Equal Pay Coalition: NY White House Summit, Mother's Day, Lilly in NYC and more!

Upcoming Activities  
Wednesday, May 7:
Register Today!  for the Monday, May 12 NYC White House Summit on Working Families 
9 to 12, Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House, 1 Bowling Green

Thursday, May 8:

Tweet for Equal Pay for Mothers! -  3:00PM
In celebration of Mother's Day, national #WhatMothersNeed Week of Action will focus on Equal Pay this Thursday. It's a chance for us to send a message that we all need the stronger equal pay provisions in the Women's Equality Agenda...this year! Use #WhatMothersNeed  Follow us @EqualPayNY
  • Flowers may be nice on #MothersDay but #WhatMothersNeed every day is #EqualPay! Let's #UpgradeNY laws by passing #WEA for #EqualPayNY 
  • .@SenatorSkelos @JeffKleinNY @NYSA_Majority: #WhatMothersNeed for #MothersDay is #EqualPay! #UpgradeNY laws by passing #WEA!
Friday, May 9:
Rally with Lilly Ledbetter - Stand Up for Women City Workers - 11 AM @ City Hall
More than 5,000 School Safety Agents, a majority woman workforce represented by Teamsters Local 237, have joined a federal class-action lawsuit against the City of New York to secure equal pay. The agents--who work in our public schools and guarantee the safety of students and teachers--are paid $35,000 annually, compared to the $42,000 paid to male peace officers who provide security for public hospitals and other city agencies. Need more info? Email sponsors NOW-NYC: contact@nownyc.org 

Sunday, May 11: Mother's Day Message to Share!

   Moms are Marvelous Graphic 

Monday, May 12: White House Summit in NYC - see May 7

Wednesday, May 15: WEA Day of Action! Stay Tuned! 

Every Day!
NYS PowHER  is posting great activities, cartoons, and recent articles about economic equality. Go to www.nyspowher.org 

Check out ThinkProgress article which quotes EPCNYC on NYS fight for equal pay and comparable worth!

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