Theatre & Film/Video Funding Newsletters July 2014

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The Theatre and Film/Video 
Funding Newsletters
July, 2014

The Women in the Arts & Media Coalition 

is now producing both the Theatre and Film/Video Funding Newsletters with the League of Professional Theatre Women and WomenArts. Look for some changes over the next few months as we add new and different kinds of submission opportunities for writers, directors, and more. We are pleased to bring you these valuable newsletters that get funding and submission opportunities out to artists. 

You can view both the Film/Video Funding Newsletter and the Theatre Funding Newsletter for July 2014 online by clicking on the links below.

A few special opportunities:

Red text indicates women-only opportunities.

365 Women a Year: A Playwriting Project (Facebook Group Project) - Visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/429235263876823/ or search "365 Women a Year" on Facebook to request to join this writer's group. They are seeking female identifying playwrights who want to join in their quest to write one acts about 365 women in history. A consolidated list of the historical women to choose from are listed at the top of page thread, and may be claimed by commenting on the post. Guidelines for submission can be found under the "files" tab on the group page. For questions, join the group and post a query.Deadline has been posted but historical figures are already being claimed, so join now if you want in on the fun! Deadline December 31, 2014
UCLA Student Searching for Plays - Searching for a short 5-20 page play or screenplay to adapt and produce into short films this Summer, in preparation for a senior thesis for a UCLA student. Ideally she is looking for scripts that can be shot in the Los Angeles area and on a smaller budget. No immediate compensation will be made for the script, however if your script is selected, there will be coordination for such if the movie makes money down the line.  You will receive an IMDB credit as the original writer/creator, and an individual slide on the final film credit reel, as well as a copy of the film.  If you are interested, please send samples of 3-4 pages as well as a full synopsis to Nerris121@yahoo.com.
Plum Alley- Curated crowd-funding platform focused specifically on supporting women entrepreneurs, women in the arts and media, and organizations that benefit women and girls. Their website provides resource material on creating a successful project, the benefits of crowd-funding and how it works on their platform. They have also teamed up with Flexcel Networks, a female-founded third party company that specializes in flexible assignments for vetted professionals: if you choose, they can connect you with professionals ready to aid your project in the field of video, communications, marketing/PR, and project management. They follow the 'all-or-nothing' project model, project creators will only receive funds they've raised if the funding goal has been met within the dictated timeframe. A total 7.9% fee applies for Plum Alley and credit card services; the project creator will see 92.1% of total funds raised. Visit https://plumalley.co/en/projects.

Ongoing additional Funding Resources
on the WomenArts website.

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The Women in the Arts & Media Coalition is a coalition of member organizations; if you are a member of one of our member organizations, you are a member of the Coalition!  The purpose of the Coalition is to focus the power of our member organizations together and to use that combined strength to address issues of concern to women in theatre, film, tv, radio, and new media.  We are committed to being the link between our member organizations as we collaborate to impact the various topics that affect women in our industry through advocacy, networking, and events. 

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