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Submission opportunities for women in theatre.

##Opportunities with hashtags are for selected populations.
**Opportunities starred are for women only.



THE WOMEN IN THE ARTS AND MEDIA COALITION, INC. will present the 2018 Collaboration Award recognizing Women 
Working With Women.

The $1,000 Collaboration Award and additional honorable mentions are designed to encourage professional women in the arts and media from different specializations to work collaboratively on the creation of a new artistic work.  As the aim of the award is to encourage women to work collaboratively with women of other disciplines, each collaborative team must be comprised of female members of different Coalition associations, unions, guilds or affiliate member organizations. Eligible teams may submit any form of creative collaboration on a new work that had its first public performance within the last two years, 2016-2018. A Public Performance can include--but is not limited to--a staged reading, gallery show, screening, concert series, festival, etc.
Submissions will be judged on the basis of artistic excellence and diversity.  All topics and subjects will be considered.  Special attention shall be given to those projects which reflect the goals of the Coalition:  to advance women’s work and women’s issues. 
The team that has been selected and the honorable mentions will be invited to be recognized at an awards ceremony in New York in October 2018.  Women outside of New York may send a designee to speak about their project and accept the award.

Teams of two or more women working together on the creative project may apply for the 2018 Collaboration Award. Applicants must be members in good standing of two different organizations and/or affiliates with The Coalition.

Member Organizations include: Actors’ Equity Association, Associated Musicians of Greater New York Local 802 AFM, Dramatists Guild, League of Professional Theatre Women, New York Women in Communications, New York Women in Film & Television, Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, Stage Directors and Choreographers Society, and Writers’ Guild of America, East.

Affiliate Member Organizations include: BOLD, Drama Desk, International Center for Women Playwrights, Inc., The Lambs, Inc., Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiative, National Theatre Conference, Professional Women Singers Association, Theatre Resources Unlimited, 365 Women A Year: A Playwriting Project, WomenArts, The Women’s Media Center, Women Make Movies, and Women in Music.

The link to the application can also be found online at www.womenartsmediacoalition.org. A pdf of the application may also be accessed in order to work on the submission offline.
Deadline:  The deadline for the return of completed applications is 11:59 p.m. Wednesday, February 14th, 2018.  Award winners will be announced by September, 2018.

Send all inquiries and questions to: collaborationaward2018@womenartsmediacoalition.org

Quotes from past winners:

"The Award offers much-needed encouragement during this time of virulent anti-feminist, anti-arts, anti-culture rhetoric, --rhetoric and policy that have very real economic consequences for women trying to sustain a career in the theatre. As someone being told my work is 'too feminist' to be produced now, I depend on organizations like this one to keep me from losing heart."

-TD Mitchell playwright 2015 winner

“We are so honored to be accepting this award. One of the best aspects of making this very unconventional film was working together. We got it done using our creativity, mutual respect for one another, quality Skype-time with our families back home, plain old hard work, and as much good humor as we could muster. It means the world to us to have our film embraced by an organization that celebrates women in collaboration.”

-Jane Edith Wilson and Grace Lee, 2013 Winners

“It was and honor for Stefanie and I to receive the Collaboration Award.  It came at a critical moment for the DEVELOPMENT of Electric Baby as the award supported our work together on two DEVELOPMENTAL workshops and our world premiere production of the play at Quantum Theatre in Pittsburgh.  Not only did this award support our work financially it gave our collaboration recognition in the field.  Stefanie continues to be a key collaborator of mine on subsequent projects and having our relationship recognized publicly is invaluable.”

- Daniella Topol, Director, 2011 Winner

“New work needs momentum.  It’s simply not a reality that a play can be written in the attic and then magically find a production.  Or that one production will lead to a second or third production.  People need to hear about work.  They need to hear about the artists who make the work.  There is no question that this award not only helped The Electric Baby become a better play, but it gave the baby a life.”

- Stefanie Zadravec, Playwright, 2011 Winner

“The Collaboration Award’s encouragement of women working together is terrific.  It made all the difference in providing my collaborator and I with the time and support we needed to create a complex and dynamic theatre work.”

