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8th Annual National Women's Theatre Festival

The National Women's Theatre Festival announces the call for production proposals for the 2023 WTFringe festival. WTFringe will be part of the 8th Annual National Women's Theatre Festival happening in person in Raleigh, NC and virtually from June 22 - July 1, 2023. Proposals for in-person productions, virtual productions, and hybrid productions will be accepted for consideration. Proposals should be 20-90 minutes with no intermission. We seek production proposals that are experimental, innovative, and collaborative—works that push boundaries and embrace parity. 

o Deadline: March 12 

o Application Fee: No Fee 

o Eligibility:  All submissions are evaluated by a Selection Committee using the criteria above. WTF uses the "50/50 Rule" as a guide in all decision processes: WTF seeks 50/50 equitable representation in all aspects of programming. We equally prioritize artistic merit and equitable representation. Every submission is read and evaluated thoroughly and considerately.

  • The Selection Committee will make recommendations to WTF's Executive Artistic Director who, with the staff leadership team, will make final decisions. All submissions receive a response, whether or not they are selected. If you are not selected, you may also request feedback on your submission to strengthen your application for future festivals.

  • We expect to accept between 10-14 shows, depending on what is proposed and how it fits together. In the past we have received as many as 3x more submissions than we had production slots.

  • You should apply to WTFringe23 if…

  • It's an in-person project that meets the Production Criteria above, and:

  • You're available to produce your show at the end of June 2023

  • All the physical elements of your show can fit safely and securely within an assigned 3ft x 3ft. backstage space

  • You can tech your show in a 75 minute tech window

  • You can light your show with 5 look options and no more than 40 cues (including sound).

  • You are able to prepare for your show with no more than 60 minutes in a communal dressing room prior to showtime and able to vacate 30 minutes after curtain

  • You can load your show into and out of a space in 15 minutes

  • You can identify a single member of your team to serve as the primary contact ("Producer") to interface with National WTF

  • You are interested in receiving training on how to caption your show/excited to have your show captioned for accessibility purposes!

  • It's a virtual project that meets the Production Criteria above, and:

  • You're available to produce your show at the end of June 2023

  • You are able to provide your own streaming design and virtual stage management

  • You have an idea for a self-contained virtual project that can either be

  • live-streamed from Zoom and projected into an in-person theatre and/or our Youtube Channel, or live-streamed from your performance space to WTF's YouTube channel, or pre-recorded, uploaded and scheduled for a live viewing experience, or  Self-contained in digital space

  • You are interested in receiving training on how to caption your show/excited to have your show captioned for accessibility purposes!

o Categories: Plays

o Contact: hannah@womenstheatrefestival.com .

o Submission Information 

Veterans Repertory Theater (VetRep) seeks 10-minute plays from veterans

Veterans Repertory Theater (VetRep) is launching a 10-minute play competition for playwrights who meet one of the following criteria:

  o Deadline: July 30 

o Application Fee: No Fee 

o Eligibility:  Must be a completed play, ten (10) minutes or less in length; Any genre/any subject matter; does not have to be related to veteran's service 

  • Must not be a musical, screenplay, children's play, adaptation, translation, or fan fiction play 

  • Must be the entrant's own original work and cannot be co-authored

  • Must be typed in the English language 

  • Must not have been previously produced or published. (Plays that have had a workshop, reading, or non-professional production are permitted).

  • Must not be under option, commissioned, or scheduled for professional production or publication at the time of submission

  • Must not violate the intellectual property rights of any third party 

  • Playwrights may submit more than one play Winners and finalists will be notified via email no later than December 31, 2023.

  •  (Note: We will make every effort to have results back to submitters ASAP, however, in order to ensure fair treatment of each submission and to plan for any contingencies which may arise, we are providing a worst-case scenario for our timeline).

  • There is no participation or submission fee. There is no guarantee that winners' or finalists' work will be produced by VetRep.

o Categories: 10 minute plays 

o Contact: info@vetrep.org

o Submission Information 

Black Girlz Productions  

Black Girlz Productions is currently accepting submissions for our Love Letters to the Black Man (West Coast Edition). The deadline to submit is March 15, 2023. Small honorarium will be given to selected writers. We are seeking monologues or open letters to a black male on any topic. The word count max is 500 words. Writers can submit up to three monologues. Writers can submit monologues that have been previously produced.The selected work will be presented at a live reading. We are currently accepting global submissions.

o Deadline: March 15th 

o Application Fee: No Fee 

o Eligibility:  There are no restrictions on eligibility. There are no fees to submit. There are no participation fees. Send monologues to blackgirlzproductions@gmail.com. Make sure to include your name and email address with your submission

o Categories: Monologues 

o Contact: blackgirlzproductions@gmail.com

o Submission Information 

New York Theater Festival Spring/Summer Fest 


o When/Where: New York, NY 

o Deadline: TBD 

o Application Fee: No Fee 

o Eligibility: All genres/submissions accepted from playwright that live no further than 30 miles from Manhattan and provided they are between 5 and 90 minutes long. Productions must run with a complete cast and crew from NYC or 30 miles radios. Equity productions are welcome to participate. PLAYS AND MUSICALS SUBMITTED MUST BE UNPRODUCED, OR PRODUCED BEFORE 2017, IN WHICH CASE CAN ONLY PARTICIPATE WITH A COMPLETELY NEW CAST AND CREW

