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The Her Vision Film Festival


We welcome filmmakers and screenwriters from around the world! We accept feature films and shorts as well as feature-length and short scripts. Our main goal is equality and empowerment in the cinematic arts. The Her Vision Film Festival is here to highlight the achievements of women and female-identifying directors, writers, editors and producers. In addition to our mission of equality, we also underscore the importance of unity. For example, our first year's Feature Film Winner was a female producer/writer with a male director. We also welcome and encourage LGBTQ creatives. You may submit a screenplay or a film if you are a male or male-identifying director or writer if your story shows a female with some agency or shows the plight of being a female or a member of the LGBTQ community. We are here to encourage and empower creatives regardless of gender. If you have questions as to whether you or your project qualifies, feel free to reach out; Caterinacampagna26@gmail.com. What also makes our festival stand out is that we have a Rewrite and Re-edit section. Screenwriters know that writing is rewriting and filmmakers know that shooting the ending that you really want is sometimes only possible after a deadline. To that end, we offer you a chance to resubmit your work with a half-off your original submission fee discount. Thank you for bringing your passion to the table! 

o When/Where: March 25-26

o Deadline:​ January 3 (Regular Deadline), March 5 (Late Deadline) 

o Application Fee: ​$40-70 

o Eligibility:​ We accept films from around the globe. All screenplays must be in English. However, if your screenplay is written in Italian or Spanish they will be accepted.

  • All screenplays must be submitted as a pdf.
  • The writer of the project or an authorized party is the only person who can submit a project.
  • For the Her Vision Film Festival, 50 pages and above is considered a feature-length screenplay. Of course, under 50 pages is a short screenplay.
  • Stage plays will be accepted at this festival.
  • The runtime for a short film is 50 minutes or less.
  • Music Videos will be considered short films.
  • Commercials will also be considered short films.
  • If you have a half-hour TV pilot, that will fit into the shorts category. Half-hour Web Series are also eligible for short film consideration.
  • If your project is in a language other than English, Italian or Spanish, please make sure that it is subtitled in English.
  • If your project is chosen to be screened it must be sent in as a DVD.
  • Projects over 50 minutes are considered feature-length films. Fiction and documentaries are welcome.
  • 43-48 minute TV pilots will be eligible for this category.
  • If your project is in a language other than English, Italian or Spanish, please make sure that it is subtitled in English.
  • If your project is chosen to be screened at the live event it must be sent in as a DVD.

o Categories:​ Feature, Short, Documentary, Documentary Short, Pilot 

o Submission Information

Manager, Marketing, IndieWire 

IndieWire is seeking an agile Manager, Marketing who will promote sales, live media, and editorial content. The ideal candidate is a proactive learner with: (1) a grasp of basic storytelling principles and marketing strategies as well as (2) sense of the publishing, film and television landscapes. This role will report to the Senior Manager, Marketing. 

o Qualifications: 3-4 years of experience in marketing, ideally in entertainment or publishing

  • Willing to occasionally work outside normal office hours for live events (awards shows, film festivals, etc.) or breaking news
  • Strong ability to discern content reception
  • Understanding of project scope (how small details contribute to overall goals)
  • Excellent verbal, written, and presentation skills
  • Understanding of the IndieWire brand 

o Salary Range: ​$65,000.00-$70,000.00

o Submission Information

NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowship

The NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowship is a $8,000 unrestricted cash grant available to artists living in New York State and/or one of the Indian Nations located therein.This grant is awarded in fifteen different disciplines over a three-year period (five categories a year) and the application is free to complete. The NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowship is not a project grant, but is intended to fund an artist’s vision or voice, at all levels of their artistic development.

o Deadline: January 25

o Application Fee: None 

o Eligibility: 25 years or older by the application deadline date. 

  • Current residents of New York State and/or one of the Indian Nations located in New York State
  • Must have maintained New York State residency, and/or residency in one of the Indian Nations located therein, for at least the last two consecutive years (2021 & 2022)
  • Not enrolled in a degree-seeking program of any kind
  • Are the originators of the work, i.e. choreographers or playwrights, not interpretive artists such as dancers or actors
  • Did not receive a NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowship in any discipline in the past five consecutive years: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022
  • Cannot submit any work samples that have been previously awarded a NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowship
  • While collaborating artists are eligible to apply, the total number of collaborators cannot exceed three
  • Applicants can apply in a maximum of 2 categories each cycle
  • Are not a current NYFA employee or have been in the last 12 months, a member of the NYFA Board of Trustees or Artists’ Advisory Committee, immediate family member of any of the aforementioned, or an immediate family member of a 2022-2023 panelist
  • Artists that have been awarded five NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowships receive Emeritus status and are no longer eligible for the award. 

o Application Information


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