- Kristin Marting, Director, 2008 Winner

“The evening of the Collaboration Awards was imbued with theatrical magic.  Wendy directed an excerpt from my play, Birds, that captured the spirit of the play with great response from a wildly supportive audience. Birds is the third play of mine that we worked on together. It was a beautiful jumping off point for us in our process. It provided the opportunity for us to mine even deeper in our exploration of the world of this complicated play, and the support, enthusiasm and appreciation of this body of amazing women helped carry us through to the next step of our artistic journey.”

- Jen Maisel, Playwright, 2006 Winner


Pride Films & Plays Seeks Short Plays for History Lezons Festival
We already observe Women's History Month. Now it's time to celebrate Women-Loving-Women's History Month. Pride Films & Plays is seeking short plays about women who refine, define, and redefine the expression "out with the old." Whether you're spotlighting women once considered yester-gay's news or reminiscing of days gone bi, we want to pay homage to the formidable fortitude of our foremothers, be they factual figures in history or fictional figures of your own creation. As long as your play explores some aspect of women-loving-women's history, it can be set in any historical time period and can be in any genre. The "History Lezons" festival of short plays will be curated by Allison L. Fradkin, Literary Coordinator of Pride Films & Plays' LezPlay Contest, and Iris Sowlat, director/producer and member of our LezPlay InQbator program. Performances will take place at Pride Arts Center in Chicago the first two weeks of March 2018.
  • When/Where: March 4-13, 2018 in Chicago, IL
  • Deadline: December 15, 2017  
  • Application Fee: Free
  • Eligibility: Submissions are open to playwrights who identify as women. Plays can be up to 10 pages and include up to 5 characters. Playwrights may submit 2 scripts for consideration. Scripts that have been previously produced will be accepted, but they must have been produced outside of Chicago.
  • Categories: New Plays
  • Address: N/A
  • Contact: pridewomen@gmail.com  
  • Submission Information

Jackie White Memorial Playwriting Contest
Founded in 1988, the Jackie White Memorial Playwriting Contest seeks to encourage adult playwrights to write quality plays for young audiences and their family.
The contest was named in memory of Dr. Jackie White (1947-1991), herself a playwright, a longtime colleague, and a supporter and Advisory Board member of CEC. She was instrumental in the early success of the contest; she
created guidelines for contest readers on how to fairly critique and judge plays which are still followed today.
  • When/Where: April 28-29, 2018 in Columbus, MO
  • Deadline: December 31, 2017  
  • Application Fee: $25
  • Eligibility: The entry should be a full-length play for a target audience of 15 and younger. The script should have speaking roles for at least five characters, at least two of whom should be female. At least one of the female characters should be a major character. May be an original work or an adaptation (compliance with copyright law is required). Playwrights may submit more than one entry. Each entry must be typed/printed according to standard
  • Categories: New Full-Length Plays for a target audience of 15 years and younger
  • Address: N/A
  • Contact: jwm@cectheatre.org  
  • Submission Information

Lotus Lee Foundation: The New Work Initiative
The New Work Initiative is an open submission competition whose primary goal is to bring the best theatre and new voices from the United States to China and vice versa. This is why we’re interested in new works from playwrights who are hungry to be heard and are willing to discover new technology to bring their work to the stage. The submission is free. The best works are selected by a board of 5 judges who read the submitted scripts and ultimately decide on the best work. The play that gets chosen will be produced in 2019 with a significant budget and for a year-long tour in China with a potential remount in the States. Other winners will also be selected. The 5 judges consist of a mix of industry individuals and individuals from Performing Arts schools.
  • When/Where: 2019 Year-Long Tour in China
  • Deadline: January 5, 2018  
  • Application Fee: Free
  • Eligibility: Must be an original work. No previous production and publication all around the world. Has never granted and will not grant other individuals or entities to use the script in anyway before the the choosing outcome is issued.
    Play must be a full-length piece. At least an hour long.
    Can be a play, performance art, movement piece, physical theatre, dance, musical, etc. No restriction on plot, content, or themes. Children’s plays accepted. Submissions will only be accepted in English. The show that is chosen will be translated to mandarin for the Chinese Tour in 2019.  
    Open to making use of new technology, Projections, holograms, media technology, virtual reality, etc.
  • Categories: New Plays
  • Address: N/A
  • Contact: info@lotus-lee.foundation
  • Submission Information