o Categories: Full-Length Plays, Musicals 

o Submission Information 

The Muse of Fire BIPOC Playwriting Festival 

The Atlanta Shakespeare Company is launching a new playwriting initiative for historically marginalized artists. The "Muse Of Fire Playwriting Festival'' invites playwrights of the global majority to create a full-length play that reimagines Shakespeare's themes and plots through the lens of BIPOC America. Script submissions will be accepted through spring 2023, and three finalists will be invited to Atlanta to see their scripts receive staged readings in summer 2023. The winning script will also receive a $5000 cash prize and a staged reading at the January 2024 Shakespeare Theatre Association Conference, hosted by the Atlanta Shakespeare Company. Three finalists will have staged readings of their scripts at the Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse during the weekend of June 30 - July 2, 2023; The winning play will receive a prize of $5000.00 U.S., and the possible opportunity to further develop their script with the members of the Atlanta Shakespeare Company; Opening Date for this competition is October 15, 2022; Final Entry Date is April 15, 2023; Scripts will be adjudicated by a diverse panel of professional artists (including playwrights, actors, directors, producers, and stage managers), and will be judged on creativity, adherence to the theme, originality, and overall quality; Plays MUST BE NEW WORKS; scripts that have previously been published or produced will not be accepted; any play which has had more than one consecutive performance by a non-college or university theatre which charged admission and/or had a review will not be considered; furthermore, plays may not be under option, commissioned, or scheduled for professional production or publishing at the time of submission; Adaptations and collaborations may be considered (please note that the prize money will be awarded to the winning script, not each individual collaborator);

o When/Where: Atlanta, GA 

o Deadline: April 23rd 

o Application Fee: No Fee 

o Eligibility:  Plays MUST BE NEW WORKS; scripts that have previously been published or produced will not be accepted; any play which has had more than one consecutive performance by a non-college or university theatre which charged admission and/or had a review will not be considered; furthermore, plays may not be under option, commissioned, or scheduled for professional production or publishing at the time of submission;

o Categories: Full-Length Play, New Works 

o Contact: training@shakespearetavern.com

o Submission Information 

Constellation Stage & Screen

The Woodward/Newman Award is an exclusive honor offered by Constellation Stage & Screen, started through the support of Joanne Woodward, Newman's Own Foundation, and the Newman family, celebrating Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward's tremendous history of work on stage and screen. It presents the best unpublished play of the year with a cash prize of $3,000 and a full production as part of Constellation's Mainstage season. Please note that there are significant changes to our submission and selection process from previous years. In order to make the Woodward/Newman Award accessible to all, we have eliminated submission fees as well as the contest format. The Woodward/Newman Award will continue to be awarded to an unpublished new play once per year and come with a $3,000 cash prize and a full production. Submissions will be accepted and reviewed by our literary team on an ongoing basis, and will be considered for the award as well as for all 8 production slots in our season. So a play that is not selected for the Woodward/Newman slot in our season, may still be considered and selected for production. This will allow us to now accept open submissions for all types of plays (including TYA shows). Plays submitted prior to September 1 will be considered for the 2023-24 season, while plays submitted beyond that date will be considered for the 2024-25 Season. All submissions will be kept on file for 2 years after submission.

o When/Where: Bloomington, IN 

o Deadline: September 1

o Application Fee: $10 Administrative Fee 

o Eligibility: We are currently accepting submissions for the 2024-25 Woodward/Newman Award. The award recipient and finalists will be announced by May 15, 2024. The winner will be awarded $3,000 and a full production (including housing/transportation).

  • "Full-length" plays should have a complete running time of between 1 hour 15 minutes (75 minutes) to 2 hours 15 minutes (135 minutes). TYA shows should have a complete running time of over 40 minutes.

  • Plays submitted must be unpublished at the time of submission (independently published is acceptable).

  • Each play should be individually submitted at the following link: CONSTELLATION STAGE & SCREEN PLAY SUBMISSION.

  • You will be asked to submit your play as an attachment and all other information (bio, history, synopsis, character breakdown) will be entered into a form. Musical submissions may upload demos as an attachment or include a link to a shared folder.

  • Limit of 2 play submissions per year.

  • If you have any questions, please email literary@seeconstellation.org.

o Categories: New Works, Drama, Theatre 

o Address: 411 E 7th ST Bloomington, IN 47408

o Contact: literary@seeconstellation.org

o Submission Information 

Stay True Theatre Company

Stay True Theatre Company is a small theatre company based in New York City, founded in Summer 2019 in honor of World Pride by Andrew Victor Myers and Morgan Bartholick, following a one-off production benefitting Gay Men's Health Crisis. In 2020, Anne Karyna Bakan joined the administrative staff as the company's new Associate Artistic Director. Together, Andrew and Anne strive to produce and support work that embodies the vast medley of identities and groups that comprise the entire LGBTQIA+ community. At Stay True Theatre Company, we pride ourselves on creating, producing, and performing pieces of theatre by, for, and with the LGBTQIA+ community. We believe in staying true to who we are, and expressing identity through the arts opens the doors to understanding, acceptance and community.     

o When/Where: New York City

o Deadline: Rolling

o Application Fee: Free

o Eligibility: We are always accepting submissions for new work written by LGBTQIA+ playwrights. Send a PDF of your play, musical, devised manual or other written work. 

o Categories: New Works, theatre, imusica, comedy

o Contact: staytruetheatrecompany@gmail.com

o Submission Information 

Freshwater Theatre 

Freshwater Theatre prides itself on constantly working with new artists, expanding our family. We're always on the lookout for new scripts and new technical artists to work with.

