An Invitation from WGAE (March 11): Branching Out: A Talk With Jeff Baron

An Invitation from the Writers Guild of America East
The Writers Guild of America, East  invites you and a guest to attend:
Branching Out - Screenwriters Writing Plays and Novels
A talk with Jeff Baron

DATE: March 11, 2014
TIME: 6:30pm EST
LOCATION: Writers Guild of America, East (250 Hudson Street)


If you've ever thought about branching out from screenwriting, Jeff Baron can tell you about his experience doing so, as a screenwriter who is also a much-produced playwright and a novelist.

His four original screenplays were all optioned by major Hollywood studios and his TV credits include "The Tracey Ullman Show," "Sisters, Almost Grown (David Chase)," "A Year in the Life" and multiple projects for Nickelodeon.

His play "Visiting Mr. Green" is one of the most produced plays in the past 15 years, with over 500 productions in 42 countries, and his plays "When I Was Five," "Mothers Day" and "Mr. & Mrs. God" have international lives as well.

His first novel "I Represent Sean Rosen" was published by HarperCollins last March, and is now in its second printing. His follow-up novel "Sean Rosen Is Not for Sale" will be published in March 2014.

Using examples from his work, Jeff will speak about the differences among the forms in terms of the role of the writer, the ownership of the project, the craft, the collaborative process, the contract and ownership of one's work, how to get your work seen, and how and how much writers are paid. He'll talk about the effect on writers of recent changes in the businesses of publishing, theatre, television and film.


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