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Fade to Black 

Building on the growing success and popularity of our previous years, Shabach Enterprise presents its 12th season of the Fade To Black Play Festival, Houston's only short play festival celebrating the new works of African American playwrights.

o Deadline: February 15 

o Application Fee: None 

o Eligibility: Length: Playwright must be the sole author of the submitted work.

  • Playwright must publicly and openly identify themselves as African-American, Black, or of the African diaspora.

  • Monologue must run no longer than 3 minutes long on stage, but no shorter than 1 minute. 

  • Monologue should accommodate a "bare-stage" set requiring only a minimum of removable stage props and require basic lighting and sound cues.

  • Monologue must not be a musical.

  • Monologue must not be written for children or youth.

  • Monologue must not be a film. Screenplays/Scripts written for television or cinema will not be accepted.

  • Author must be at least 18 years of age.

  •  Monologue must be submitted in a PDF format.

o Contact: fade2blackfest@gmail.com

o Categories: Monologues 

o Submission Information 

Loft Ensemble 

Loft Ensemble is looking for full length plays with casts of at least four actors; with run times over 80 minutes and less than 2 hours

o Deadline: February 15 

o Application Fee: None 

o Eligibility: Length: We are looking for stories that need to be told by the voices that need to tell them. We are interested in full length plays that are rich in theatrical imagination and exploration of the human condition. You can see previous productions here. 

  • We are a membership company. We produce work that stretches and grows our artists by giving them a place to explore freely with a strong, supportive community. You can see who we are HERE

  • We consider full length plays with run times over 60 minutes and less than 2 hours. 

  • We consider plays with a cast of at least four actors

  • We are particularly excited about large ensemble plays.

  • We tend toward dark and strange but we also produce silly hearts and a lot in between. 

  • We like movement and fight plays.

o Contact: submissions@loftensemble.org 

o Categories: New Works

o Submission Information 

RiffRaff NYC 

RiffRaff NYC is thrilled to announce our second showcase, scheduled for March 8th, 9th, and 10th, at the Court Square Theatre in Long Island City. For this showcase, we invite playwrights to submit short plays exploring the theme of "Immigrants in New York." This is an opportunity to delve into the rich tapestry of immigrant experiences, celebrate diverse voices, and contribute to a compelling night of theatre.

o Deadline: January 20 

o Application Fee: None 

o Eligibility: Length: 15 minutes minimum, 20 minutes maximum

  • Characters: Maximum of four

  • Inclusion: If selected, at least one of the actors you cast must identify as an immigrant in America.
    Language: English must be the main language, but other languages can be incorporated

  • Set Design: Keep it simple
    Responsibilities: If selected, playwrights are responsible for casting, finding a director, bringing props, and any additional production elements
    Marketing: While we handle overall marketing efforts, selected playwrights/groups are encouraged to actively promote their pieces alongside us

  • Financial Contribution: A $200 fee is required upon selection to secure your spot in the showcase

o Contact: Please submit your short plays by 01/20/2024, including a brief synopsis and a character breakdown. Submissions should be sent to riffraff.nyc@gmail.com

o Categories: New Works, Short Plays 

o Submission Information 

2024 Latinx New Play Festival

The Latinx New Play Festival and La Jolla Playhouse are excited to open submissions to the 2024 Latinx New Play Festival, a weekend of new play readings by Latinx playwrights to be held in person at the La Jolla Playhouse. The festival will showcase four new Latinx plays by Latinx playwrights. The 2024 Latinx New Play Festival seeks to expand the presence of Latinx stories and artists on the American stage that spotlight the broad range of today's Latinx experience. The festival will invite artistic directors, literary managers, and producers to attend a hybrid in-person and online weekend of readings showcasing the work of Latinx actors, directors, and designers. Past selections include work by Diana Burbano, Francisco Mendoza, C. Quintana, and Benjamin Benne.Four scripts will be selected to be rehearsed and workshopped in person in La Jolla California October 2024, resulting in a live public reading at the festival weekend October 4-6, 2024. Combined rehearsal and performance will not exceed 29 hours. Each selected script will be assigned a Latinx or BIPOC director, dramaturg, stage manager, and actors (unless otherwise indicated by the script).

o Deadline: February 15 

o Application Fee: None 

o Eligibility: Festival submissions are open to self-identifying Latinx/e playwrights living in the United States. We welcome scripts in English and Spanish.Plays must be unpublished, professionally unproduced, and not currently under option at the time of submission. University productions, workshop productions, readings, or other non-professional workshops/productions will not disqualify a script. At this time, only full length, non-musicals, with cast size of 6 or less will be considered. Plays with music will be considered as resources allow (cast-size less than 6 and under, piano only). Solo pieces will also be considered. Submissions are limited to one script per playwright.

o Contact: Maria Patrice Amon at: LatinxNewPlayFestival@gmail.com

o Categories: New Works, Musicals

o Submission Information 

Judith Royer Excellence in Playwriting Award 2024

The Judith Royer Excellence in Playwriting Award honors a new play marked by sophisticated and nuanced storytelling, with the potential to make a major artistic impact on contemporary theatre. This year's winner will be invited to the annual meeting of the Association for Theatre in Higher Education for a reading and/or showcase of the award-winning play. Plays must be entered by February 15, 2024. Only the first 200 scripts will be accepted.

In 2017, the playwriting award was newly named the Judith Royer Award for Excellence in Playwriting, in honor of the many years of service she has given to ATHE, the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival, and especially to the development of new plays throughout the nation. This award is co-sponsored by KCACTF. Only full-length plays will be considered. A playwright may only enter one play in any given year. The plays can be produced or unproduced but must be unpublished. Plays must have been written by playwrights engaged with an institution of higher education (K-12 educators will not be accepted) as a student, graduate student, faculty member, or adjunct instructor within the past two academic years (2021-22, 2022-23, or 2023-24). The Royer sets no restrictions on subject matter, style, or intended audience. Past winning plays have spanned a diversity of topics and represented varied perspectives on race, culture, language, disability, gender, nationality, and political worldview. Authors need not be ATHE members. The winner will receive up to $500 in travel reimbursement for attending the awards ceremony and conference play reading, complimentary conference registration, and two complimentary nights in the conference hotel. The playwright will also be recognized at the National Festival at the Kennedy Center, for which they will receive membership in the Dramatists Guild, a cash award of $500, travel, hotel and a meal allowance.

o When/Where: Santa Cruz, CA 

o Deadline: February 15 

o Application Fee: None 

o Eligibility: Please read the submission policy below carefully. Incorrect or incomplete submissions cannot be considered.

  • A blind copy of your script, submitted as a PDF. To ensure the blind reading process, your name must not appear anywhere in the script document—not on the cover page, not in the headers or footers. The script document should also contain a brief synopsis of the play, a rough casting breakdown [Example 3M, 4W], and a brief description of the characters.

  • Pertinent production notes (optional).

  • Musicals will not be considered.

  • Your play must not include material that you do not have permission to use.

  • Your play must not be previously published.

  • Previous production of your script is allowed.

  • Do not submit a play that is incomplete or a rough draft.

  • Plays may be submitted to other award programs simultaneously.

o Categories: New Works, Drama, Theatre 

o Submission Information 

Constellation Stage & Screen

The Woodward/Newman Award is an exclusive honor offered by Constellation Stage & Screen, started through the support of Joanne Woodward, Newman's Own Foundation, and the Newman family, celebrating Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward's tremendous history of work on stage and screen. It presents the best unpublished play of the year with a cash prize of $3,000 and a full production as part of Constellation's Mainstage season. Please note that there are significant changes to our submission and selection process from previous years. In order to make the Woodward/Newman Award accessible to all, we have eliminated submission fees as well as the contest format. The Woodward/Newman Award will continue to be awarded to an unpublished new play once per year and come with a $3,000 cash prize and a full production. Submissions will be accepted and reviewed by our literary team on an ongoing basis, and will be considered for the award as well as for all 8 production slots in our season. So a play that is not selected for the Woodward/Newman slot in our season, may still be considered and selected for production. This will allow us to now accept open submissions for all types of plays (including TYA shows). Plays submitted prior to September 1 will be considered for the 2023-24 season, while plays submitted beyond that date will be considered for the 2024-25 Season. All submissions will be kept on file for 2 years after submission.

o When/Where: Bloomington, IN 

o Deadline: September 1

o Application Fee: $10 Administrative Fee 

o Eligibility: We are currently accepting submissions for the 2024-25 Woodward/Newman Award. The award recipient and finalists will be announced by May 15, 2024. The winner will be awarded $3,000 and a full production (including housing/transportation).