o Deadline: Ongoing

o Application Fee: Free

o Eligibility: While we certainly are interested in world premieres of new plays, we also are very interested in second and third productions of new works, as we believe this to be the key to finding the works that will propel theater into the future.
We will only respond to playwright submissions for plays that come into serious consideration for future production. We cannot give any specific time frame on if/when a response will be given.

o Categories: New Plays 

o Contact: info@freshwatertheatre.com

o Submission Information 


Two Good Dogs 'Dare to Dream' Play Festival 

We are proud to announce our first playwright development opportunity, Two Good Dogs 'Dare to Dream' Play Festival, 2023, fostering New York City playwrights and performance artists. In our annual festivals we promote plays that call upon voices and experiences rooted in historically marginalized communities. TGD Productions is a New York-based non-profit theater company that provides inclusive opportunities for a diverse group of artists to create, collaborate, engage, and practice their craft.After a prolonged period of online theater and distanced life, TGD mounted a highly successful production of the play Jericho in June 2022.  In 2023, TGD aims to re-ignite local playwrights by sustaining their development from first ideas to a finished performance or script. Following a submission and selection process, TGD will showcase playwright finalists through live staged performances and readings that reflect the state of affairs in our city and our nation in our Two Good Dogs 'Dare to Dream' Play Festival, June 2023.

o When/Where: Brooklyn, New York 

o Deadline: March 30 

o Application Fee: None 


  • Register by submitting up to a 200-word synopsis (not a sample) of a 10-30 min play that speaks to the TGD mission statement "plays that call upon the voices and experiences rooted in historically marginalized communities."

  • In addition to a synopsis, submit a final or preliminary 10 to 25 pages draft of the play in standard play script formatting. 

  • Based on your synopsis submission, you may be invited to expand your concept into a completed 10-30 page one-act play. A development process designed to support the playwright/performer will follow, where guest actors, directors, and playwrights will assist, including in person table reads, scene work and feedback.

  • Actors and directors will be provided through TGD for one 'off-book' performance or enhanced staged reading of the selected plays. Playwrights will be required to attend the first rehearsal in the month of May. Judging will occur and finalists will have an encore performance. Each finalist will receive a $500 award selected as judges' favorites.

  • Staging note: The planned number of performers should not exceed 4, and please consider the feasibility of your staging for a 'black box' staging (e.g., minimal props, sound effects, and lighting.)

  • Other Requirements:

    • There are no fees for any aspect of submission or staging. In return, TGD Productions requests the option to produce a staged reading of your work as part of its 2023 Festival season royalty free.

    • TGD Productions will provide the selected festival invitees ticketing, promotion, and marketing of their work.

o Categories: Full-Length Plays, One-Acts

o Submission Information 

Murmation Theatre 

Murmuration Theatre Company is seeking plays that have a cast size between 2-11 for our 2023 & 2024 seasons Accepting work for consideration in the following categories: New Voices Showcase: Curated selection of 4-10 new plays (scripts 2 - 40 pages); fully staged and directed by our creative team. Mainstage Show: a one act or full length play (scripts 35 - 120 pages); fully staged and directed by our creative team. In development: Actor's Lab Performance Series: a monthly selection of scenes or short plays (any length), performed at workshop or staged reading level.Playwrights selected for our mainstage production will receive $30 per performance of their one-act or full length play; playwrights selected for our New Voices Showcase will receive $10 per performance of their short or one-act.

o When/Where: Brooklyn, New York 

o Deadline: None 

o Application Fee: None 

o Eligibility: Please submit PDF copies of scripts via the google form below, and feel free to reach out to murmurationtheatreco@gmail.com with any questions or concerns. Multiple submissions are allowed. Preference will be given to playwrights who are able to attend at least one performance of their work in the NYC area.

  • We will be accepting submissions on a rolling basis, and hope to be in touch with responses within 30 days of submission. Please feel free to reach out after that point if you have not received word from our team.

  • Solo Shows, Theatre for Young Audiences and Musicals will not be considered.

  • New writers as well as writers with voices that have historically been underrepresented in the theater industry (gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, ability status, etc.) are encouraged to apply.

o Categories: Full-Length Plays, One-Acts

o Contact:  murmurationtheatreco@gmail.com 

o Submission Information 

Fade to Black 

Fade To Black Play Festival is groundbreaking! When we started we did so with the desire to create something "wonderful"! A team of local directors, actors, and volunteers used their talents to open doors of opportunity for emerging Black playwrights. Suddenly our humble play festival was on its feet and forging onward! From that moment on, we have never looked back!

o When/Where: Houston, TX 

o Deadline: April 1

o Application Fee: None 

o Eligibility: Ten Minute Plays: No fee is required.

  • No restriction of theme or genre.

  • Three (3) play are allowed per playwright.

  • Selected playwright winners will be awarded a cash prize.

  • Full production costs provided.

  • Theme preference: The Wonder of Life

  • Preferred genre of scripts: Comedy

  •  No fee is required.

  • Three (3) monologues are allowed per playwright.

  • Selected playwright winners will be awarded a cash prize. 