Shakespeare's New Contemporaries
Shakespeare's New Contemporaries is a groundbreaking, industry-changing undertaking to discover, develop, and produce a new canon of 38 plays that are inspired by and in conversation with Shakespeare's work. It's an opportunity for playwrights of every gender, race, and creed to partner with Shakespeare. It's our chance to find the next generation of the world's greatest playwrights.
  • Deadline: February 5, 2018
  • Application Fee: Free
  • Eligibility: Plays that are inspired by and in conversation with Shakespeare’s works. Plays that embrace Shakespeare’s Staging Conditions -- universal lighting, direct audience address, cast of 10-12, etc. Plays that are unproduced
  • Categories: We will accept applications for companions for 2 - 4 of Shakespeare’s plays during each round of open submissions. Round 1: The Merry Wives of Windsor; Henry IV, Part 1; The Comedy of Errors; and The Winter’s Tale (Applications accepted now through February 15, 2018). Round 2: Othello, Henry IV, Part 2; A Midsummer Night’s Dream; and Cymbeline  (Applications accepted June 1 – August 1, 2018)
  • Contact: anne.morgan@americanshakespearecenter.com 
  • Submission Information

Apparitions Radio Horror Plays
Apparitions is podcast of horror-themed radio plays, hosted by Professor Mortimer of Haunted Manhattan. Professor Mortimer is the alter-ego of theatre-maker, voiceover-artist, and tour-guide Robert A. K. Gonyo, the producer and host of Apparitions.
  • Deadline: Ongoing 2017
  • Application Fee: Free
  • Eligibility: APPARITIONS, a podcast of new radio horror plays seeks original, previously un-produced scripted radio plays. Scripts should require a cast of six or less, and run no more than 30 minutes in production. Submissions may range from suspense, to gore, to mystery, to comedy, but all must fall under the umbrella of the “horror” genre. Please note, this call is for radio plays, written specifically for the audio medium. NYC-based writers are encouraged to apply, as the show records in NYC, however all scripts will be considered. Scripts will be licensed under a profit-share agreement
  • Categories: Radio Horror Plays
  • Contact: theprofessor@apparitionspodcast.com   
  • Submission Information

Keegan Theatre's Boiler Room Series - Search for New Plays & Musicals
Keegan Theatre, a professional, non-equity theatre in Washington, DC, is accepting submissions for development during its 2017-2018 Season AND possible inclusion as a full, world premiere production in a future mainstage season. Six pieces will be selected for inclusion in a festival sampling of new works in development at Keegan Theatre. Five pieces will be selected for a workshop process that culminates with a public staged reading. 
  • Deadline: 2017
  • Application Fee: Free
  • Eligibility: All submissions must be full length plays or musicals aligned with the theatre's mission of taking audiences to the vital heart of theatre: extraordinary artists in an intimate setting exploring the human condition. Submitted work should not have had any significant development or a full production at another theatre. We're looking for truly NEW works here.
  • Categories: Full length plays and musicals
  • Contact: jsticklin@keegantheatre.com    
  • Submission Information

Urban Stages Emerging Playwright Award
Our $500 Emerging Playwright Award (coupled with press coverage) is given to playwrights who show excellence and dedication throughout this process – from development to the stage. Out of hundreds of submissions a year, we select 15-20 plays for readings. From these, we select 1-3 plays annually to go on to our workshopping phase. Our workshops are meant to prepare a play for our Off-Broadway stage. From our workshops, we select 1-2 plays for full productions, complete with a playwright’s contract and compensation (separate from the award).                                      
  • Deadline: Submissions are ongoing.
  • Application Fee: None.
  • Eligibility: Plays may have been developed or produced elsewhere, but never produced in New York City. Plays from overseas and throughout the US are accepted and considered, but special attention will be given to playwrights who live in or near New York.
  • Categories: Full Length Plays
  • Contact: (212) 421-1380
  • Submission Information