  • "Full-length" plays should have a complete running time of between 1 hour 15 minutes (75 minutes) to 2 hours 15 minutes (135 minutes). TYA shows should have a complete running time of over 40 minutes.

  • Plays submitted must be unpublished at the time of submission (independently published is acceptable).

  • Each play should be individually submitted at the following link: CONSTELLATION STAGE & SCREEN PLAY SUBMISSION.

  • You will be asked to submit your play as an attachment and all other information (bio, history, synopsis, character breakdown) will be entered into a form. Musical submissions may upload demos as an attachment or include a link to a shared folder.

  • Limit of 2 play submissions per year.

  • If you have any questions, please email literary@seeconstellation.org.

o Categories: New Works, Drama, Theatre 

o Address: 411 E 7th ST Bloomington, IN 47408

o Contact: literary@seeconstellation.org

o Submission Information 

Fresh Fruit Festival: RadioPlays 2023-2024

Short subjects: Extended LGBT-themed scene or 1-Act. 3 to 5 characters. 12 to 25 minutes runtime. Must be complete and stand alone as a finished work. Very short dialogue bits: 2 characters. 2 to 10 minutes runtime. (Okay. A 3rd character bit-part or VO if it's really needed). Think of these as blackout skits, short dialogue bits, etc. Must feature some aspect of LGBT life. Thanks to the New York City Cultural Affairs Dept., there are No Submission Fees, and ALL Finalists will receive a minimum $175 to $250 author/producer award, and may apply for cash assistance for a Sound technician. 

o Deadline: January 31

o Application Fee: No Fee 

o Eligibility: Please submit as finished a script as you can muster; we understand it may be a work in progress, and revisions are expected, within the time limits. If you are sending a rough draft or stage work, you must finish a few pages fully – as a radio script – with detailed Sound Notes and voice "blocking" (people usually listen with stereo headphones) so our readers can see your attention to detail.

o Categories: Radio Script 

o Submission Information 

Glass Ceiling Breakers 

Theatre Revolution is proud to announce submissions are open for Glass Ceiling Breakers: 2024 A Festival of Short Plays and Films by Women Artists! GCB 2024 is scheduled for June 14, 15 and 16, 2024 at the Philipstown Depot Theatre in Garrison NY.

o Deadline: January 24 

o Application Fee: No Fee 

o Eligibility: Plays must be written by female or female identifying playwrights.

  • Plays should be no more than 12 pages (excluding the title page) in standard play format. Type size (12) with 1" margins. (longer plays will not be read)

  • Save File as follows in PDF only: LAST NAME_TITLE OF PLAY_GCB24

  • Please only submit plays that have not been produced in Westchester or Putnam Counties NY from June 2023 to June 2024. Readings are ok.

  • All plays must be received by 11:59 pm on January 24, 2024.

  • Playwrights may submit up to 2 plays.

  • Monologues are accepted but we prefer plays. Monologues should not be more than 3 pages.

  • BIPOC playwrights are strongly encouraged to submit.

  • There will be a mandatory pre-production meeting via ZOOM for all playwrights or their representatives in March 2024. Questions? Email us. We are looking forward to reading your work!

o Categories: Plays

o Contact: theatrerevolution1@gmail.com

o Submission Information 

Equity Library Theater of New York Winter 2024 Virtual Play Festival, seeking short plays

Submissions are being accepted for the Equity Library Theater of New York Winter 2024 Virtual Play Festival. Seeking short plays (no more than 20 pp/minutes), from playwrights from around the globe. Also seeking monologues (no more than 5pp/minutes). Musicals welcome! We post your YouTube link of the performance to the festival site for voting. One submission per playwright. No submission fees. Please include name, address, telephone number and email address on your submission. We do not produce your work; we provide a venue for you to present actors performing your play. There are no costs involved for anyone. Seeking actors and directors, too!

o Deadline: May 1  

o Application Fee: No Fee 

o Categories: Plays

o Contact: equitylibrarytheater@gmail.com

o Submission Information 

Kingdom Theatre: Writers for Black History and Women's History Month celebrations February and March 2024 

Seeking playwrights diverse works regardless of gender, race, culture or orientation for our history celebration events convening February and March of 2024.  Seeking full lengths, shorts and 1 act.  The plays for Black History month and Women's History month does not have to be about those months. Selected plays will be featured throughout our Special events throughout both months. Selected plays will be showcased with 1 full production. 

o Deadline: None Given 

o Application Fee: If Selected, there is a $100 fee. No fee to submit. Submit at, actressclassy@gmail.com

o Eligibility: We provide the following,

1.Creative Staff 

2. Cast 

3.Venue for cold readings, rehearsals and performances. 

4. Press and industry professionals to see your work 

o Categories: Plays, One-Acts 

o Contact: actressclassy@gmail.com 

o Submission Information 

New York Theater Festival Fall/Winter Fest 

WELCOME TO THE BIGGEST AND MOST PRESTIGIOUS PLAYWRIGHT/MUSICAL We strongly believe that self producing a play or a musical can offer a very important tool for the growth of every playwright's work. Once a playwright sees their work onstage, it provides an opportunity for the playwright to improve or modify their story. It's also a great opportunity to invite people from the industry to see your production. People are more likely to go see a show than to read an unsolicited script, as some industry people receive on average thousands of submissions per month, and they understand that the journey for a show to be successful often goes through several productions. Our team is completely dedicated to help get your work seen. We are always with you to help, from the first moment of your tech rehearsal to the closing of your last show. You will never be left alone during the process. We will help you to choose some of the 85 set/furniture props we offer to dress your stage for your run, and give you a complete crash course on how to use the audio/light/video system, which are intentionally very user friendly.After we show you how to use the tools we provide and how to utilize the space, you will be able to rehearse your tech rehearsal with whatever plan works best for you and your production. A team member will be present to provide prime responses to every inquiry, as well as a telephone # you can call anytime during relevant hours throughout the run of your show. In 11 years and 19 seasons we have successfully hosted 1,200 plays and 300 musicals and rewarded with cash prizes over 300 artists who participated in our Festival. Yours could be the next production onstage!

o When/Where: New York, NY 

o Deadline: TBD 

o Application Fee: No Fee 

o Eligibility: All genres/submissions accepted from playwright that live no further than 30 miles from Manhattan and provided they are between 5 and 90 minutes long. Productions must run with a complete cast and crew from NYC or 30 miles radios. Equity productions are welcome to participate. PLAYS AND MUSICALS SUBMITTED MUST BE UNPRODUCED, OR PRODUCED BEFORE 2017, IN WHICH CASE CAN ONLY PARTICIPATE WITH A COMPLETELY NEW CAST AND CREW

o Categories: Full-Length Plays, Musicals 

o Submission Information 

Stay True Theatre Company

Stay True Theatre Company is a small theatre company based in New York City, founded in Summer 2019 in honor of World Pride by Andrew Victor Myers and Morgan Bartholick, following a one-off production benefitting Gay Men's Health Crisis. In 2020, Anne Karyna Bakan joined the administrative staff as the company's new Associate Artistic Director. Together, Andrew and Anne strive to produce and support work that embodies the vast medley of identities and groups that comprise the entire LGBTQIA+ community. At Stay True Theatre Company, we pride ourselves on creating, producing, and performing pieces of theatre by, for, and with the LGBTQIA+ community. We believe in staying true to who we are, and expressing identity through the arts opens the doors to understanding, acceptance and community.     

o When/Where: New York City

o Deadline: Rolling

o Application Fee: Free

o Eligibility: We are always accepting submissions for new work written by LGBTQIA+ playwrights. Send a PDF of your play, musical, devised manual or other written work. 

o Categories: New Works, theatre, imusica, comedy

o Contact: staytruetheatrecompany@gmail.como Submission Information 

Freshwater Theatre 

Freshwater Theatre prides itself on constantly working with new artists, expanding our family. We're always on the lookout for new scripts and new technical artists to work with.

o Deadline: Ongoing

o Application Fee: Free

o Eligibility: While we certainly are interested in world premieres of new plays, we also are very interested in second and third productions of new works, as we believe this to be the key to finding the works that will propel theater into the future.
We will only respond to playwright submissions for plays that come into serious consideration for future production. We cannot give any specific time frame on if/when a response will be given.

