided. Producers plan to apply for SAG-AFTRA Global Rule One Contract. Seeking submissions nationwide/worldwide for actress ages 18- 20 of mixed race or ambiguous ethnicity. Submit via Backstage: http://www.backstage.com/casting/moko-jumbie-53360/

The Mysteries of Laura (Warner Bros. for NBC) - Seeking three drag queens and performers of various type for co-starring roles in an episode of The Mysteries of Laura, starring Debra Messing, in which the team investigates the murder of a drag queen. SAG-AFTRA, shoot Dates: 12/11-12/19 and 1/5-1/7. Apply via Actor’s Acess: http://actorsaccess.com/projects/?view=breakdowns&breakdown=431718&region=2


UT Television Writer/ Producer (Houston, TX) - The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center’s Television department seeks a Television Writer-Producer position to develop concept and production strategies, research and gather information, produce well written and creative video scripts, and coordinate video production related activities. Visit https://sjobs.brassring.com/TGWebHost/jobdetails.aspx?jobId=100408&partnerid=25765&siteid=5038 for details, requirements and to apply.
Producer, Vice HBO (Brooklyn, NY) - VICE Media is seeking a Producer to join our production team in our Brooklyn, NY Office.  Applicants should be an expert in current events and culture. Successful applicants should be able to demonstrate that they have experience developing story ideas and have sound editorial news judgement. VICE is a global youth media company and the industry leader in producing and distributing the best online video content in the world. Launched in 1994 as a punk magazine, VICE now operates out of 36 offices globally, and has expanded into a multimedia network, including the world’s premier source for original online video, VICE.COM; an international network of digital channels; a television & feature film production studio; a magazine; a record label; and a book-publishing division. Visit https://workforcenow.adp.com/jobs/apply/posting.html?client=VICE&jobId=16571&lang=en_US for roles & responsibilities, qualifications and instructions to apply.
National Black Programming Consortium Digital Open Call – Awards up to $20,000 for interactive projects and web series concepts about the black experience globally. Content priorities include characters, stories, and locales that depict black life and experience in rare or overlooked contexts. Project concepts that utilize new distribution models to explore maximum engagement and provide a public platform for valuable networks of civic and cultural discourse will be considered most highly. See website for complete guidelines and application instructions. National Black Programming Consortium, c/o Programs Associate, 68 East 131stSt., 7th Floor, New York, NY 10037, http://blackpublicmedia.org/for-producers/. Deadline: December 1, 2014