  • Full production costs provided.

o Categories: Short Plays, Monologues

o Contact: fade2blackfest@gmail.com 

o Submission Information 

Sixth Annual Ivoryton Women Playwrights Festival

The Ivoryton Playhouse have announced its Sixth Annual Ivoryton Women Playwrights Festival. They are seeking submissions of one-act plays by women playwrights. The IWPF provides the 4 writers whose work is chosen, paid travel to Ivoryton and housing while here, 3 days of intensive workshops with a director and actors for play development and participation in a staged reading festival that will take place October 25-28, 2023. Writers will also receive a $500 stipend. Ten minute plays are acceptable, and all plays must run no more than one hour. The theatre will be accepting completed manuscripts by email only until June 1st, 2023.

o When/Where: Ivoryton, CT 

o Deadline: June 1 

o Application Fee: None 

o Eligibility: Interested playwrights should email a completed manuscript, (for musicals include a script and links to music), with name and contact info. The Ivoryton Women Playwrights' Festival is also seeking resumes from directors (CT residents only), and those interested in being readers, both men and women. Play submissions, and resumes from directors and readers should be emailed to Jacqui Hubbard, Artistic Director jhubbard@ivorytonplayhouse.org.

o Categories: One-Act 

o Contact: jhubbard@ivorytonplayhouse.org 

o Submission Information 

StageWorks Theatre Group 2023

The production will have auditioned actors, directors chosen by committee, producers, stage managers, ushers, ticket takers, and tech crew. 2023 Annual One-Act Playwriting Jamboree Terms and Conditions. Writers are encouraged to submit their one-act plays (with a running time of 20 minutes or less) by Wednesday, March 1, 2023. Entries will be judged on plot, character development, dialogue and overall quality by a committee of three to five. Directors will be chosen by the committee. Between 6 and 10 winners will receive the prize of a staged production of his or her play at the StageWorks One Act Jamboree, which will be held during the summer of 2023 at StageWorks Studio 237.

o When/Where: Pompton Lakes, NJ 

o Deadline: March 1 

o Application Fee: Please send manuscripts and enclose your $20 reading fee (waived for members of Dramatists Guild) (checks made payable to StageWorks Theatre Group, INC.)

o Eligibility: Writers are encouraged to submit their one-act plays (with a running time of 20 minutes or less) by Wednesday, March 1, 2023. Entries will be judged on plot, character development, dialogue and overall quality by a committee of three to five. Directors will be chosen by the committee. Between 6 and 10 winners will receive the prize of a staged production of his or her play at the StageWorks One Act Jamboree, which will be held during the summer of 2023 at StageWorks Studio 237.

o Categories: Musicals, Plays 

o Submission Information 

Carlos Annoni International Playwriting Prize 

The Carlo Annoni International Playwriting Prize is now open for submission of short and full-length plays with topics concerning the LBGTQ+ community, including love, diversity and identity in a time of gender fluidity. We are willing to accept both full-length plays and short plays. We accept plays already represented. €1000 awarded to two best plays (one in English and one in Italian) and special jury mentions on multiple categories. The aware ceremony will take place in September 2023 in Milan.

o When/Where: Milan, IT 

o Deadline: April 30

o Application Fee: No Fee 

o Eligibility: Send your submission to info@premiocarloannoni.eu.

o Categories: Full-Length Plays 

o Submission Information 

Manhattan Repertory Theatre Play Production Program 

Self-Produce a production of your best play in New York City as live theatre comes back to life in this New Renaissance of Theatre. We will do all the work, from hiring a production team and staff, to casting, directing, building costumes, set design, lighting design, payroll and more. From 3 performances to 20 performances for one simple Production Fee. Pre-Pandemic, 2017 - 2019, we produced 60 plays in Midtown Manhattan for playwrights all over the world. Production time frames available: Late Autumn 2021, Winter/Spring 2022.Currently, as we move back into production in New York City, we are only accepting Full-Length plays and Musicals - 60 to 150 minutes. Production fees range from $12,000 to $50,000 depending on the "size" of your production, scenic elements, and the number of performances.                             

o Deadline: TBD

o Application Fee: None

o Eligibility: If you are serious about self-producing your play in New York City, please forward us: An email cover letter with information about you and your work. your play attached as a .pdf, an attached Synopsis of your play, with the approximate running time, and your set, lighting and costume requirements.

o Categories: Full Length Plays, New Plays

o Contact: manhattanrep@yahoo.com

o Submission Information 

The Rep New Works Festival

Currently, we accept full-length play submissions for season consideration and our upcoming New Works Festival.

o Deadline: Ongoing 

o Application Fee: Free

o Eligibility: Please email plays to the Artistic team with the subject line: "Submission: TITLE OF PLAY."

In the body of the email, please include:

• A brief synopsis of the play

• The development history of the play

• A brief, personal bio

Submissions made under these guidelines may be sent to The Rep by email.

o Categories: (musical, play, one-act, 10-minute, etc.)

o Address: 130 Edgar Road St. Louis, Missouri 63119

o Contact: 314-968-7340 PLAYSUBMISSION@REPSTL.ORG 

o Submission Information 

Shubert Fendrich Memorial Playwriting Contest 

To encourage the development of quality theatrical materials for the educational, community and children's theatre markets, Pioneer Drama Service is proud to sponsor the annual Shubert Fendrich Memorial Playwriting Contest.

This is an ongoing contest, with a winner selected by June 1 each year from all eligible submissions received the previous year.  All eligible plays accepted for publication will be considered contest finalists, from which the winner will be selected.  The contest winner will receive a $1,000 royalty advance in addition to publication.

o Deadline: Ongoing

o Application Fee: None

o Eligibility: You can start the submission process by contacting us here.

  • We will only consider manuscripts with a running time between 20 and 90 minutes.

  • Submissions must be family friendly in both subject and language. NO cursing. NO explicitly adult content.

  • We prefer casts that are either balanced or favoring females. The more gender neutral roles, the better.

  • We favor plays and musicals with ensemble casts, where more than just a few have a chance to shine.

  • Plays with elaborate set, costume or technical requirements are not appealing because of the limited resources of many of our customers. Pictures, sketches or descriptions of your vision are always helpful.