o Categories: New Plays 

o Contact: info@freshwatertheatre.com

o Submission Information 


Water's Rising Festival of New Climate Action Plays

Gloucester Stage is seeking full-length plays with themes concerning climate change. Although coastal climate change is at the top of mind here, we are open to all plays tackling any theme of climate action.Unproduced plays will take priority, but fully-produced work can also be submitted. 3 plays from the submitted pool will be selected by the Literary Team for the weekend of performances. Once selected, we will find a local director who shares a similar interest and aesthetic for the piece. Casting will be decided amongst the director, playwright, and GSC's Artistic Director.

o Where: Gloucester, MA 

o Deadline: February 12

o Application Fee: No Fee 

o Eligibility: Submissions are due Monday, February 12, 2024. You will be notified by Friday, March 2 as to whether or not your play has been chosen for a reading. The readings will take place between Thursday, April 25 – Sunday, April 28, 2024. We would love to have the playwrights participate in the festival weekend, either virtually or in-person, so please note your availability when applying. Gloucester Stage is committed to upholding the work of local authors and stories from under-represented communities. Learn more about our action steps on Equity Diversity and Inclusion.

o Categories: Full-Length Plays 

o Submission Information 

RadioPlays Festival 2023-2024

Application period is August 1 2023 - April 30, 2024 (Productions will air continuously) Works must feature some aspect of LGBT liThis 2023-2024 season the All Out Arts "RadioPLAY" Program has 2 Divisions: SHORTs! Short subjects: Extended LGBT-themed scene or 1-Act. 3 to 5 characters. 12 to 25 minutes runtime. Must be complete and stand alone as a finished work. SHOTS! Very short dialogue bits: 2 characters. 2 to 10 minutes runtime. (Okay. A 3rd character bit-part or VO if it's really needed). Think of these as blackout skits, short dialogue bits, etc. Must feature some aspect of LGBT life.

o Deadline: April 30

o Application Fee: No Fee 

o Eligibility: Please complete all fields on the following pages, attaching requested information or providing the appropriate links. Note this application should be finished in one sitting. Once completed in its entirety, please click "Submit" at the end, to officially submit to this Festival program.

  • APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS: Please complete the application fully. Incomplete applications can not be considered. (Script revisions are expected, but staying within length limits). 

  • Submit any required work samples for your work: Text attachments must be in .RTF, .PDF, or .DOC file formats. Supporting files: Do not upload video or audio files; give Links to them only. Video/Audio links may be on Vimeo, YouTube, Dropbox, or other services. Please make sure you give us a full link and any password required to audit them.

  • Submissions: Please attach a complete, current or draft version of the text. SHORTS (of 10-30 min. long) and SHOTS! (4 to 12 min) will both be considered for this season's program. Complete rules on the website.

  • If this work is NOT yet a radio-script: you will be asked to also submit a 2-page excerpt in Radio-Script format, with detailed ambient, blocking, and sound design notes.

o Categories: Radio Plays, Shorts 

o Submission Information 

The Leah 2023 

All women, trans, and non-binary playwrights who consider themselves emerging (as distinct from fledgling or mid-career playwrights) are eligible to apply for The Leah. Playwrights from all over the world are encouraged to apply, but the play must be written in English. Eligibility does not require that a submitted work adhere to the traditional three-act structure. One-acts, two-acts (even four-, five-, six- acts), monologues, adaptations, and any other wild (or deceptively tame) format will be considered with equal seriousness. The only absolute requirement is that the submitted text be a completed full-length work for theater. (We are not able to accept musical submissions at this time.)The winner will be chosen by readers selected by the board members of the Leah Ryan Fund. They will receive a cash prize of $5,000 and a public reading and summer workshop as part of the Powerhouse Theater Program at Vassar College Finalists will be contacted in mid-March and will have one week within which to submit their full 

o When/Where: Hudson Valley, NY 

o Deadline: January 8

o Application Fee: No Fee 

o Eligibility: Click on the image below. You will be redirected to the website for the Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley

  • Scroll down to the information about The Leah.

  • Click on the APPLY NOW button.

  • You will be taken to a new page where you will need to click on the CREATE NEW ACCOUNT button.Follow the steps to create and verify your account. 

  • Then you will be able to login and submit your materials.

  • Your submission is complete when you receive a confirmation email.

o Categories: Musicals, Plays 

o Submission Information 

Carlos Annoni International Playwriting Prize 

The Carlo Annoni International Playwriting Prize is now open for submission of short and full-length plays with topics concerning the LBGTQ+ community, including love, diversity and identity in a time of gender fluidity. We are willing to accept both full-length plays and short plays. We accept plays already represented. €1000 awarded to two best plays (one in English and one in Italian) and special jury mentions in multiple categories. The award ceremony will take place in September 2024 in Milan.

o When/Where: Milan, IT 

o Deadline: April 30

o Application Fee: No Fee 

o Eligibility: Send your submission to info@premiocarloannoni.eu.

o Categories: Full-Length Plays 

o Submission Information 

The Tank Presents 

Each season, our The Tank Presents program serves hundreds of emerging artists as they create over 1000 performances of new works in music, theater, film, dance, comedy, and storytelling. As part of our mission to remove the economic barriers from the creation of new work, we never charge our artists to use our space for their performances! In addition, we also provide free rehearsal space, as well as free marketing and promotion of their event. Our The Tank Presents presenting model removes the daunting cost of space rental from the equation of art making, and provides an affordable home for emerging artists to create art that pushes the boundaries of their mediums. Through this program, artists can present readings, works-in-development, short runs of full theatre productions, screenings, concerts, storytelling festivals, comedy shows, and more.

o Deadline: None Given 

o Application Fee: None 

o Eligibility:  To submit work for consideration as part of Tank programming, please email submissions@thetanknyc.org with the following information:

  • Show title

  • Discipline (theater, music, comedy, etc.)

  • Approximate running time

  • Summary of piece

  • Brief summary of artistic goals

  • Brief explanation of how the piece exists in the world (i.e. - art exhibit, soundscape, outdoor experience, digital hybrid)

  • Sample of work that will give us a sense of what it is you're trying to make and that you know how to make it

  • Bio of lead artist(s)

  • The name of the Tank show you viewed
    Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis.

o Categories: Plays 

o Contact: submissions@thetanknyc.org

o Submission Information  

Live & In Color 

Live & In Color is looking for playwrights, composers, and lyricists of color and/or other underrepresented communities interested in developing their new musical in the Fall of 2024. The selected musical submission will have a two-week workshop in the fall at The Bingham Camp in Salem, Connecticut culminating in a staged presentation to an invited audience. Writers receive a $1,000 stipend plus housing, meals, and travel. We provide support including a several month development period based on needs of the composer/writers leading up to the retreat. Live & In Color staff will continue to support the development of your peace beyond the retreat including a reading for industry and Broadway Alums.

o Deadline: March 1 

o Application Fee: None 

o Eligibility:  MUSICAL SUBMISSION GUIDELINES The musical must be performed: 

  • with 4 actors (or less)

  • All submissions should include:

  • Single page synopsis

  • Single page character breakdown

  • Demo of score (2-3 songs)

  • Sample of dialogue (~15 pages)

  • Brief production/development history (properties with prior full productions not accepted)

o Categories: Musicals 

o Submission Information  

2024 Waterworks Festival 

Launched in 2023, WATERWORKS celebrates new theatrical voices in Charlottesville and beyond! This festival of new works puts the playwright at center stage and diversifies the stories told on the Live Arts stage. WATERWORKS is sponsored by Open Hands in memory of Live Arts co-founder Michael Parent.

o Deadline: December 1 

o Application Fee: None 

o Eligibility:  By submitting work to a specific call, applicants affirm they are the sole or co-creator and that the work meets the particular criteria. In each category: 

  • We consider works of all genres. 

  • We do not accept submissions over 100 pages, excluding front matter. 

  • We encourage one-act submissions. 

  • All works must be original and unpublished. 

  • Works submitted may have been produced at a school-based presentation and/or unstaged, non-professional readings.

  • For writers and writing teams 16 to 25 years old

      Please complete this form by 11:59 pm on December 1, 2023. Selected Emerging Artists works will receive notification of status in February 2024.

