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from Women of New York

Keynotes & Cocktails: Women of NY
Tuesday, December 6
7:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Paley Center for Media (in Midtown)

Join fellow professionals for mimosas, off-the-record insights and unmatched networking with NYC's top women in media, entertainment and tech. All genders are welcome!
Please take advantage of some of these exclusive discounts to attend. Registration, agenda and info can be found at www.melinc.com/ny (click the "Enter Promotional Code" link on the site to enter your discount).
For individuals (open seating): Use the code PARTNER for 20% off tickets
For two people (open seating): Use the code BOGO for a two-for-one
Sessions include a Q&A with JUDY MCGRATH, the Founder and President of Astronauts Wanted and former Chairman-CEO of MTV Networks. 

The half-day conference gathers speakers, sponsors and attendees from ABC News, AMC Networks, Assembly Entertainment, The Associated Press, Astronauts Wanted, BRaVe Media Ventures, CBS News, Geek Girl Rising, go90, Google, HBO, National Geographic Channel, NBCU, New Form Digital, NYC Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment, PBS, Tribune Media, Turner, United Talent Agency, Vertebrae VR, VH1 and more.
Read more about Women of NY here:

from Sherry Eaker, Special Advisor to the Board of the Coalition

A true Double-Header Evening! All for $20!

IAN HERMAN, Musical Director
TUESDAY, DEC. 6 at 9 pm at Urban Stages, 259 W. 30th St.
part of its Winter Rhythms series.
100% of the evening's proceeds benefit Urban Stages' Outreach Program

Use discount code
TENOFF for $20 tix!
from the Women in the Arts & Media Coalition

Submission Opportunity
Conversations in America: Under the Gun

The Women In the Arts and Media Coalition is sending out a call for submissions for our new series: Conversations In America. This first artistic conversation is called "Under the Gun." Submissions will be accepted until January 22, 2017 with a performance date in March.

"I know we are a smart enough nation to figure out how you protect responsible gun owners' rights and get guns out of the hands of people who shouldn't have them."
- Hillary Rodham Clinton

The series will be a creative evening of works that attempt to reach beyond emotions and find ways to discuss critical issues in America. This first conversation is about the gun violence problem in the United States. Yelling and screaming have not changed a thing, so what might?

"We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better." 
- J.K. Rowling

We are asking you, our members, to write, paint, sculpt, photograph, film, make music, and/or dance to a better understanding of this volatile subject where entrenched and automatic responses have become knee jerk reactions on both sides of the conversation. 

We will host a gala evening to display, discuss, enlighten and begin to mutually develop a way to dialogue the many sides of this issue that affects all of us daily.  We are seeking to construct an understanding and develop movement on this issue through our art.  How can we talk away the fear - on both sides of the discussion - and find a place of understanding that supports all of our rights? We all acknowledge that this is an uncomfortable talk to have.  How do we start the conversation without shutting each other down?  

"Art has the power to build connection and empathy" 
- John Legend

We are looking for: Short plays and Monologues, Short Films, Music, Poetry, Dance Pieces, Paintings, Photographs, Performance Art, and written and performed pieces with a running time of 10 minutes or less. A female-identified member of one of our full or affiliate member organizations must submit and be the primary engine of the project submitted, but it may have any additional collaborators, female or male, members and non-members.

The deadline is Sunday, January 22nd at 11:59pm.
Yup! You have a little over 2 months. You, too, are under the gun. What are you waiting for?

For more info, email us at: underthegun@womenartsmediacoalition.org 
Call for Committee Members!

We are looking for a few more fabulous arts & media professionals to become part of
our expanding committees,
to work alongside our board members, committee members, and organization leaders. 

For just a few hours a month, you will have the opportunity to participate
in the workings of the organization.

Committees include Communications (including Social Media),
Membership (bringing in new organizations and outreach),
Fundraising and Fiscal Sponsorship. 

