Monday, April 18, 2016 - 6:30pm
Metro Baptist Church
410 West 40th Street
Taken at an early RC Meeting held at Metro Church -- pictured left to right:  
Amanda Roberts, Writer's Committee Chair, Michele Mason, former RC Chair, Kathleen Conry, Honorary Chair, Blythe Danner, Star Contributor to everything we do, Nikki Gender, and Steering Committee members, Judy Jenson, Melinda Tanner and Cameron Taylor

Over the years, the Metro Church has not only generously donated their space for our Rehearsal Club meetings, but has offered us rehearsal space for the any number of theatrical projects we did leading up to the now-completed RC musical, "Good Girls Only."  We NEED to step up -- as many of us did to save the RC when the city closed us down in order to profit from the valuable real estate now owned by MOMA.

Please read Kathy's passionate plea below.  We urge YOU to show up at this next meeting.  Maybe we can at least help find a new site for the church -- rather than losing its tremendous contribution to the Hell's Kitchen community -- like we lost our precious Rehearsal Club.


For some long time now, there has been a rumor circulating that the Port Authority will be building an entire new structure to replace the old one currently between 8th and 9th ave, between 40th & 41st st. As it IS, the changes in Hell's Kitchen over the last year alone are tremendous with no concern to affordable food markets being torn down, area drop-in centers for the homeless closed and the rise, once again, hotels, condos and high end buildings that will not service Hell's Kitchen Residents at ALL!

Metro Baptist Church is of of the many buildings and businesses that are in the piece of property that is being considered for the new construction and with the laws of eminent domain, there is little or NO protection for those buildings....Those of us who worship, volunteer, participate, help the Hell's Kitchen community within the walls of MBC feel the horrible possibility of what could happen to so many of us if the proposed reconstruction goes thru. METRO has been in the Community serving so many since 1986 - that's 40 years of continued service and the thought of losing not only such a historical building, but the opportunity to keep the programs helping Hell's, is simply UN thinkable...

I am writing to you, my friends, who have participated in benefits, donated to the numerous vital programs, volunteered for programs, served on RMM Board positions, helped in or received goods from the FOOD PANTRY, art, dance or music performances & so many other important programs at MBC to beg your support this Monday, April 18th.

The local Community Board will have its monthly meeting hosted by Metro Baptist Church @ 410 West 40th St. $ 6:30pm and the more support we can get the better to encourage the powers that be to reconsider the location of the New Port Authority construction. The bigger 'face' we can put to those supporting MBC and its mission can only help protect the ENTIRE neighborhood & what is so important to US, the PEOPLE who LIVE HERE!!!! We may acknowledge the NEED for a new P.A. but surely there is another 'plot of land' better suited than tearing down a historical site as well as such a meaningful one!!!

IF you have friends in the Hell's Kitchen 'hood', please consider forwarding this to them....The West Side Midtown area has been ravaged enough by new building for the wealthy, the tourists and the "passer-bys'....and indeed, being a resident of Manhattan Plaza since 1977, I realize we were part of the process! But that was all for the GOOD of the revitalization of a dying neighborhood - Hell's Kitchen IS thriving and we needn't nor SHOULDN'T 'throw out the architectural "baby with the bath water"' in a new and misguided plan to shuttle people across the Hudson River and beyond!!

You can call Metro @ 212 594-4464 for info or just show up on Monday, April 18th by 6:30 pm and SHOW THAT WE ARE HERE TO SUPPORT NOT ONLY A CHURCH THAT WORKS MIRACLES BUT THE BUSINESSES THAT NEED TO REMAIN INTACT IN HELL'S KITCHEN for the Residents of Hell's Kitchen!! We need your support!!! 

THANK YOU and hope to SEE you Monday, April 18th, 6:30pm @ 410 West 40th St. We all have something to fight for.....I will be there and hope you will too!!!!

Sincerely and Gratefully, "New Activist,: Kathleen Conry - Manhattan Plaza Resident, Metro Baptist Church Member and Proud Hell's Kitchen Resident for almost 40 years!!!!! -- and, or course, the gal that brought us all together in 2006!


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