  • For writers and writing teams over 50 years old.

      Please complete this form by 11:59 pm on December 1, 2023. Selected Debut Artists works will receive notification of status in February 2024.

  • No age restrictions for writers or writing teams.

      Please complete this form by 11:59 pm on December 1, 2023. Selected Unstaged Works will receive notification of status in February 2024.

o Categories: Plays

o Submission Information  

NY Theatre Festival Spring/Summer 2024 

This is a unique opportunity to invite people from the industry to see your production! People are more likely to go see a show than to read an unsolicited script - some industry people receive on average thousands of submissions per month. They understand that the journey for a show to be successful often goes through several productions and this is your chance to show that you can start that process!  Our dedicated team is here to help you get your work out. We are with you from the moment you begin tech rehearsals, all the way through to your closing performance. You will never be left alone during the process. We will help you choose from the 85 set/furniture pieces we offer to dress your stage for your run, and we will give you a complete crash course on how to use the audio/light/video system in just 3 minutes, which are intentionally designed to be very user friendly. 

After we show you how to use the tools we provide and how to best utilize the space, The Festival's team will provide prime responses to every inquiry, as well as a telephone # you can call anytime during relevant hours throughout the run of your show. In 12 years and 22 seasons we have successfully hosted 1,400 plays and 300 musicals, as well as rewarding over 300 participating artists cash prizes.

o Deadline: TBD 

o Application Fee: None 

o Eligibility:  Submissions Accepted from a 30-mile radius outside of Manhattan and only run if the entire cast and crew are from New York City. Plays are considered on a first-come, first-serve basis. The earlier you submit, the better your chances are of having your script invited to the festival.  Each applicant is fully responsible for all elements of their production, including directing, casting, stage-managing.  We know exactly what you need to make your show a success and we welcome you into our community of playwrights and theater innovators!

o Categories: Plays, Musicals 

o Submission Information  

Diversionary: Seeking new, full-length LGBTQIA+ works

Diversionary is always seeking new, full-length LGBTQIA+ works for consideration. Please follow the guidelines below if you would like to submit your work. Because of the volume of submissions, those that do not follow the guidelines will not be considered.                             

o Deadline: None 

o Application Fee: None

o Eligibility: Please send all of the above items as a single document in pdf format to frankie@diversionary.org. For music, please send the items in mp3 format or include a link to be accessed. No physical submissions sent to the theatre will be considered.

  • a one-page synopsis, character breakdown, and playwright bio

  • a development/production history of the submitted work (including date written and any readings, workshops, and full stagings)

  • a ten-page sample of the work

  • three audio recordings of music, twelve minutes total, if it's a musical

o Categories: Full Length Plays, Musicals 

o Contact:  frankie@diversionary.org

o Submission Information 

Murmuration Theatre 

Murmuration Theatre Company is seeking plays that have a cast size between 2-11 for our 2023 & 2024 seasons Accepting work for consideration in the following categories: New Voices Showcase: Curated selection of 4-10 new plays (scripts 2 - 40 pages); fully staged and directed by our creative team. Mainstage Show: a one act or full length play (scripts 35 - 120 pages); fully staged and directed by our creative team. In development: Actor's Lab Performance Series: a monthly selection of scenes or short plays (any length), performed at workshop or staged reading level.Playwrights selected for our mainstage production will receive $30 per performance of their one-act or full length play; playwrights selected for our New Voices Showcase will receive $10 per performance of their short or one-act.

o When/Where: Brooklyn, New York 

o Deadline: None 

o Application Fee: None 

o Eligibility: Please submit PDF copies of scripts via the google form below, and feel free to reach out to murmurationtheatreco@gmail.com with any questions or concerns. Multiple submissions are allowed. Preference will be given to playwrights who are able to attend at least one performance of their work in the NYC area.

  • We will be accepting submissions on a rolling basis, and hope to be in touch with responses within 30 days of submission. Please feel free to reach out after that point if you have not received word from our team.

  • Solo Shows, Theatre for Young Audiences and Musicals will not be considered.

  • New writers as well as writers with voices that have historically been underrepresented in the theater industry (gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, ability status, etc.) are encouraged to apply.

o Categories: Full-Length Plays, One-Acts

o Contact:  murmurationtheatreco@gmail.com 

o Submission Information 

Manhattan Repertory Theatre Play Production Program 

Self-Produce a production of your best play in New York City as live theatre comes back to life in this New Renaissance of Theatre. We will do all the work, from hiring a production team and staff, to casting, directing, building costumes, set design, lighting design, payroll and more. From 3 performances to 20 performances for one simple Production Fee. Pre-Pandemic, 2017 - 2019, we produced 60 plays in Midtown Manhattan for playwrights all over the world. Production time frames available: Late Autumn 2021, Winter/Spring 2022.Currently, as we move back into production in New York City, we are only accepting Full-Length plays and Musicals - 60 to 150 minutes. Production fees range from $12,000 to $50,000 depending on the "size" of your production, scenic elements, and the number of performances.                             

o Deadline: TBD

o Application Fee: None

o Eligibility: If you are serious about self-producing your play in New York City, please forward us: An email cover letter with information about you and your work. your play attached as a .pdf, an attached Synopsis of your play, with the approximate running time, and your set, lighting and costume requirements.

o Categories: Full Length Plays, New Plays

o Contact: manhattanrep@yahoo.com

o Submission Information 

The Rep New Works Festival

Currently, we accept full-length play submissions for season consideration and our upcoming New Works Festival.

o Deadline: Ongoing 

o Application Fee: Free

o Eligibility: Please email plays to the Artistic team with the subject line: "Submission: TITLE OF PLAY."

In the body of the email, please include:

• A brief synopsis of the play

• The development history of the play

• A brief, personal bio

Submissions made under these guidelines may be sent to The Rep by email.

o Categories: (musical, play, one-act, 10-minute, etc.)

o Address: 130 Edgar Road St. Louis, Missouri 63119

o Contact: 314-968-7340 PLAYSUBMISSION@REPSTL.ORG 

o Submission Information 

Shubert Fendrich Memorial Playwriting Contest 

To encourage the development of quality theatrical materials for the educational, community and children's theatre markets, Pioneer Drama Service is proud to sponsor the annual Shubert Fendrich Memorial Playwriting Contest.

This is an ongoing contest, with a winner selected by June 1 each year from all eligible submissions received the previous year.  All eligible plays accepted for publication will be considered contest finalists, from which the winner will be selected.  The contest winner will receive a $1,000 royalty advance in addition to publication.

o Deadline: Ongoing

o Application Fee: None

o Eligibility: You can start the submission process by contacting us here.

  • We will only consider manuscripts with a running time between 20 and 90 minutes.

  • Submissions must be family friendly in both subject and language. NO cursing. NO explicitly adult content.

  • We prefer casts that are either balanced or favoring females. The more gender neutral roles, the better.

  • We favor plays and musicals with ensemble casts, where more than just a few have a chance to shine.

  • Plays with elaborate set, costume or technical requirements are not appealing because of the limited resources of many of our customers. Pictures, sketches or descriptions of your vision are always helpful.

  • We recommend your submissions have had at least one production or reading, hopefully staged. We feel this fundamental field test is necessary before a play can be considered for publication since plays are created for the purpose of performance.

  • Manuscripts must be computer-printed in dark ink. We do not require specific formatting. However, your efforts to ensure your script is free of misspellings and typos will help the submissions editor.

  • We hope that Pioneer Drama is your first choice as a publisher, and we encourage you to submit to us exclusively. However, we do accept simultaneous submissions with the understanding that you will accept the first contract you're offered and not use the situation to seek multiple offers from which to choose. If you receive another offer, please notify us immediately so we may rescind your submission.

  • The following information must accompany your submission or query:

  • 100-200 word synopsis.

  • Cast list that indicates the number of female roles, the number of male roles and the number of roles that can be performed by either gender. We do not accept one-person shows.

  • Running time.

  • CD and/or score for musicals. We appreciate the opportunity to hear the music, if possible.

  • Set design(s). Please feel free to provide diagrams and/or pictures.

  • Proof of production or staged reading (i.e., review, program, etc.) A DVD of your performance is ideal, though not required.

  • Age of intended audience.

  • A self-addressed envelope of sufficient size with appropriate postage for the return of your materials. We will NOT return manuscripts or accompanying material if this is not included.

