Happy Mother's Day from Parity Productions

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Dazzle Mom with rare, exquisite artwork by Sylvia Sleigh, music from The Countess, or a statement necklace by artist Karen Fall. Your purchase goes to a good cause - 10% of it funds The Annual Parity Commission, awarding a woman or transgender playwright with $2,500 and the goal of a future production. Shop at https://www.theparitystore.org/.
"I wanted above all to express the equality of men and women." - Sylvia Sleigh
Happy Birthday Sylvia Sleigh

Happy Birthday to Sylvia Sleigh, who would've been 101 years old yesterday. She was a famed, Welsh-born artist, who's feminist work has been shown all over the world. Visit https://www.theparitystore.org/pages/sylvia-sleigh to learn more about her, and purchase her artwork.

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