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Dear Friends and Fans:

We have upcoming screenings of The Girls in the Band in several cities.  Let's take it chronologically:

Southern California - If you live near the Pasadena area, there is a FREE SCREENING this Thursday, September 19, at the Crowell Public Library in the City of San Marino.  Director Judy Chaikin will be present for a Q&A following the film, along with special guest Dr. Thom David Mason, founder of the Jazz Studies Department at the Thornton School of Music at USC.

Nova Scotia, Canada - The Lunenburg Doc Fest commences its first annual documentary festival this weekend, and The Girls in the Band has been selected as their closing night event on Sunday, September 21!  We are honored to be part of their inaugural year, and wish them success for many years to come.
London, England - We make our official debut in the United Kingdom with this screening at the Tricycle Theatre, sponsored by The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance.  You'll need to bring your own bangers and mash when it happens on Wednesday, October 1.

Pittsfield, Massachusetts - If you live in the Albany, NY area, it's less than an hour drive to get to Pittsfield, Massachusetts to see the screening at the Little Cinema inside the Berkshire Museum on Sunday, October 19.  Jazz fans may want to be there that weekend anyway...it's being shown in conjunction with the Pittsfield City Jazz Festival.

Las Vegas, Nevada - Planning on being in Las Vegas in early November?  Then consider buying a guest ticket and joining the Cinema Society of Las Vegas to a screening in nearby Henderson on Monday, November 3.  This is at the Galaxy Green Valley Luxury+ Theatre, and these people were not kidding around when they added that plus sign after their claim to luxury.  We are talking major comfort here: plush reclining seats, footrests, the whole shebang.  And, as an added bonus, this screening will be in DCP, which translates to "highest quality state of the art digital projection."

Madison, Wisconsin - There may be no better way to commemorate the 73rd anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor than by hightailing it to Stoughton, Wisconsin (near Madison) for a screening at the Stoughton Opera House on Sunday, December 7.  This one is sponsored by the Madison Jazz Society, and the film will be followed by a live performance by Ladies Must Swing, the finest all-female big band from Madison, Wisconsin!


You may have already received an email last week about this, but for anyone who didn't, we want to make sure you know that the director of The Girls in the Band, Judy Chaikin, has just had her 1988 Emmy-nominated and award-winning documentary Legacy of the Hollywood Blacklist released on DVD!  It's also available to purchase for streaming if you want to do without that pesky DVD box.  Go to this link for more information, and make sure you check out the rest of the One Step Productions website while you're there:

Lastly, regular readers of this newsletter already know about this, but don't forget that we are currently selling the Educational Version of The Girls in the Band to Colleges, Universities, High Schools, and Libraries.  It's chock full of fantastic extras, but instead of rehashing it here, this link will tell you everything you need to know and where to go to order it.  But please let any teachers, students, or librarians in your life know about it!

Thanks, as always, for your enduring love and support!


Judy, Mike, Nancy, Edward, Erin, John, and the still-very-much-new girl Vanessa 

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