  • Cover letter and/or resume.

o Categories: family friendly

o Address: Pioneer Drama Service, Inc. Attn: Submissions Editor PO Box 4267

Englewood, CO 80155-4267

o Contact: https://www.pioneerdrama.com/ContactUs.asp?ID=6

o Submission Information 

Urban Stages Emerging Playwright Award 

Our $500 Emerging Playwright Award (coupled with press coverage) is given to playwrights who show excellence and dedication throughout this process – from development to the stage. Out of hundreds of submissions a year, we select 15-20 plays for readings. From these, we select 1-3 plays annually to go on to our workshopping phase. Our workshops are meant to prepare a play for our Off-Broadway stage. From our workshops, we select 1-2 plays for full productions, complete with a playwright's contract and compensation (separate from the award).                                      

o Deadline: Ongoing

o Application Fee: None

o Eligibility: Plays may have been developed or produced elsewhere, but never produced in New York City. Plays from overseas and throughout the US are accepted and considered, but special attention will be given to playwrights who live in or near New York

o Categories: Full Length Plays, New Plays

o Contact: 212.421.1380

o Submission Information 

ONSTAGE Audition 


Gallery Players in Park Slope is seeking performers for its upcoming non-equity production of Fences, by August Wilson The show performs March 9 through March 24 .Rehearsals start Saturday, Feb. 3 and will generally be in the evenings during the week and during the day on weekends

Auditions will be held in person at Gallery Players, 199 14th Street, in Park Slope, Brooklyn, on Saturday, January 13th from 12 PM to 6 PM and on Sunday, January 14th from 12 PM to 6 PM. Sign up will begin 30 minutes prior to the start of auditions. Call backs will be on Sunday, January 21, times TBD

o Preparation: Please prepare a contemporary dramatic and comedic monologue (not to exceed two minutes each), and prepare a blues or gospel song from the 1950's. You will be singing acapella. Please bring a headshot and resume. 

o Pay: $100 actor stipend for the project. This is a Non-Equity production.

o Audition Information 

For more Onstage opportunities, visit Backstage.com; ActorsAccess.com; and Playbill.com.


Marketing and Communications Manager, Brick Theater 

The Brick Theater is a not-for-profit dedicated to developing and presenting the work of pioneering emerging artists and career experimenters in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We are the artistic home for work that pushes boundaries and spans the ever-evolving spectrum of performing arts, theatre, dance, video, virtual reality, and visual arts. By nurturing emerging artists, sustaining ongoing relationships with frequent collaborators, and removing financial barriers for artists to create work, we create a diverse, accessible, and inclusive artistic community for the city's most daring artists. We welcome adventurous audiences with low-cost and sliding-scale ticket prices to make performances accessible to all. Founded in 2002, The Brick has established itself as an essential experimental venue for the production of compelling, new, high-quality work. As a vital part of the New York artistic community, we present 250-300 live performances per year at our two spaces, The Brick and Brick Aux, and welcome over 10,000 audience members each year.

  • The Marketing and Communications Manager is responsible for driving awareness, interest, ticket sales, and attendance for our programing at The Brick Theater and Brick Aux. As the Marketing and Communications Manager, you will create and execute communications, public relations, and social media strategies that amplify The Brick across a variety of mediums and channels and grow physical and digital audiences.

  • The Brick is a small but mighty team that works highly collaboratively but values independent self-motivated people who are able to move a project to completion and contribute to the growth of the theater. Ideal team members are strong project managers and equal parts creative and analytical thinkers who have knowledge of The Brick and are excited to contribute to the growth of the organization in this new era.

o Compensation:  $25 Per Hour 

o Submission Information

Major Gifts Officer, The Metropolitan Opera 

The Major Gifts Officer is responsible for cultivating and soliciting a portfolio of Major Gifts donors and prospects capable of giving $25,000+ and managing benefits fulfillment and donor care for the Major Gifts team. They will solicit donors for annual support as well as for the Transforming the Met Campaign. They will develop relationships, write solicitation letters and other donor correspondence, and participate in departmental events and administrative functions as needed. They will be a strategic thinker focusing on donor retention, increased giving, and identifying new prospects. They will have an eye for detail, excellent writing skills, and a proactive attitude in seeking new fundraising opportunities for the Met.

  • Manage a personal portfolio of current Major Gifts and Patron donors for solicitation and cultivation purposes: provide excellent patron service; cultivate and solicit strategically with an emphasis on upgrades.

  • Acquire and develop prospects for annual gifts and special projects; partner with other staff members in Major Gifts, Patron and Individual Giving, and Research as needed.

  • Assist with Major Gifts benefit fulfillment and support donor care efforts such as donor events, dress rehearsals, priority ticketing, etc.

  • Manage special solicitation efforts as needed, including creating well-written materials, tracking progress, and producing detailed reports.

  • Evening and weekend hours required.

  • Utilize databases for reporting and analysis.

  • Staff and work with Board volunteers as needed.

  • Staff special events as needed.

  • Assist with Major Gifts administrative functions, such as tracking matching gifts.

  • Other tasks as assigned.

o Compensation:  $75,000 - $85,000.

o Submission Information

Associate Director of Communications, Shakespeare Theatre Company 

Shakespeare Theatre Company seeks an Associate Director of Communications to complement its Marketing and Communications department. Do you have a passion for promoting theatre? Are you personable and easy to talk to? Do you take the Oxford comma seriously? Then STC may be the place for you. The Associate Director of Communications is a key team member responsible for STC's external communications and publications. As a writer and editor, this position manages a full range of communication pieces that support a unified communications and brand strategy for STC, including production programs, website, newsletters, and a variety of STC marketing pieces. This position works with all departments at STC and ensures adherence to branding and style guidelines, as well as maintaining consistent written communications. The remaining shows in STC's 23/24 season include As You Like It, the regional premiere of The Lehman Trilogy, The Matchbox Magic Flute, and the highly anticipated, site-specific Macbeth, directed by Simon Godwin and featuring Ralph Fiennes and Indira Varma. This is a full-time position with excellent benefits and an annual salary of $65,000 - $68,000.

  • A successful candidate for this position will be well-organized and a good team player, able to adjust on the fly and work with colleagues throughout the organization. Some projects are massive and require months of lead time and coordination, while other projects are spur-of-the-moment and require smart decisions and quick actions. A Bachelor's degree in either Communications or English is preferred and at least three years of professional experience is ideal. The model candidate will have excellent and diverse writing and editing skills with a command of Chicago style and grammar rules. Experience with an arts-based non-profit organization is also preferred but not essential. Please note that this position is currently hybrid, but may move to a fully on-site position in the future.

  • Shakespeare Theatre Company is committed to building an inclusive, equitable, and anti-racist organization that better reflects the community where we reside and work. To learn more about our on-going efforts and to read our Anti-Racist Action Plan, please visit https://www.shakespearetheatre.org/about/equity-diversity-inclusion/. If you are interested in this position, please apply on our website at http://www.shakespearetheatre.org/about/careers-and-casting/jobs/, or you may send a cover letter, resume, and references to employment@shakespearetheatre.org.

o Compensation:  This is a full-time position with excellent benefits and an annual salary of $65,000 - $68,000.

o Submission Information

Producer, Williamstown Theatre Festival 

Producer serves as primary point person and communication conduit for planning and implementation of all artistic programming at Williamstown Theatre Festival. Collaborating with all departments, the Producer manages and facilitates artistic processes and timelines to ensure staff and artists have the resources they need and that projects are implemented on time and within the allotted budget.

o Essential Duties: Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Responsible for collaborating with all departments to produce the Festival's summer seasons as well as any off-season programming, such as the annual Holiday Walk in Williamstown and the Festival's annual Gala in NYC.

  • Lead day-to-day producing operations, including:

  • Negotiating and issuing all artist offers, working with agents and managers

  • Maintaining up-to-date season calendars, artist information forms, contract tracking sheets, audition calendars, etc;

  • Shepherding the production process, including drafting of rehearsal, tech, and performance schedules and budget-tracking

  • Budgeting and Expense Tracking:

  • Work with Artistic Director and Business Manager to draft project budgets for upcoming seasons

  • Manage and track project personnel, travel, housing, and other line items of organizational budget

  • Contracting:

  • Draft, negotiate, and finalize all artist contracts

  • Work with Business Office to make sure signed contracts are filed with appropriate the unions

  • Casting:

  • Support casting processes with Artistic team, external casting directors, and creative teams

  • Work with Artistic Team on the planning and implementation of auditions, including Equity Principal Auditions as required by Actors Equity Association

  • Working with Unions:

  • Ensure Festival is abiding by all its collectively-bargained agreements

  •  Prepare and manage annual bonding process with Actors Equity Association

  •  Submit all necessary reports and documentation required by Festival's union agreements

  • Collaborate with the seasonal Company Manager and Company Management team to ensure housing and travel arrangements and needs are met within Festival's budget and available resources.