  • We recommend your submissions have had at least one production or reading, hopefully staged. We feel this fundamental field test is necessary before a play can be considered for publication since plays are created for the purpose of performance.

  • Manuscripts must be computer-printed in dark ink. We do not require specific formatting. However, your efforts to ensure your script is free of misspellings and typos will help the submissions editor.

  • We hope that Pioneer Drama is your first choice as a publisher, and we encourage you to submit to us exclusively. However, we do accept simultaneous submissions with the understanding that you will accept the first contract you're offered and not use the situation to seek multiple offers from which to choose. If you receive another offer, please notify us immediately so we may rescind your submission.

  • The following information must accompany your submission or query:

  • 100-200 word synopsis.

  • Cast list that indicates the number of female roles, the number of male roles and the number of roles that can be performed by either gender. We do not accept one-person shows.

  • Running time.

  • CD and/or score for musicals. We appreciate the opportunity to hear the music, if possible.

  • Set design(s). Please feel free to provide diagrams and/or pictures.

  • Proof of production or staged reading (i.e., review, program, etc.) A DVD of your performance is ideal, though not required.

  • Age of intended audience.

  • A self-addressed envelope of sufficient size with appropriate postage for the return of your materials. We will NOT return manuscripts or accompanying material if this is not included.

  • Cover letter and/or resume.

o Categories: family friendly

o Address: Pioneer Drama Service, Inc. Attn: Submissions Editor PO Box 4267

Englewood, CO 80155-4267

o Contact: https://www.pioneerdrama.com/ContactUs.asp?ID=6

o Submission Information 

Urban Stages Emerging Playwright Award 

Our $500 Emerging Playwright Award (coupled with press coverage) is given to playwrights who show excellence and dedication throughout this process – from development to the stage. Out of hundreds of submissions a year, we select 15-20 plays for readings. From these, we select 1-3 plays annually to go on to our workshopping phase. Our workshops are meant to prepare a play for our Off-Broadway stage. From our workshops, we select 1-2 plays for full productions, complete with a playwright's contract and compensation (separate from the award).                                      

o Deadline: Ongoing

o Application Fee: None

o Eligibility: Plays may have been developed or produced elsewhere, but never produced in New York City. Plays from overseas and throughout the US are accepted and considered, but special attention will be given to playwrights who live in or near New York

o Categories: Full Length Plays, New Plays

o Contact: 212.421.1380

o Submission Information 

ONSTAGE Audition 

Company (Tour) - NYC EPA (03.13.23 - 03.15.23)

Seeking Equity actors for roles in COMPANY (Tour) (See breakdown).Please prepare a cut from the standard musical theatre repertoire that shows vocal and emotional range. Please do not sing from the show. An accompanist will be provided. Bring your headshot and resume stapled together. o Deadline: March 15 

o Location: Pearl Studios NYC 500 8th Ave, New York, NY 10018 Sign In: Studio 304

o Breakdown: Equity encourages everyone participating in the auditions to wear a two-ply cloth face mask, surgical mask, singer's mask or respirator (N95, KN95 or KF94). Single-ply face masks, gaiters and bandanas are not recommended. Singer's masks can be found at www.broadwayreliefproject.com/singersmask. Equity encourages members to prepare for their audition prior to arriving at the audition venue, to the extent that they can (e.g., get dressed, hair/make-up, etc.) to avoid crowding in bathrooms and dressing rooms.

o Pay: Short Engagement Touring $958 weekly minimum

o Audition Information 

For more Onstage opportunities, visit Backstage.com; ActorsAccess.com; and Playbill.com.


The Leadership Initiative Project (LIP)

The Leadership Initiative Project (LIP) equips historically excluded theatre artists with the tools to successfully transition into leadership roles. The Spring '23 cohort will accept applications from all BIPOC artists with at least five years of professional experience who are interested in becoming directors.

o Deadline: March 17th 

o Application Fee: None

o Eligibility: The application period is open until Friday, March 17th Noon ET, with the first session taking place shortly thereafter. The workshop will meet weekly online for eight sessions, culminating in a final presentation rehearsal welcome speech for a theoretical production.

o Contact: rsvp@novelreadings.com

o Submission Information 

Executive Director, Woodland Opera House 

The Woodland Opera House is recruiting for an Executive Director due to retirement. The Woodland Opera House is a beautiful restored Victorian 500 seat theatre. It was built in 1896, restored in 1989, and in continual use as a producing theatre, rental house, and arts education center. It is part of the Historic State Parks system of California and is operated by WOH Inc., a 501(C) (3) non-profit. The Opera House serves as the cultural center of downtown Woodland and enjoys a regional reputation for excellent productions and as a fun place to work. The Executive Director oversees all artistic and managerial operations of the organization under the general direction of the Board of Trustees. These include but are not limited to: Hiring and management of all staff positions including Theatre Operations Manager, Technical Director, Education Director, Development Director, Costume Designer, Master Carpenter, Box Office and Front of House Personnel, and guest directors and designers. Ensures compliance with all state and federal regulations and reporting. Serves as Producing Director for, 5 Mainstage shows, 3 theatre for Families, 2 Rising Stars productions, Education performances, and concert series. Maintains overall facility scheduling for The Opera House, The 4th St. Annex (Shops and rehearsal hall), and TADA (Education Theatre and Dance Annex.) Executes contracts and schedules all rentals by outside groups. Works with Board of Trustees committees for financial planning, budgeting, marketing and development, season selection, and facility improvements and maintenance. Attends Board meetings and provides operations reports and financials. Supports WOH Guild activities including recruitment and retention of volunteers.

o Qualifications: Theatre management experience. BA/BFA in theatre from a four year program (MFA preferred)

  • Theatrical production experience.