Nat Turner, The Trial
  • Casting " Nat Turner, The Trial" a play based on the life of Nat Turner and his 1831 slave rebellion.
  • Auditions: December 2017
  • Production Dates: Rehearses in Brooklyn, NY, staged reading January 2018 Brooklyn, NY 
  • Pay: Pays for performance and travel.
  • Audition Information

They Call It Gravy; WE Call It Sauce
  • Re-casting this musical partially. Synopsis: This original musical takes the audience through a humorous and emotional journey across three generations of Sicilian Americans, illustrating the dichotomy of holding on to traditional values and the need to change with the times. The story follows Rosa Garraffa, a second-generation Sicilian girl living in New York City. Her father is a proud Sicilian man who’s firmly entrenched in the only “old world” customs he knows. All Rosa wants is to marry her blond-haired, blue-eyed successful Jewish fiancé, Aaron Goldman, and trade her city stoop for the “'burbs." However, Rosa discovers she is pregnant before the wedding; as far as her father is concerned, she has committed an inexcusable atrocity. He disowns and banishes her. Twenty years later, Rosa’s daughter, Barbara, discovers her roots, falls in love with a Brooklyn Neapolitan, Matteo "Matt" Volpe, and reunites the family.
  • Auditions: December 2017
  • Production Dates: Rehearses and runs in mid- to late summer 2018 in NYC.
  • Pay: Negotiable
  • Audition Information

For more Onstage opportunities, visit Backstage.com; ActorsAccess.com; and Playbill.com.


Assistant Professor
The Theatre School at DePaul University invites applications for a full time, tenure track position in the Theatre Studies department available in the fall of 2018.
  • Position Type: Tenure Track
  • Eligibility: Teaching a range of classes in the BFA Theatre Studies curriculum, advising students, supervising student work on productions, facilitating internship placements, recruiting students and involvement in The Theatre School’s production activities.
  • Application Information

Needed: for Pamela Enz play. Innovative Female Director open to new theatrical piece that will be using ISADORA projections to go up at Theater for The New City in March 2018. Short day workshop on either Dec. 11th, 12th or 13th to find out how things gel and then need full time participation all of March 2018.

Production Manager
Reporting to the Senior Production Manager, the Production Manager (PM) is responsible for directly managing selected touring titles each season. This work is divided into three segments. Production, Operating, and General Administration.
  • Position Type: Full-Time
  • Eligibility: The General Administration period runs year-round and consists of tasks including, but not limited to; vetting proposed touring routes and venues for upcoming titles, generating riders/manifests/and other required touring paperwork, budget tracking reconciliation in conjunction with General Management, scouting possible future products/shows, forging new vendor relationships, and recruitment of talented touring staff. This position is eligible to work remotely, but regular travel to the TROIKA corporate office in Gaithersburg, Maryland, is required. Frequent show-related travel is required, and PM must be comfortable traveling with short notice, and occasionally for long periods of time. A minimum of 5 years experience in previous management positions, and a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent professional experience are required. Prior commercial touring or gig experience and fluency with IATSE contracts and practices preferred. Ideal candidate possesses exceptional communication skills and performs well under pressure. 
  • Application Information

Sound Engineer
Needed Mid May-September 2018 at Weston Playhouse Theatre Company in Weston, VT.
  • Position Type: Contract
  • Eligibility: Minimum of 2 years professional Sound experience or equivalent. Advanced skills in Sound Design, mixing and engineering, including creation and acquisition of sound and music effects; experience setting up, engineering and maintaining wireless mic systems; proficiency mixing musicals using digital consoles required. Familiarity with Qlab preferred. Experience maintaining and repairing Clear Com and backstage video systems. Advanced knowledge of sound consoles, own laptop computer. Excellent inter-personal, organizational, collaborative, communication and leadership skills. Proven ability to motivate, manage, educate and coordinate staff members of varying proficiency levels. Valid driver’s license with clean driving record; own car preferable. Experience driving, loading, unloading 16-foot truck required.
  • Application Information

