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Networking Is Women's Work

Sometimes blatant self-interest is a good thing; so say members of The New York Coalition of Professional Women in the Arts and Media, which will sponsor the Fourth Blatant Self-Interest Networking Event on Wed., April 12. The event will provide participants with opportunities to meet and share experiences and career goals with members of related organizations.
The special guest for the event, which will begin at 6 pm at The Players, 16 Gramercy Park South, will be Barbara Feldon. The actress, who is best known to TV viewers as Agent 99 in the sitcom "Get Smart," has also appeared in "Past Tense" at Circle in the Square and in "Cut the Ribbons" Off-Broadway. Linda Presgrave will provide jazz piano accompaniment for the evening; she is a board member of The International Women in Jazz and has performed with ballet ensembles, national touring productions, and leading jazz venues and festivals.
The New York Coalition of Professional Women in the Arts and Media is an umbrella group organized in 1990 to work for the advancement of women in all performing arts and media industries, from playwrights to directors, from musicians to actors, and more.
Advance tickets to the Blatant Self-Interest Networking Event are priced at $15; tickets will be available at the door at $20 each, but only for guests with advance reservations.
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