  • Relevant experience

  • Production management

  • Grant writing

  • Directing

  • Organization Budgeting

  • 2+ years in Non-profit 501(c)(3

o Start Date: June 2023.

o Salary: $68,000 - $75,000 depending on experience. Simple IRA with 3% match, vacation and sick leave

o Submission Information

Operations Manager, Iris Cantor Theatre, NYU 

Establish and lead the communication and cooperation between Tisch and Steinhardt on behalf of their performing arts departments for the shared use and management of the Iris Cantor Theater and associated facilities in the 181 Mercer building. Oversee day-to-day operations. Manage operational, technical, and audience-related aspects of events. Orient facility users to safety, technical characteristics, and other guidelines of facility operations. Ensure proper training procedures are in compliance with University standards. Send regular reports regarding theater use, maintenance and equipment needs, annual budget requests and ongoing budget status reports, etc. to the Cantor Theater Management Committee. Supervise technical and front of house staff.

o Qualifications: 5+ years relevant experience with theatrical productions and concert management, stage management, and staff supervision or an equivalent combination.

  • Preferred Experience: 5+ years Working with a wide range of event production abilities and administering budgets. Experience as a Production Manager of LORT, Broadway or university theater.

  • Required Skills, Knowledge and Abilities: Ability to work in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment. Ability to work independently and make informed, on-the-spot decisions, and resolve conflicts. Ability to provide technical training to a non-technical audience. Excellent customer service and written and verbal communication skills. Ability to work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends, depending on production and event schedule. Demonstrates commitment to valuing diversity and contributing to an inclusive working and learning environment.

  • Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Abilities: Knowledge of Americans with Disabilities Act compliance issues.

o Salary:  $60,000 - $90,000

o Submission Information

Director of Production, Manhattan Theatre Club 

The Director of Production reports directly to the Executive Producer and General Manager and is instrumental in all aspects of MTC's production department, Facilities and Capital Improvements. The Director of Production works directly with every play's creative team, to facilitate the realization of their designs. The Director of Production is a member of MTC's senior staff working closely on season planning, budget planning, and management of the Production staff. The Director of Production will oversees the pre-production, production, and post-production process for MTC's Season while adhering to established parameters, schedules and budgets. Primary duties include managing all production elements and logistics, hiring and supervising union and non-union production staff, production payroll, accounting and budgeting, scheduling production and theatre resources, operations and maintenance for three facilities. This position works closely with MTC Staff, directors, designers, stage managers, technical crews, consultants and vendors. Critical for success in this position is the ability to work in concert with others, manage staff and track multiple short term and long term projects at once.

o Responsibilities: Hire, train and supervise the Production Management staff

  • Hire and oversee all Production departments including Production department heads and Union Crews across three theatres. 

  • Work with the Artistic Producing Team, Executive Producer, Finance Director and General Management team on season planning, scheduling and budgeting.

  • Act as the liaison between the Production and administrative departments.

  • Create and implement all season scheduling related to production: season calendars, rehearsal and tech schedules, design deadlines, etc. Advise on most appropriate scheduling of events within the .MTC production schedule.
    Budget responsibility for all production areas including material, rental and labor budgets. This includes the preparation of the annual budgets for production areas.

  • Collaborate with directors, designers and MTC Artistic Staff to insure the artistic vision of each production remains within the available resources of time, budget, and personnel. 

  • Oversee and run and attend all production related meetings as well as monitor the progress of each Production sub-department throughout the production process in concert with the Production Management Team. 

  • Confirm each production is well archived.

  • Approve use of production spaces and provide technical support for all special events, building rentals, and non-production activities with Friedman Theatre

  • Manager or Landlords. 

  • Process weekly payroll for Production staff. 

  • Work closely with Artistic and Development staff on the planning and production of the annual Fall Benefit, Spring Gala and other special events when production support or space is needed.

  • Coordinate all PR requests requiring production support with the Marketing Department. 

  • Work closely with other members of the senior staff on long range planning in order to achieve the overall goals of the Manhattan Theatre Club. 

  • Represent Production staff at Board meetings.

  • Maintain a healthy and safe and respectful working environment.

o Salary:  $130,000 - $150,000

o Submission Information

Senior Manager, Workforce Development Program, The Public Theater

The Public Theater, one of the nation's largest not-for-profit theatres, seeks an experienced individual to join the organization as the Senior Manager, Workforce Development Programs. This person will develop, manage, and support the institution's programing supporting Talent and Workforce Development and will collect, process, and manage data related to these programs. This position reports to the Senior Director of Human Resources. 

o Requirements:  Develop and manage the Fellowship and Internship program including Summer Internships, Season-long Fellowships, Partnerships with Universities, colleges, and social service organizations, and Apprenticeships 

  • Develop the program to be in line with The Public's Strategic and Cultural Transformation Priorities, including recruitment, hiring, onboarding, industry engagement and professional development. 

  • Foster and maintain relationships with representatives at arts organizations, schools, social services partners and other institutions to establish a talent pipeline of culturally engaged and demographically diverse candidates. 

  • In collaboration with other HR Team colleagues, provide primary support regarding the recruitment, application review, interviews, hiring, and orientation of fellow/intern candidates. 

  • Schedule and facilitate weekly professional development for fellow/intern cohorts. 

  • Schedule and host institutional and industry guests to attend fellow/intern cohort meetings. 