  • Support Artistic Associate and seasonal Artistic Team in administrative and logistical support of developmental readings, Fridays@3, workshops, and residencies

  • Hiring and Supervisory Responsibilities:

  • Hire, on-board, supervise, and lead a seasonal Producing department

  • Hire, on-board, and supervise the seasonal Company Manager

  • Participate in hiring a seasonal Company Management team.

  • With Director of Production, hire all Stage Managers needed for summer season

  • Liaise with Williams College:

  • Act as primary contact between Williamstown Theatre Festival and Williams College regarding housing coordination and facilities, schedules, and procedures related to on-campus living

  • Attend monthly planning meetings with Williams College and additional topic specific meetings as needed

  • Act as a liaison between artists and internal departments such as Marketing & Development, Box Office, and the Business Office

  • Review and edit programs, press releases, and marketing materials on behalf of the Producing Department

  • Attend weekly staff meetings and topic specific meetings as needed

  • Schedule and facilitate weekly Festival Planning/Production meetings

  •  Embrace the Festival's commitment to Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Accessibility (EDIA) and Anti-Racism by actively participating in and encouraging behaviors among staff members that exemplify respect; interrupting microaggressions and other behaviors that hinder our MEDIA and Anti-Racism efforts; engaging in the diversification of the workforce; demonstrating a degree of cultural competency that encourages healthy relationships with all company members

  • Adhere to all Festival safety protocols

o Compensation:  $67,000-72,000

o Submission Information

Technical Director, Cleveland Playhouse 

The Technical Director leads the scene shop, carpenters and build process for a 8-9 play season. Responsibilities include analyzing scripts and designer drawings, estimating build costs, creating build and install schedules, making construction drawings, communicating with designers and directors, and cultivating a collaborative, inclusive and anti-racist culture.

o Essential Duties: Leadership and Supervision:

  • Partner with the Associate Technical Director (ATD) to hire, train and supervise IATSE Scene Shop Head Carpenter, Deck Carpenter, four Scenic Carpenters, and occasional Overhire Carpenters; CPH is an IATSE apprentice house

  • Work closely with Paint Shop Charge Scenic Artist to plan shared work
    Cultivate a collaborative, inclusive, and anti-racist culture in the scene shop by building culturally competent and generative relationships among staff, and immediately addressing instances of micro aggressive or harmful language or behavior

  • Support scene shop staff participation in CPH learning opportunities

  • Attend and run department meetings

  • Manage direct-report timesheets and personnel records

  • Maintain a safe and healthy work environment

  • Designer Support and Collaboration:

    • Communicate with Designers to support and execute designs with a high artistic standard within resources of time, labor, materials, and budget

    • Ensure design changes are communicated to production team

    • Foster a design process that includes accessibility and cultural competency

    • Communicate with Stage Manager and Designer on rehearsal and tech notes

  • Scenic Construction/Install/Tech Process:

    • Estimate materials and labor costs from Designer's preliminary drawings; refine estimates with final drawings to ensure efficiency, cost-effectiveness and safety, while maintaining the design vision

    • Create Vectorworks and CAD construction drawings from Designer's plates
      Source and purchase materials in a timely, resource-efficient way, prioritizing local, diverse and socially responsible vendors

    • Work with all production departments to create build, load-in and strike schedules
      Manage construction, load in, installation, tech rehearsal and strike of all scenery
      Train Run Crew in moving scenery

  • Shop Maintenance:

    • Maintain shop, tools, equipment, stage rigging, theatrical systems, and stock

    • Recycle and reuse material as is possible and cost effective

    • Manage Scenic capital improvements

  • Administration:

    • Maintain updated and accurate theatre plans

    • Maintain timely and up to date scenic expense tracking

    • Collaborate in policy setting, season planning, script reading and budgeting

    • Uphold CPH policies and procedures

o Compensation:  $66,000-75,000

o Submission Information

Development Associate, Lincoln Center Theatre 

Lincoln Center Theater has produced over 200 plays and musicals at the Vivian Beaumont, Mitzi E. Newhouse, and Claire Tow Theaters at Lincoln Center and other theaters on and off-Broadway, as well as touring productions nationally and around the world.  LCT is committed to developing and producing new works and classics with an emphasis on the work of new and emerging playwrights, directors, and designers. LCT's education program, Open Stages, reaches thousands of public-school students annually with curriculum-related projects, teaching artist support, and tickets to LCT productions. LCT is committed to increased diversity, equity, inclusion, and access in all areas of its structure and operations as attention to these goals makes it stronger and helps better serve the artists, staff, crew, audience, and community at large. Lincoln Center Theater welcomes candidates who are fully committed to joining an organization that is proactively focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Applicants from populations underrepresented in theater and who align themselves with LCT's values and goals are strongly encouraged to apply. The Development Assistant/Associate reports to the Executive Director of Development & Planning, and broadly supports the work of a highly professional, fast paced ten-member development department raising $13+ million annually in addition to special purpose campaigns. This position provides ongoing administrative support to the LCT Board of Directors and to various Board committees, processes contributions, maintains donor records and handles VIP ticketing in addition to providing administrative support to the Executive Director and the Director of Major Gifts.

o Responsibilities: Process, track and reconcile gifts to LCT; coordinate and write acknowledgements for Board members, major donors and institutional funders.

  • Enter gift data and maintain specialized gift records including multi-year pledges in Raiser's Edge; maintain working knowledge of software upgrades and best use standards; maintain discretion with sensitive information.

  • Schedule and prepare materials for full Board and Board Committee meetings, department meetings and donor meetings; reserve meeting space and maintain calendar and attendance lists.

  • Manage house seat requests for Board and institutional funders for LCT productions, Broadway and Off-Broadway shows,

  • Organize and maintain department's computer and hard copy filing systems

  • Maintain contact information and mailing lists for the Board and major donors.

  • Assist with travel and restaurant reservations for Executive Director of Development & Planning and Director of Major Gifts.

  • Prepare expense reports for Executive Director of Development & Planning and Major Gifts Director.

  • Assist at special events (must be available for some evening/weekend work).

  • Interface with LCT departments including Finance, Marketing, General Management, Production and Artistic, and ensure smooth communication.

  • Other projects as assigned.

  • 2+ years of experience in an administrative role, or commensurate experience in academic program

  • Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced office environment; self-starter with ability to prioritize

  • Comfort with Excel and budget documents; experience with Tessitura or Raiser's Edge a plus

  • Strong writer

  • Detail-oriented

  • Easy verbal communicator – ability to engage regularly and comfortably with Board members, major donors and senior staff

  • Passion for creative work environment; flexible; strong team player

  • Interest in problem-solving

o Compensation:  This is a full-time, exempt, salaried position with an annual salary range of $60,000 - $64,000. Lincoln Center Theater provides comprehensive benefits including: Paid Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance, 403(b) and Employer Match, and Paid Time Off. 

o Submission Information

Theatre Director, Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company

The Technical Director leads the scene shop in its successful and safe execution and implementation of scenery for the stage, ensuring the process is completed smoothly, within the allotted time, budget, and scope, and in alignment with and service to Woolly's mission and values.

o Requirements: Minimum of five years of experience in technical direction or theatrical production

  • A broad skill base and knowledge in carpentry, rigging, welding, engineering, and automation

  • Ability to quickly solve problems that may arise unexpectedly in order to get work done efficiently and safely

  • Ability to research an unknown process or material so it may be applied to a technical solution for a scenic element 

  • Knowledge of standard theatrical scenic construction methods to use in technical designs

  • Knowledge of a wide variety of construction materials and methods used in the theater to implement in technical designs

  • Skill in preparing budgets and labor estimates to keep projects within an allotted time frame, budget, and scope

  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office and CAD software, especially AutoCAD and VectorWorks to create plans and drawings for scenic construction

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Active engagement and leadership development in your individual position is integral to the overall health of our organization. This will be reviewed and defined with your supervisor to set individual goals. Woolly encourages employees to take personal responsibility and pride in their work

  • See the larger picture and pull out the relevant details to diagnose problems. Think creatively about how to solve problems including new ways of working together. Wooly values innovative thinking, big ideas, and bigger passion

  • Collaborate with and adapt to a wide variety of people and personalities, working styles, and artistic visions

  • Ability to lead and/or supervise employees to get work done efficiently and safely with an appropriate level of quality and expectations

  • Ability to communicate and delegate tasks to others in order to keep the flow of work moving forward at an efficient rate

o Compensation:  Starting at $63,000

o Submission Information

Costume Design Lecturer, UC Berkeley

The Department of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies at the University of California, Berkeley seeks applications for a Lecturer faculty position in the area for Costume Design for Performance.

o Requirements: The Department seeks candidates who are interested in designing at least one production per semester in addition to their teaching duties. 