If you are interested, please contact us immediately at volunteers@womenartsmediacoalition.org and give us your contact info--
also let us know if you're a member of any of our member orgs.
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From the Bechdel Group

It's the Bechdel Group's final 2016 reading!

Please join us Monday, December 12th at the Back Room at Jimmy's No. 43 (43 E 7th Street in East Village) from 6 - 9pm.  

We are super delighted to bring you selections from:

John Barrow's Lillian, Paula, Carson:
"Lillian Smith, author of Strange Fruit, has just returned home from the hospital. Her partner Paula Snelling is caring for her, and the phone rings. They learn that Carson McCullers will arrive that afternoon for a visit. Later that night another phone call will change Carson's life."


Kristine M. Reyes' Eggs on Ice:
"At Eggs On Ice, freezing your eggs has never been more convenient, affordable -- or fabulous! Hit the snooze button on your biological clock while you focus on your career, and let us take care of the rest. Your future's safe with us, ladies - we'll make sure of that."

Have a drink! Meet some fabulous people! Hear some amazing work! Share your thoughts!

We're looking forward to seeing you there.

Gina and Alexa

The Bechdel Group

Women of Color Day - March 1


Greetings Women in the Arts and Media:

We think you will be interested that 2017 is the 30th year since the founding of March 1st as Women of Color Day, the only day in the year when women of color are specifically honored.  The day was established by the National Institute for Women of Color (NIWC) on whose board I served for 11 years. During those years, at the suggestion of Pat Williams, faculty of Ohio State University, in addition to holding national women of color conferences in Washington, DC, Reno (NV), and Harrisburg (PA), we began the commemoration of March 1st, as Women of Color Day. 

Unfortunately, NIWC became inactive in the 1980's. At that point, rather than let the effort die, I established the International Association for Women of Color Day, to keep this movement alive, honoring outstanding women of color with a special award only for them, but also adding the Aurora Award to honor those women, men, organizations and businesses of any ethnic group that supports women of color and/or also supports justice and equality. IAWOCD has promoted Women of Color Day across the nation and internationally. To date, it has been commemorated in 25 states and  5 other countries. A Women of Color Day ceremony has been developed as have logo products to support this work. Additional support has come from advertisers in the souvenir program booklets of the annual events collaborated by our office/headquarters in Sacramento, CA. I have personally underwritten any shortfall through the last 17 years. 

In 2016, I wrote The Constructive Extermination of Women of Color: Consequences of Perpetual Socio-Economic Marginalization to document and publicize the horrific circumstances facing the overwhelming majority of grassroots/working class women of color. The book was based on my unpublished dissertation, Racism and Sexism in Higher Education: The Autoethnography of an Activist and 18 "Women of Color" columns written between 2008-2011 in the online publication, blackcommentator.com. Printed by Sacramento Library's I Street Press, copies of the book are available in the Queens Library and Langston Hughes collections in Queens, NY, as well as in the general collections of Sacramento and Yolo County collections in California.

Additional information is available online at https://womenworldculture.com/women/8-women/5-international-association-for-women-of-color-day and http:www.womenofcolorday.com. Purchases of greeting cards, books, logo products and CDs as well as speakers are available at these sites.   A review of the book, "The Constructive Extermination of Women of Color: Consequences . .  ." and discussion of the work on behalf of women of color, other oppressed populations and an array of civil/human rights work are addressed in the review, "Writing Against Wrongs," in the Sacramento News and Review." 

FYI, Kwanzaa is 50, Earth Day is 46. There were many years before each of these days achieved their current recognition. Considering the impact that racism plus sexism, which is only experienced by women of color, has had for centuries and throughout the history of the U.S. We are proud that Women of Color Day is entering its 30th year. To commemorate this important occasion, the official Women of Color Day greeting card series has been developed. A flyer about these cards with a brief overview of Women of Color Day is attached along with other examples of commemorations outside of Sacramento.