Cinestory Fellowship and Awards – Seeking up-and-coming screenwriters for developmental mentorship program. Prizes include cash award, free tuition, room and board at the Cinestory Writers Retreat, 12-month fellowship with 2 Hollywood professionals, and other prizes for first place; cash, mentorship, and other prizes for second and third place. Submit original feature-length screenplay (85-130 pages) in any genre. Your name and contact information must not appear on the title page or in the file. See website for complete guidelines and application instructions. FEE: $35-$80. Cinestory, PO Box 661962, Los Angeles, CA 90066, T: (323) 900-0502, info@cinestory.org, www.cinestory.org. Deadline: December 15, 2014 (early), January 15, 2015 (regular), February 15, 2015 (late), March 5, 2015 (extended, via withoutabox.com)
Media Arts Grants for New York State Artists Media Arts Grants programs include fiscal sponsorship as well as the New York Media Arts Map and the Media Arts Assistance Fund (MAAF), which support electronic media and film organizations, as well as individual artists, in all regions of New York State through a Regrant Partnership with NYSCA, Electronic Media and Film. Applicants must be New York State residents and must have all rights to distribute works.  Application process is electronic, through website. For inquiries email mag@wavefarm.org, or visit http://wavefarm.org/.
Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund - As mainstream media moves away from in-depth coverage of domestic and global social issues, documentaries have become an important and much needed tool to draw attention to these contemporary international conflicts. At the same time, the craft of the documentary is expanding in exciting directions, merging diverse points of view with new technologies and responding to the immediacy of the Internet. The Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund will provide funding to 4-10 feature-length documentaries that highlight and humanize issues of social importance from around the world. Funded films will be driven by thoughtful and in-depth storytelling, bolstered by a compelling visual approach. Films will be selected from an open call for submissions. Weight will be given to projects that best fulfill the mission of the program (as shown in the submitted work and the strength of proposal) and to those where granting amounts will have significant impact. Selection will be done by Tribeca Film Institute staff and a final selection committee comprised of notable talents in the field. There is no entry fee for projects submitted to the Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund. To submit: https://tribecafilminstitute.org/pages/gucci_tribeca_documentary_rules. NO FEE TO SUBMIT. Submissions Open December 5, 2014. Deadline: February 5, 2015
America's Media Makers: Development Grants - NEH’s Division of Public Programs supports activities that engage millions of Americans in understanding significant humanities works and ideas. At the center of every NEH-funded public humanities project is a core set of humanities ideas developed by scholars, matched to imaginative formats that bring those ideas to life for people of all ages and all walks of life. Projects must be analytical and deeply grounded in humanities scholarship in a discipline such as history, religion, anthropology, jurisprudence, or art history. NEH is a national funding agency, so the projects we support must demonstrate the potential to attract a broad, general audience. We welcome humanities projects tailored to particular groups, such as families, youth (including K-12 students), teachers, seniors, at-risk communities, and veterans, but they should also strive to cultivate a more inclusive audience. Media Projects grants support the following formats: film and television projects; and radio projects. To apply: http://www.neh.gov/grants/public/media-projects-development-grants. Deadline: January 14, 2015
San Francisco Foundation Arts and Culture Grants – Grants for projects that substantially benefit residents in at least one of the 5 Bay Area counties the foundation serves: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, and San Mateo. Eligible projects and organizations include those who: develop and present high quality and diverse artistic practices reflective of the myriad communities in the region; foster creativity, self-expression, cross-cultural exchange, and civic participation for children and young adults; increase opportunities for all to participate in diverse cultural and artistic experiences; engage in the arts to build communities. See website for complete guidelines and application instructions. The San Francisco Foundation, 225 Bush St., Ste. 500, San Francisco, CA 94104, T: (415) 733-8500, artsinfo@sff.org, www.sff.org. Deadline: January 21, 2015

LEF Foundation Grant - The goal of LEF New England is to fund the work of independent documentary film and video artists in the region, and to broaden recognition and support for their work, both locally and nationally. It also supports programs that highlight the rich history and ongoing legacy of innovation within New England’s independent film community. LEF New England launched the Moving Image Fund (MIF) in 2002 to support new film and video work. The Moving Image Fund provides funding across all phases of production, supporting films from the early risk-taking stage, through a film’s completion. In this way, MIF offers a continuum of support for selected projects, while also identifying new talent. Through MIF, LEF New England champions work that is provocative, heartfelt, and challenging in style and substance. Since its inception, LEF’s Moving Image Fund has supported over 300 independent filmmaker projects with approximately $4 million in funding. The overarching goal of LEF New England’s philanthropic investment is to help build a sustainable and strong community of support for artists and their work. To submit: http://www.lef-foundation.org/NewEngland/Deadlines/tabid/165/Default.aspx Production & Post-Production Letter of Inquiry Deadline: January 23, 2014
Hearst Foundation Grants for Cultural Projects – Supports programs that enrich the lives of young people by engaging them in cultural activities, primarily through arts-in-education programs. Grants are awarded to major institutions and community organizations in the arts and sciences that address the lack of arts programming in pre-K through 12th grade curricula by providing comprehensive, on-site and/or outreach education activities. Considers requests from organizations with operating budgets under $1 million. Submit a brief cover letter, one-page executive summary, and a five-page proposal narrative and attachments. See website for complete guidelines and application procedure. NOTE: Applications by postal mail only. Organizations East of the Mississippi River should send requests to: The Hearst Foundations, 300 West 57th St., 26th Fl, New York, New York 10019-3741, T: (212) 586-5404, FAX: (212) 586-1917; Organizations West of the Mississippi River should send requests to: The Hearst Foundations, 90 New Montgomery St., Ste. 1212, San Francisco, CA 94105, T: (415) 908-4500, FAX: (415) 348-0887, http://www.hearstfdn.org/. Deadline: Ongoing

