The semi-annual Blatant Self-Interest Networking Event or BSINE gives participants a unique opportunity to network with professionals in the arts and media and share experiences and career goals. 
Some of the guest speakers who have joined us at previous BSINE presentations:
  • On January 30. 2006, Roni Selig, Senior Vice President at the Disney company, Buena Vista Productions, and a film and theater producer, shared some of her secre about her career in producing and the upper echelons of the television industry at the Players' Club.
  • On July 25, 2005, Emily Mann, Playwright, Director and Artistic Director of the McCarter Theatre in Princeton, New Jersey, addressed a large gathering at the Blatant Self-Interest Networking Event. Mann described her creative process as a playwright known for stage documentaries, describing the research, interviews and influences that led to the writing of Still Life, Annulla an Autobiography, and others, at The Players. 
  • On January 31, 2005, Rhonda Schaffler, Senior Business Correspondent for CNN Financial News, was the special guest speaker at a Blatant Self-Interest Networking Event. Focusing on "Women and Money," the event was sponsored by New York Coalition of Professional Women in the Arts & Media.
  • On July 26, 2004, Mari Lyn Henry, career coach, image consultant and co-author of the best-selling actors' survival guide, How To Be A Working Actor, was the guest speaker at the NYCWAM networking event. Previously the East Coast Director of Casting at ABC-TV and now the New York principal partner of Henry Downey Talent, Mari Lyn spoke about "reinventing yourself." "The Biz of the Biz" is also a topic of seminars and workshops conducting by Mari Lyn and she is the co-author (with Lynne Rogers) of How To Be A Working Actor (The Insider's Guide to Finding Jobs in Theatre, Film and Television). 
  • On Jan. 12, 2004 at the Players' Club, Harriet Slaughter took the stage of the Players' Club for a session on 'How to Negotiate Almost Anything.' The former Director of Labor Relations for The League of American Theatres and Producers, where she negotiated with more than a dozen labor unions, Slaughter shared her favorite tips and traps in successful negotiating with over 120 attendees. Following her talk, attendees took the mike to share their own projects and needs. (Read more)
Other speakers at the Blatant Self-Interest Networking Events have included:

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