  • Serve as mentor to cohorts throughout the program duration and beyond. 

  • Facilitate participant-directed learning opportunities including meetings, workshops and speaker sessions. 

  • Supervise Fellow/Intern Educational Projects and create a presentation forum for these projects. 

  • Liaise with Fellow/intern supervisors from each department. 

  • Coordinate relevant data from current and former Fellow/intern cohorts. 

  • Develop and support ongoing relationships with program alumni. 

  • Collaborate with Human Resources colleagues to identify and coordinate interdepartmental learning opportunities for program participants. 

  • Communicate with school representatives, external partners, and The Public's staff via zoom, email, and in-person meetings to administer programming. 

  • Create, maintain, and update all marketing and social media materials for programming and events in coordination with The Public's Communications department. 

  • Foster and maintain relationships with comparable programs at arts organizations. 

  • Represent The Public at arts education conferences, workshops, and other events. 

o Compensation:  This is an exempt full-time position, according to the Fair Labor Standards Act with an annual salary of $75,000.  This is a hybrid position with some flexibility – however the successful candidate will need to be on-site at least 2-3 days per week, with additional in-person events as needed.  Some evening and weekend hours are required. 

o Submission Information

Manhattan Repertory Theatre Play Production Program For Actos 

Isn't it time that you star in a play that will take your career to the next level? Stop wasting your time seeking work and get to work. Years ago, they labeled a self-produced play starring the actor who is producing it, a "vanity production." (There are even some dramatic organizations that still use this antiquated, ridiculous term.) At Manhattan Rep, we call it: SMART. You can wait to get that role, or you can self-produce the perfect vehicle tailor-made for you. We will build it for you, handle all the details of the production and direct you in the play of your dreams. You can star in any play you want, as long as the rights are available for production in New York City! Manhattan Rep has always been about self-production for the truth of the matter is, to create anything in life, you have to take responsibility for making it happen! We are currently booking productions for 2023. It's time to be smart. Take responsibility for getting your work out into the world. We will build your production, and, we will do it beautifully!

o Deadline: TBD

o Application Fee: None

o Eligibility: Please put "Play Production Program For Actors" in the subject heading of your email.

o Categories: Full Length Plays, New Plays

o Contact: manhattanrep@yahoo.com

o Submission Information 

Milwaukee Repertory Theatre 

o Seeking: Associate Director of Marketing & Associate Producer: Literary & New Play Development

o Location: Milwaukee, WI 

o Website: https://www.milwaukeerep.com 

For more information: https://www.milwaukeerep.com/about/work-us/jobs/?fbclid=IwAR2lXyj99fIOhY8MmQ5n4XRveG1wEqPl2mL_9w7A1-WVpLoZhqwUDc-2Crc

Milwaukee Repertory Theater is an Equal Opportunity Employer and values and encourages a diverse workforce. We invite you to review jobs that are currently available. 

Full-time employee benefits include health, dental and voluntary vision and disability insurance; flexible spending accounts; retirement plan; parking programs and complimentary tickets.

Application Instructions

Send your letter, resume and salary history (PDF or Word attachments only) to the email address listed in the job listing.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival 

o Seeking: Assistant Sound Engineer, Director of Audience Experience, Marketing Operation, Coordinator, etc.. 

o Location: Ashland, Oregon

o Website: https://www.osfashland.org

For more information: https://www.osfashland.org/work-with-us?fbclid=IwAR2cqx7fSs1YYwa2I86SMVxJjZ8ns4ba2RqsEr51mMKIVWdiIL7ByQ4Lv8U

Located in the beautiful Rogue Valley of southern Oregon, the Tony Award-Winning Oregon Shakespeare Festival presents a season of eleven plays in rotating repertory across three theatres between the months of February and October. Additionally, OSF offers extensive educational opportunities to students, teachers, and theatregoers of all ages during our performance season.

We offer employment and career opportunities in a wide range of positions (acting, other performing opportunities, scenery, costumes, lighting, marketing, finance, etc.). We encourage you to check our website regularly for openings.

Two River Theater

Two River Theater annually produces a theatrical season that includes American and world classics, new plays and musicals, programs for young people, and festivals of new work. Each year, we also offer 40+ events that reflect our diverse community of Red Bank, New Jersey. Two River celebrates and honors our core values of Artistic Excellence; Education and Community Engagement; Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion; and Operational Excellence. Anyone who joins our team quickly becomes part of putting all of our initiatives into action day in and day out. Two River Theater is led by Artistic Director John Dias and Managing Director Michael Hurst.Two River Theater is dedicated to the goal of building an equitable and culturally diverse work environment and strongly encourages applications from members of underrepresented groups.

o Seeking: Associate Director of Marketing, Assistant Technical Director, Associate Director of Education, Education Programs Director, Director of Finance, General Manager 

o Location: Red Bank, NJ

o Website: https://tworivertheater.org/jobs/

The Kate Spade New York Foundation

o To honor Kate Spade's legacy of empowering and inspiring women and girls, the National Council for Behavioral Health is excited to provide complimentary Mental Health First Aid trainings to communities throughout the five boroughs of New York City and New Jersey and in partnership with organizations that specifically support these populations. 

What is Mental Health First Aid?

Just as CPR helps you assist an individual having a heart attack, Mental Health First Aid helps you assist someone experiencing a mental health or substance use-related crisis. In the Mental Health First Aid course, you learn risk factors and warning signs for mental health and addiction concerns, strategies for how to help someone in both crisis and non-crisis situations, and where to turn for help.