Creative Arts Residencies at the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center (August-November, 2015, Bellagio, Italy) – 4-week residencies between August and November, 2012. Open to composers, novelists, playwrights, poets, video/filmmakers and visual artists from around the globe, with the goal of bringing together people of diverse expertise and cultures in a thought-provoking creative environment. Spouses/life partners may accompany the resident, or may apply for a concurrent residency. The Center also offers collaborative residencies for two to four persons working on the same project. Residents will engage with each other over meals and informal presentations, and interact with the participants of international conferences hosted at the Center. Applicants must demonstrate a history of significant achievement in their discipline. Individuals from developing countries and young artists with significant accomplishments — exhibitions, publications, performances — are particularly encouraged to apply. Residency provides housing and studio/work space. Residents are responsible for travel, food, and materials. NOTE: Application must be completed online in English. Applicants from developing countries who have trouble accessing online forms may contact the office by phone or e-mail to discuss alternative ways to submit application. Hard copies of work samples should be sent to the program administrators in New York. NO FEE. Residency address: Bellagio Center, Villa Serbelloni, Bellagio (Lago di Como) 22021, Italy; Administrative address: Program Administrators, Institute of International Education (IIE), Bellagio Competition, 809 United Nations Plaza, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10017, T: (212) 984-5537, bellagio_res@iie.org, http://www.rockefellerfoundation.org/bellagio-center/residency-program/arts-literary-arts-residency/overview. Deadline: December 1, 2014
Screencraft 2014 Screenwriting Fellowship (Los Angeles, CA) - The ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship is designed to jumpstart and continually develop the careers of talented screenwriters through ongoing consultation and a special trip to Los Angeles filled with meetings and introductions to key entertainment executives, producers and representatives. Applications accepted for feature film scripts and original television pilot scripts.  With this fellowship, they aim to cultivate a growing community of visionary screenwriters with meaningful connections to Hollywood mentors. They will fly up to 4 screenwriters to LA in April for top-level meetings. Visit https://www.screencraft.org/fellowship/ to apply. Deadline: December 15, 2014
ARTErra Residencias (Tondela, Portugal) – Residency that encourages cross-disciplinary artistic creation in a small rural village in Portugal. Artists may stay from 3 days to 6 months; average stay is 6-8 weeks. Artist responsible for travel, residency fee (budgeted on a case by case basis according to the artist’s needs), and meals (residency provides some fruit, vegetables, eggs and jam from the property; artists have access to fully equipped kitchen); residency provides room, work space, and some materials and tools according to the artists’ needs. NO FEE. ARTErra Residencias, R. Nossa Senhora do Crasto, nº380 Lobão da Bei, Tondela, Portugal 3460-207, arterra.geral@gmail.com, www.arterra.weebly.com. Deadline: Ongoing

San Francisco Film Society FilmHouse Residencies at Pier 27 (San Francisco, CA) – 6-month residencies designed to bring together under one roof an eclectic mix of San Francisco filmmakers in various stages of production for mutual encouragement and support. Applicants must be SFFS members at the Filmmaker Pro level or above; be at least 18 years old; be actively engaged in a film, video, television or other moving-image project in any genre and in any stage of production—from screenwriting to strategizing the project’s exhibition, distribution and outreach plan. The filmmaker or project must have a significant connection to San Francisco; either the filmmaker is a San Francisco resident, or the project is shooting in San Francisco or involves San Francisco in a meaningful way at one or more stages of production. Projects must be noncommercial and represent an imaginative contribution to the moving image art form. Priority will be given to projects that demonstrate viable financial support and promise a high likelihood of being brought to completion. Priority will also be given to San Francisco residents. Only one SFFS FilmHouse residency per project; not open to full-time students. FEE: $45. FilmHouse Residencies, San Francisco Film Society, 39 Mesa St., Ste. 110, The Presidio, San Francisco, CA 94129, Contact: Amanda Todd, Filmhouse Manager, T: 415-561-5029, atodd@sffs.org,

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