  • It is expected that all courses will be conducted in person, and that instructors will be present in the classroom.

  • Courses include:

    • Costume Design for Performance - This studio class explores some fundamental approaches and techniques for designing costumes.

    • Performance Design - will be approached as a product of all the performative tools and contexts – text, visuals, sound, space, kinetics, etc – with particular focus for this class on the scenographic role of the performer. Through personal expression and collaborative investigation students will be given some basic tools allowing them to conceptualize, communicate and realize costumes. Previous art training is helpful but not essential. The student must provide most art supplies. The final evaluation will include a presentation in lieu of an exam.

  • In addition to teaching responsibilities, general duties include office hours, assigning grades, advising students, preparing course materials (e.g., syllabus), and interacting with students outside of class time via email and/or Courses.

  • Some courses may require supervision of discussion sections taught by graduate students.

o Compensation:  $64,329–$91,718

o Submission Information

Milwaukee Repertory Theatre 

o Seeking: Various Roles 

o Location: Milwaukee, WI 

o Website: https://www.milwaukeerep.com 

For more information: https://www.milwaukeerep.com/about/work-us/jobs/?fbclid=IwAR2lXyj99fIOhY8MmQ5n4XRveG1wEqPl2mL_9w7A1-WVpLoZhqwUDc-2Crc

Milwaukee Repertory Theater is an Equal Opportunity Employer and values and encourages a diverse workforce. We invite you to review jobs that are currently available. 

Full-time employee benefits include health, dental and voluntary vision and disability insurance; flexible spending accounts; retirement plan; parking programs and complimentary tickets.

Application Instructions

Send your letter, resume and salary history (PDF or Word attachments only) to the email address listed in the job listing.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival 

o Seeking: Various Roles  

o Location: Ashland, Oregon

o Website: https://www.osfashland.org

For more information: https://www.osfashland.org/work-with-us?fbclid=IwAR2cqx7fSs1YYwa2I86SMVxJjZ8ns4ba2RqsEr51mMKIVWdiIL7ByQ4Lv8U

Located in the beautiful Rogue Valley of southern Oregon, the Tony Award-Winning Oregon Shakespeare Festival presents a season of eleven plays in rotating repertory across three theaters between the months of February and October. Additionally, OSF offers extensive educational opportunities to students, teachers, and theatergoers of all ages during our performance season.

We offer employment and career opportunities in a wide range of positions (acting, other performing opportunities, scenery, costumes, lighting, marketing, finance, etc.). We encourage you to check our website regularly for openings.

Two River Theater

Two River Theater annually produces a theatrical season that includes American and world classics, new plays and musicals, programs for young people, and festivals of new work. Each year, we also offer 40+ events that reflect our diverse community of Red Bank, New Jersey. Two River celebrates and honors our core values of Artistic Excellence; Education and Community Engagement; Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion; and Operational Excellence. Anyone who joins our team quickly becomes part of putting all of our initiatives into action day in and day out. Two River Theater is led by Artistic Director John Dias and Managing Director Michael Hurst.Two River Theater is dedicated to the goal of building an equitable and culturally diverse work environment and strongly encourages applications from members of underrepresented groups.

o Seeking: Various Roles 

o Location: Red Bank, NJ

o Website: https://tworivertheater.org/jobs/

The Kate Spade New York Foundation

o To honor Kate Spade's legacy of empowering and inspiring women and girls, the National Council for Behavioral Health is excited to provide complimentary Mental Health First Aid training to communities throughout the five boroughs of New York City and New Jersey and in partnership with organizations that specifically support these populations. 

What is Mental Health First Aid?

Just as CPR helps you assist an individual having a heart attack, Mental Health First Aid helps you assist someone experiencing a mental health or substance use-related crisis. In the Mental Health First Aid course, you learn risk factors and warning signs for mental health and addiction concerns, strategies for how to help someone in both crisis and non-crisis situations, and where to turn for help.

The National Council for Behavioral Health shares Kate Spade New York Foundation's belief in "the power of women to transform their communities" through empowerment.  In support of this mission, we are offering through a competitive application process, select Mental Health First Aid and Youth Mental Health First Aid training, fully funded!  

o Location: New York, NY 

o Website

o Application information

For more Offstage opportunities, visit OffStageJobs.com and Playbill.com.


Artslink International Fellowship 

The ArtsLink International Fellowship program prioritizes applicants whose social practices seek to actively engage communities on issues related to the current climate emergency and human rights. We will actively encourage artists and arts leaders whose work is making a vital contribution to furthering people's awareness, understanding, and active participation in environmental and/or social justice issues. Additionally, we will prioritize artists recently displaced from or still working in Afghanistan and Ukraine.

o Deadline: January 15 (Letter of Inquiry and Artist Biography), February 23 (Full Application) 

o Application Fee: None 

o Eligibility: CEC ArtsLink welcomes applications from contemporary artists, curators, and arts leaders whose work is shaped by community engagement and social practice strategies, and informed by our most urgent local and global issues. We welcome applications from artists of any generation and invite those with both traditional and non-traditional artistic backgrounds. Applicants must be citizens of one of our network countries. If you are living outside the region, please indicate where you are currently based. Please note that an ability to communicate both verbally and in written English will be essential to success in the program. Undergraduate students and research scholars are not eligible. Arts leaders/curators must be affiliated with an arts organization in the non-commercial sector or work as individual independent arts professionals. Artists seeking placement in commercial firms are ineligible. ArtsLink International Fellows from prior years are not eligible to reapply.

o Application Information

Anderson Center's Emerging Artist Residency Program 2023

The Anderson Center's Emerging Artist Residency Program offers month-long residency-fellowships at Tower View to a cohort of early-career artists from Minnesota or one of the five boroughs of New York City for concentrated, uninterrupted creative time to advance their personal artistic goals and projects. The Anderson Center's Emerging Artist Residency is an ideal fit for early-career artists in need of focused time and dedicated space in an inspiring residency work environment that empowers them to take risks, embrace challenges, and utilize unconventional approaches to problem-solving. Thanks to generous support from the Jerome Foundation, selected emerging artists receive a $625/week artist stipend, documentation support, art-making resources, lodging & studio space, a travel honorarium, groceries, and chef-prepared communal dinners.

o Deadline: January 9

o Application Fee: None 

o Eligibility: The application deadline for the Anderson Center's 2023 Emerging Artist Residency Program is Monday, January 16, 2023 at 12 p.m. Noon, Central Standard Time. Applications must be submitted on or before the deadline in order to be considered in the jury review period. There is no fee for applying to this residency program. Jury review will take place in late January and early February. Applicants will be notified by Feb. 3 as to the status of their application. A phone interview process with finalists will take place in late February following a second round of jury review. Selected artist residents, wait-list and runners-up will be notified by March 2, 2023.

o Application Information

McNally New Works Incubator 

As a continuation of Terrence McNally's singular legacy of mentorship, and his commitment to fostering bold new voices in the American theater, the initiative is designed to support ambitious early-career playwrights by giving them time and space to develop their work, professional mentorship with veteran playwrights, and access to the community of artists and work being developed at Rattlestick Theater and Tom Kirdahy Productions. If you would like to learn more details about the Terrence McNally New Works Incubator, its offerings, and its structure, please review the program's website here. Applications close January 15th, 2024 at 11:59pm EST OR when 500 applications have been received. Only complete applications will be considered. Please review the Application Materials Checklist before submitting your application below to ensure you have not missed any steps. All materials must be submitted in PDF format. Each application is thoughtfully reviewed by a broad reader pool of industry professionals. Semi-finalists and finalists are selected through two rounds of consideration. Semi-finalists will be notified of their status and asked to reconfirm demographic information. Finalists are notified and granted an interview with a selection panel, including representatives from Rattlestick Theater and Tom Kirdahy Productions. In addition to the interview, applicant's Playwright Reference will be contacted by the review panel. In consultation with the Playwrights Advisory Panel (Names TBD), three playwrights will be awarded the Fellowship in the Spring of 2024.

o Deadline: January 15 

o Application Fee: None 

o Eligibility: You: Are the sole author of your play (co-created material is not accepted, and will be disqualified).

