Statera Women Are Close to WomenArts Challenge Match!  Please Help Them Over the Top!

Statera Foundation has raised $20,400 towards their $25,000 WomenArts Challenge Grant! Please help them over the top!

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Statera Women Are Close To Challenge Match! 
Only $4,600 Left to Raise! Help them over the top!

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As we announced earlier this month, WomenArts has chosen the Statera Foundation  to lead Support Women Artists Now Day/SWAN Day 2019, and we have given them a $25,000 Challenge Grant which they need to match one-to-one.

The Statera team has now raised $20,400 towards the match!  Hurray!  They are getting so close!

Please send them positive energy and help them raise the final $4,600 if you can!

Remember - every dollar you give will be doubled by WomenArts!
Donate to Statera Foundation Now>>

Meet Statera Foundation's Executive Director,
Melinda Pfundstein

Statera Foundation's Executive Director, Melinda Pfundstein, talks about Statera's programs and their excitement about leading SWAN Day in 2019! (2 minutes) 

Executive Director and co-founder of Statera Foundation, Melinda Pfundstein is a director, actor, educator, administrator, advocate for women in the arts, and mother of three young women. She holds an MA in Arts Administration from Southern Utah University, where she also completed her undergraduate work in theatre and dance performance.

Statera Foundation derives its name from the Latin word for balance, and they are focused on increasing opportunities for artists who identify as women.

In addition to hosting two national conferences in their first three years, they have launched a mentorship program for women in theatre, as well as gender equity training programs for theatres and schools. 

Help Statera Make SWAN Day 2019 the Best One Yet!

Please help the Statera team reach their Challenge Grant goal.  Remember - your gifts will be matched one-to-one by WomenArts up to $25,000. Thank you!!
Donate to Statera Foundation Now>>

About SWAN Day 2019

The official date for SWAN Day 2019 is Saturday, March 30, 2019, but please feel free to celebrate any time during during March or April. The spirit of SWAN events is more important than the exact dates.

Are you hosting or organizing a 2019 SWAN Day event? Make sure you submit it to the Statera SWAN Day Calendar!

Do you have questions about SWAN Day? Reach out to Statera Foundation directly at SWANDay@staterafoundation.org.

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