If possible, it would be appreciated if you could make those attending aware of Women of Color Day and encourage their support of it. Women of Color Day is an opportunity to expand recognition of outstanding women of color and other outstanding women, men, organizations and businesses, especially at local levels where the need for such attention is the greatest and yet the least often extended to the masses of great people among our midsts. The importance of bringing attention to those we honor,whose work and arts we make known and the education that takes place on a widening scale was made very clear in the elections that have taken place in the past several decades. Despite considerable efforts on behalf of women of color and specifically the issue of racism plus sexism, the mere mention of these words was refused by the Republican Party, Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton Campaign, Bernie Sanders Campaign, Jill Sanders Campaign, and Green Party. In the face of the fact that women of color vote at the highest rates of all groups, this across the board rejection cannot be ignored. There are many great efforts underway which we support. Our part of this effort is to bring about wide recognition of the education, skills, talents, creativity, experience, insights, community service, grassroots/working class efforts and achievements to facilitate the inclusion of those working for justice and equality for all. Too many great people are unknown, including to each other. Too many grassroots/working class people give all of their resources for these just causes, only to be excluded, demeaned, kept from earning a decent living despite high qualifications as cronies, friends and family of those who refuse to recognise us or include us are hired or appointed, sometimes because they look like us, although in fact they are representing themselves and not the masses of us.

We all need each other working in coalition if we are to truly succeed and become free in our lifetimes. 


Suzanne Brooks
CEO, International Association for Women of Color Day and WomenWorldCulture
Owner/Sole Proprietor/Social Entrepreneur, Creative Concepts Systems
Singer/Songwriter/Bandleader, The Jazz Generation band
http://www.prweb.com/releases/womenworldculture/womenofcolorday/prweb11727562.htm  Women of Color Day Press Release 20114: honorees included Michelle Bachelet, President of Chile and Jose Mujica, President of Uruguay

Many Colors of a W*O*M*A*N Jazz Festival

Many Colors of a W*O*M*A*N Jazz Festival 

Produced by Nicki Mathis:     https://youtu.be/TocD0S_7Wvk

(Women Make the Music written by Carla Dean, read by Nick Mathis, Ed.M.)

                         3:31 Bertha Hope originals*     

33:15 Journey, Linda Presgrave, performed by Nicki Mathis' Afrikan Amerikan
                                                             Jazz New Millennium All Stars*          

41:15 New Light, Deborah Weisz*     

54:15 Throw It Away, Abbey Lincoln, featuring Ricky Alfonso*  

1:08      Here Comes the Sun, Dotti Anita Taylor)            

=D> applause

Saturday, February 25, 2017, 7 PM, The 2017 Miss Black El Paso Southwest
  Scholarship Pageant, 
Chamizal National Theatre, 800 S. San Marcial St. El Paso,
  Texas 79905. Special Guest Nick Mathis & MORE, Tickets $10    Estine's Barber
  Shop  915.546-9212, McCall Neighborhood Center 566-2407Saturday, 25 March 2017 Nicki Mathis' Afrikan Amerikan Jazz w/Paul Arslanian,
  Jim Daggs, Joanne James, Gwen Laster, Maxine Martin, Jocelyn Pleasant,
  Dotti Anita Taylor, SWAN DAY CT, Trinity on Main, 69 W Main St, New
  Britain, CT  06051Sunday 9 April, 3-4 pm, Nicki Mathis' Afrikan Amerikan Jazz w/Mary DiPaola Davis  piano, Jim Daggs bass, Jocelyn Pleasant drums, Baby Grand Series, Hartford Public
  Library, 500 Main Street, Hartford  CT 06103 FREETuesday 30 May w/Green Street Trio, Northampton Jazz Workshop 7:30 to
  8:30 PM followed by open jazz jam until 10:30 PM, The City Sports
  Grille at Spare Time Northampton, 525 
Pleasant St., Northampton MA.
  01060  413.584-4830              sparetimenorthampton.net


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