  • Will not be a full time student during this Incubator Cycle in 2024/2025. (You are eligible if you graduate in May 2024)

  • Must be committed to growing your participation in the New York City playwriting ecosystem. This is a competitive opportunity that is designed to further your networks specifically in the New York City theater industry. To that end, you must live in New York City for the full duration of your fellowship. (Housing and transportation are not provided.)

  • Must be available to commit significant time to develop your play for a 4-week period sometime during 2024. (Specific dates to be determined in consultation with selected fellows.)

  • Must be actively pursuing a career in theater, as evidenced by past productions at regional theaters, past productions off-off-Broadway, a history of self-producing, and/or graduate studies.

  • Must not have had more than one significant off-Broadway premiere.

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Audible Emerging Playwrights Fund 

In 2017, Audible launched a theater initiative, intended to radically increase access to exceptional plays and performances. A core pillar of the initiative is the Emerging Playwrights Fund, a program that invests in and nurtures self-identifying emerging playwrights, some of our most inventive, delightful, and provocative storytellers. Through the Fund, Audible aims to connect extraordinary performers with remarkable original work, amplifying new voices and harnessing the power and potential of audio to reach millions of listeners. The Fund specifically supports the creation of original dramatic work, written with audio in mind, but theatrical in spirit. Audible is dedicated to commissioning, developing, and producing work that reflects the diversity of our members and our world. To accomplish this, Audible is committed to granting at least 50% of emerging playwright commissions to artists of color and women.

o Deadline: None

o Application Fee: Free

o Eligibility: please submit all of the following to AudibleTheater@audible.com:

  • One full-length script for an original or adapted play (in English language only) that represents your voice ("Script"). The Script can be in any genre and may include one-acts and solo pieces;

  • A short biography; and

  • A brief statement about why audio plays appeal to you.

  • If you have an idea for an original audio play, you are welcome to include a pitch or summary along with your statement (this is encouraged, but not required)

o Contact: AudibleTheater@audible.com

o Application Information 

Steven Schwartzberg Grants for Mental Health & Wellness

Writers are the beating heart of theater, whom we rely upon to take us on journeys and inspire us to think. During these unprecedented times, DGF has created the Steven Schwartzberg Grants to provide financial support for mental health and wellness services for writers. To help connect writers to therapists, DGF has partnered with Advekit, an online therapist matching service, to expand access to mental health support that might be out of your reach.

Please complete the form to receive $1,000 toward therapy through Advekit, courtesy of DGF.

If you already have a therapist or are seeking mental wellness support other than Western talk therapy, DGF is working on ways to support you in your wellness.


NYC Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA)

The NYC DCLA is dedicated to supporting and strengthening New York City's vibrant cultural life. Among our primary missions is to ensure adequate public funding for non-profit cultural organizations, both large and small, throughout the five boroughs.

They have many grants tailored to the needs of artists living and working in the city throughout the year.

o Deadline: Ongoing

o Application Fee: Free

o Eligibility: Independent Artists and Groups

o Address: New York City Department of Cultural Affairs 31 Chambers Street New York, New York 10007

o Contact: 212.513.9300

o Application Information 

SubletSeries@HERE Program

This creative curated rental program has allowed many upstart companies and emerging artists to realize their full artistic vision on a small budget. The program provides subsidized performance and rehearsal space, technical assistance, and administrative support, including a fully staffed box office. SubletSeries@HERE artists can also access equipment that is not typically available in venues our size such as video projectors, wireless microphones, color scrollers—all for free or at subsidized rates. We accept applications from artists all over the world for the opportunity to show work.

o Deadline: Ongoing

o Application Fee: Free

o Eligibility: Independent Artists and Groups

o Address: HERE Program 145 Sixth Ave New York, NY 10013

o Contact: 212.647.0202

o Application Information 

Annenberg Foundation

The Annenberg Foundation does most of their funding in the arts, culture, and humanities to organizations in the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Ventura. The Annenberg Foundation's arts and humanities grants are available to agencies that serve the greater Los Angeles region, typically with budgets over $5 million.

o Deadline: Ongoing

o Application Fee: Free

o Eligibility: Arts, culture, and humanities in greater Los Angeles region

o Address: 2000 Avenue of the StarsSuite 1000S Los Angeles, CA 9006

o Contact: info@annenberg.org

o Application Information 


Here Artist Residency Program 

Provides a commission, developmental support, career planning, and an opportunity for a full production to cross-genre artists within a collaborative environment of peers working across disparate art forms – including theatre, dance, music, puppetry, visual art, and new media. Each HARP artist receives significant long-term support of $125,000, which includes $50,000 in cash and more than $75,000 in equipment, space, and services over 2-3 years to tailor each residency to each artist's individual needs. With the launch of URHERE (our new digital and outdoor platform), HERE has expanded our HARP cohort to include digital and outdoor artists. Selected artists will partake in a 1-2 year residency to create digital native and/or outdoor works that will premiere on URHERE. URHERE HARP residents will receive $50,000 ($25,000 in cash and $25,000 in equipment, space, and services) over 1-2 years. Through significant investment of time and resources, dynamic work within a strong community is created. Throughout the year, we offer a window into the creative process of the artists in our nationally recognized HERE Artist Residency Program (HARP). Watch for RAW / Resident Artist Works to catch these fresh in-process works!

o Deadline: February 1 

o Application Fee: None 

o Eligibility: HARP is designed to assist individual artists or collaborative teams (writers, performers, composers, directors, designers, dramaturgs, puppeteers, choreographers, singers) working in a multi-genre form in live performance. Multi-genre form refers to the full integration (not just as backdrop) of two or more genres (theatre, dance, music, puppetry, media, and visual art) in the work. We define an appropriate artist/team for our program as one who has:

  • Completed their education within the last 8-15 years.

  • Had at least a few significant residency or commissioning opportunities.

  • Created a body of work over at least 5 years & at least one full evening-length work. 

  • Earns some income from their art practice.

  • Never been selected as a HARP artist.

  • Artists must also meet the following criteria:

  • The artist or team are residents of the NY metro area 

  • The artist, team, and collaborators are fully vaccinated and willing to participate in whatever testing protocols HERE utilizes to ensure the health and well-being of the performing ensemble.

  • The artist or team finds themselves at a point in their career where they are developing a distinctive form/style/content of work or are interested in stretching the previously accepted boundaries of their work by experimentation.

  • The artist or team is interested in actively participating in the HERE community and in a peer-based program to exchange resources, ideas, critique, and support.

  • The artist or team is proposing a project that is very early in its development process, meaning at its inception and has not been previously workshopped, and any underlying rights for pre-existing material for the project have already been secured.

o Contact: Send any questions to programming@here.org or call 212-647-0202 x 320.

O Application Information

Artcroft Center for Arts and Humanities

Residencies of an average of 2-8 weeks for visual artists, writers, actors, and  performance artists. Residency provides housing, studio, and meals; artist responsible residency fee ($40/day), deposit (10% of residency fee), travel, materials, and local transportation.

o Deadline: Ongoing

o Application Fee: $25

o When: 2-8 weeks

o Eligibility: Residencies are available to established and emerging visual and literary artists 18 years of age and older without regard for race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion.

o Address: Artcroft Center for Arts and Humanities 2075 Johnson Rd. Carlisle, KY 40311

o Contact: artcroft@msn.com

O Application Information

Other Resources 

NOTE: For more resources, visit our pages of Resources - Funding, Submissions, and more.

NYFA SOURCE - The New York Foundation for the Arts maintains the most comprehensive national directory of awards, services and publications for artists in the NYFA Source section of their website.

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