The National Council for Behavioral Health shares Kate Spade New York Foundation's belief in "the power of women to transform their communities" through empowerment.  In support of this mission, we are offering through a competitive application process, select Mental Health First Aid and Youth Mental Health First Aid trainings, fully funded!  

o Location: New York, NY 

o Website

o Application information

For more Offstage opportunities, visit OffStageJobs.com and Playbill.com.


Woolly Mammoth x Black List Playwriting Commission

The Black List has reopened submissions for the Woolly Mammoth x Black List Playwriting Commission. The recipient of this partnership will receive a $10,000 grant for the commission of a new play. Woolly Mammoth's mission is to produce courageous and invigorating new work to radically redefine theatre as a catalyst for an equitable, creative, and engaged society. In an effort to carry out their mission, Woolly Mammoth looks for artists with original voices who are experimenting in form or content and asking big questions.  Writers are invited to submit a play or musical for consideration by uploading it directly to The Black List website. Submissions will be accepted until midnight on April 2, 2023. Only plays and musicals will be considered for this opportunity. Please do not submit feature film and one-hour or half-hour pilot scripts. Up to 15 writers will be invited, based on the strength of their plays and/or musicals as determined by the Black List, to submit additional materials, including a professional resume and a personal statement. From those submissions, select writers may be chosen to interview, via Zoom, and up to one writer will be selected to receive the commission. If you submitted work during the initial submission window for this Commission, we kindly request that you do not re-submit the same script.

o Deadline: April 2 

o Application Fee: Free

o Eligibility: Woolly Mammoth appreciates heightened theatricality through energetic language or innovative narrative structures. They are interested in challenging or provocative subject matter with a preference for comedy or irony.  

  • Woolly Mammoth tends to not be drawn to work that is earnest or overly sentimental. They tend not to be drawn to work that lives primarily in realism and traditional narrative structures. Woolly doesn't really do "living room plays"–unless they are the bonkers version of that. 

  • Woolly Mammoth acknowledges the spectrum in which courageous and innovative work can fall on between playing with content, style, and aesthetics. The two pillars of the work done at Woolly Mammoth are artistic innovation and civic provocation, and by that they mean what is the question or subject that needs to be discussed or have light shined on it that is not being addressed–or in other words, what is the mammoth in the room that we avoid talking about because it is new or controversial or  uncomfortable -- "Woolly"  plays have a balance of these two elements.

o Application Information 

Steven Schwartzberg Grants for Mental Health & Wellness

Writers are the beating heart of theater, whom we rely upon to take us on journeys and inspire us to think. During these unprecedented times, DGF has created the Steven Schwartzberg Grants to provide financial support for mental health and wellness services for writers. To help connect writers to therapists, DGF has partnered with Advekit, an online therapist matching service, to expand access to mental health support that might be out of your reach.

Please complete the form to receive $1,000 toward therapy through Advekit, courtesy of DGF.

If you already have a therapist or are seeking mental wellness support other than Western talk therapy, DGF is working on ways to support you in your wellness.


NYC Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA)

The NYC DCLA is dedicated to supporting and strengthening New York City's vibrant cultural life. Among our primary missions is to ensure adequate public funding for non-profit cultural organizations, both large and small, throughout the five boroughs.

They have many grants tailored to the needs of artists living and working in the city throughout the year.

o Deadline: Ongoing

o Application Fee: Free

o Eligibility: Independent Artists and Groups

o Address: New York City Department of Cultural Affairs 31 Chambers Street New York, New York 10007

o Contact: 212.513.9300

o Application Information 

SubletSeries@HERE Program

This creative curated rental program has allowed many upstart companies and emerging artists to realize their full artistic vision on a small budget. The program provides subsidized performance and rehearsal space, technical assistance, and administrative support, including a fully staffed box office. SubletSeries@HERE artists can also access equipment that is not typically available in venues our size such as video projectors, wireless microphones, color scrollers—all for free or at subsidized rates. We accept applications from artists all over the world for the opportunity to show work.

o Deadline: Ongoing

o Application Fee: Free

o Eligibility: Independent Artists and Groups

o Address: HERE Program 145 Sixth Ave New York, NY 10013

o Contact: 212.647.0202

o Application Information 

Annenberg Foundation

The Annenberg Foundation does most of their funding in the arts, culture, and humanities to organizations in the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernadino, and Ventura. The Annenberg Foundation's arts and humanities grants are available to agencies that serve the greater Los Angeles region, typically with budgets over $5 million.

o Deadline: Ongoing

o Application Fee: Free

o Eligibility: Arts, culture, and humanities in greater Los Angeles region

o Address: 2000 Avenue of the StarsSuite 1000S Los Angeles, CA 9006

o Contact: info@annenberg.org

o Application Information 


Artcroft Center for Arts and Humanities

Residencies of an average of 2-8 weeks for visual artists, writers, actors, and  performance artists. Residency provides housing, studio, and meals; artist responsible residency fee ($40/day), deposit (10% of residency fee), travel, materials, and local transportation.

o Deadline: Ongoing

o Application Fee: $25

o When: 2-8 weeks

o Eligibility: Residencies are available to established and emerging visual and literary artists 18 years of age and older without regard for race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion.

o Address: Artcroft Center for Arts and Humanities 2075 Johnson Rd. Carlisle, KY 40311

o Contact: artcroft@msn.com

O Application Information

Other Resources 

NOTE: For more resources, visit our pages of Resources - Funding, Submissions, and more.

NYFA SOURCE - The New York Foundation for the Arts maintains the most comprehensive national directory of awards, services and publications for artists in the NYFA Source section of their website.

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