Audio/ Video Engineer
Indiana Repertory Theatre is currently accepting resumes for an Audio/Video Engineer. This is seasonal position with benefits, contract runs approximately late August through May. Indiana Rep is a mid-sized LORT (C and D stages) theatre, producing a wide variety of existing and new work for adults and children (currently 9 productions) located in downtown Indianapolis.
  • Position Type: Contract
  • Eligibility: Duties include operating sound and/or video for shows, dance concerts, and one-off events; assisting the Senior Engineer and the Resident Sound Designer; attending rehearsals and meetings as needed; maintenance, repair and upkeep of audio and video equipment. Skills required: Current working knowledge of large format sound systems, experience in professional theatre, multi-projector video systems, headset and 70v distributed systems, playback and editing software for audio and video, I.P. based A/V distribution, and Apple networking, proficiency with live mixing, recording and reinforcement. At the IRT, we believe that diverse ideas, backgrounds, cultures, and traditions enrich the quality of work we present on the stage. We are committed to all forms of diversity in all areas of our work. Please send letter and resume to irtsound@gmail.com and include the words “Audio/Video Engineer Search” in the subject line.
  • Application Information


Annenberg Foundation
The Annenberg Foundation does most of their funding in the arts, culture, and humanities to organizations in the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernadino, and Ventura. The Annenberg Foundation's arts and humanities grants are available to agencies that serve the greater Los Angeles region, typically with budgets over $5 million.
  • Deadline: Ongoing
  • Application Fee: Free
  • Eligibility: Arts, culture, and humanities in greater Los Angeles region
  • Address: 2000 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 1000S
    Los Angeles, CA 9006
  • Contact: info@annenberg.org  
  • Application Information


ARTErra is a private structure of incentive for artistic creation which aims to facilitate encounters between different artists and aesthetic disciplines. ARTERRA is strongly committed to offering the residents a cheerful and productive stay. Because of that, partnerships have been established with several partners such as the Municipality of Tondela and Lobão da Beira and many others crafters, schools and artists.
  • Deadline: Ongoing
  • Application Fee: Free
  • When: 1 week- 6 months
  • Eligibility: Curriculum Vitae; and Bio, Portfolio, videos, photos , music; Description of the project to be undertaken at ARTERRA, including the project’s objectives, needs and expectations of residence ,work methodologies, and all the details necessary to understand the proposal
  • Address: N/A
  • Contact: arterra.geral@gmail.com 
  • Application Information
Green Olive Arts
Green Olive Arts is an international art studio and urban art residency in Tetouan, Morocco, specializing in connecting the creatives of the world with the culture, beauty and creatives of Morocco. Our mission is to resource creative individuals of both emerging and established artistic talent from around the world in seasons of inspiration, production, collaboration and cultural exchange here in Morocco.
  • Deadline: Ongoing
  • Application Fee: Free
  • When: 1 week to 4 months
  • Eligibility: 8 studio spaces are available. Applications will be assessed and Residencies awarded by our local Selection Panel according to caliber of the artist's work and fit of the artist's residency proposal with the goals and capacity of Green Olive Arts. Approved applicants may expect a phone interview request before a final decision.
  • Address: B.P. 10001 Sidi Al Mandri, Tetouan, Tetouan 93000, Morocco
  • Contact: arthouse@greenolivearts.com
  • Application Information

Artcroft Center for Arts and Humanities
Residencies of an average of 2-8 weeks for visual artists, writers, actors, and performance artists. Residency provides housing, studio, and meals; artist responsible residency fee ($40/day), deposit (10% of residency fee), travel, materials, and local transportation.
  • Deadline: Ongoing
  • Application Fee: $25
  • When: 2-8 weeks
  • Eligibility: Residencies are available to established and emerging visual and literary artists 18 years of age and older without regard for race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion.
  • Address: Artcroft Center for Arts and Humanities, 2075 Johnson Rd., Carlisle, KY 40311
  • Contact: artcroft@msn.com 
  • Application Information


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