Project Funding Series: Nuts & Bolts of the Digital Toolbox - Content Creators Expand the Budget Horizon

Date of Event: June 20, 2011, 6:30 PM
Location of Event: Tribeca Screening Room 375 Greenwich Street New York, New York
Description of Event: Consider the producer's paradox - while budgets shrink and fundraising becomes more challenging, access to affordable technology and a variety of digital platforms continues to grow. Old rules are being broken as new paradigms emerge.
In a unique rapid-fire presentation, a panel of experts reveal innovative methods to get your project off the ground. Whether it's through crowd-source funding, collaborative media, product placement, or other tactics designed to enhance a production, the Digital Toolbox will expand your budget horizon. With Carole Tomko, GM MyDiscovery and Jocelyn Shearer, Vice President, Footage Sales, DiscoveryAccess.
Additional scheduled panelists: IndieGogo, presented by Erica Labovitz; PlaceVine, presented by Chase Norlin.
Registration Fee: $30 members $45 non-members
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