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8th Annual National Women’s Theatre Festival

The National Women’s Theatre Festival announces the call for production proposals for the 2023 WTFringe festival. WTFringe will be part of the 8th Annual National Women’s Theatre Festival happening in person in Raleigh, NC and virtually from June 22 - July 1, 2023. Proposals for in-person productions, virtual productions, and hybrid productions will be accepted for consideration. Proposals should be 20-90 minutes with no intermission. We seek production proposals that are experimental, innovative, and collaborative—works that push boundaries and embrace parity. 

o Deadline:​ March 12 

o Application Fee: No Fee 

o Eligibility:​  All submissions are evaluated by a Selection Committee using the criteria above. WTF uses the “50/50 Rule” as a guide in all decision processes: WTF seeks 50/50 equitable representation in all aspects of programming. We equally prioritize artistic merit and equitable representation. Every submission is read and evaluated thoroughly and considerately.

  • The Selection Committee will make recommendations to WTF’s Executive Artistic Director who, with the staff leadership team, will make final decisions. All submissions receive a response, whether or not they are selected. If you are not selected, you may also request feedback on your submission to strengthen your application for future festivals.
  • We expect to accept between 10-14 shows, depending on what is proposed and how it fits together. In the past we have received as many as 3x more submissions than we had production slots.
  • You should apply to WTFringe23 if…
  • It’s an in-person project that meets the Production Criteria above, and:
  • You’re available to produce your show at the end of June 2023
  • All the physical elements of your show can fit safely and securely within an assigned 3ft x 3ft. backstage space
  • You can tech your show in a 75 minute tech window
  • You can light your show with 5 look options and no more than 40 cues (including sound).
  • You are able to prepare for your show with no more than 60 minutes in a communal dressing room prior to showtime and able to vacate 30 minutes after curtain
  • You can load your show into and out of a space in 15 minutes
  • You can identify a single member of your team to serve as the primary contact (“Producer”) to interface with National WTF
  • You are interested in receiving training on how to caption your show/excited to have your show captioned for accessibility purposes!
  • It’s a virtual project that meets the Production Criteria above, and:
  • You’re available to produce your show at the end of June 2023
  • You are able to provide your own streaming design and virtual stage management
  • You have an idea for a self-contained virtual project that can either be
  • live-streamed from Zoom and projected into an in-person theatre and/or our Youtube Channel, or live-streamed from your performance space to WTF’s YouTube channel, or pre-recorded, uploaded and scheduled for a live viewing experience, or  Self-contained in digital space
  • You are interested in receiving training on how to caption your show/excited to have your show captioned for accessibility purposes!

o Categories:​ Plays

o Contact:​ hannah@womenstheatrefestival.com .

o Submission Information 

The Leadership Initiative Project (LIP)

The Leadership Initiative Project (LIP) equips historically excluded theatre artists with the tools to successfully transition into leadership roles. The Spring ’23 cohort will accept applications from all BIPOC artists with at least five years of professional experience who are interested in becoming directors.

o Deadline:​ March 17th 

o Application Fee: None

o Eligibility:​ The application period is open until Friday, March 17th Noon ET, with the first session taking place shortly thereafter. The workshop will meet weekly online for eight sessions, culminating in a final presentation rehearsal welcome speech for a theoretical production.

o Contact:​ rsvp@novelreadings.com

o Submission Information

Woolly Mammoth x Black List Playwriting Commission

The Black List has reopened submissions for the Woolly Mammoth x Black List Playwriting Commission. The recipient of this partnership will receive a $10,000 grant for the commission of a new play. Woolly Mammoth’s mission is to produce courageous and invigorating new work to radically redefine theatre as a catalyst for an equitable, creative, and engaged society. In an effort to carry out their mission, Woolly Mammoth looks for artists with original voices who are experimenting in form or content and asking big questions.  Writers are invited to submit a play or musical for consideration by uploading it directly to The Black List website. Submissions will be accepted until midnight on April 2, 2023. Only plays and musicals will be considered for this opportunity. Please do not submit feature film and one-hour or half-hour pilot scripts. Up to 15 writers will be invited, based on the strength of their plays and/or musicals as determined by the Black List, to submit additional materials, including a professional resume and a personal statement. From those submissions, select writers may be chosen to interview, via Zoom, and up to one writer will be selected to receive the commission. If you submitted work during the initial submission window for this Commission, we kindly request that you do not re-submit the same script.

o Deadline: April 2 

o Application Fee: Free

o Eligibility: Woolly Mammoth appreciates heightened theatricality through energetic language or innovative narrative structures. They are interested in challenging or provocative subject matter with a preference for comedy or irony.  

  • Woolly Mammoth tends to not be drawn to work that is earnest or overly sentimental. They tend not to be drawn to work that lives primarily in realism and traditional narrative structures. Woolly doesn’t really do “living room plays”–unless they are the bonkers version of that. 
  • Woolly Mammoth acknowledges the spectrum in which courageous and innovative work can fall on between playing with content, style, and aesthetics. The two pillars of the work done at Woolly Mammoth are artistic innovation and civic provocation, and by that they mean what is the question or subject that needs to be discussed or have light shined on it that is not being addressed–or in other words, what is the mammoth in the room that we avoid talking about because it is new or controversial or  uncomfortable -- “Woolly”  plays have a balance of these two elements.

o Application Information


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