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If you are in need of emergency funds due to the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown, please check our COVID-19 pandemic shutdown resources page here.

The Women in the Arts & Media Coalition, Inc. is sending out a call for Submissions to all who identify as a woman



(Submissions accepted February 14th - March 21st;

from Valentine’s Day to the Spring Equinox)


"It’s up to all of us – Black, white, everyone…” - Michelle Obama

“Women's empowerment is intertwined with respect for human rights.”  Mahnaz Afkhami

“A woman is like a tea bag - you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.” Eleanor Roosevelt

“I just want to recognize that women are never congratulated for their hunger. We are never rewarded for taking up space musically. So, I just wanted to take a second to thank everybody for what we teach each other and that is to hunger for more, to not accept less, to make sure our voices are heard because the point of view that we have is required.” — Jeanine Tesori, Composer

 No one is able to hide anymore. No one. 

We are still in a health, social, economic, and political crisis which has impacted all of us. The stress of our lives has multiplied over the last few years and exploded in 2020. Now time for change and renewal is at hand. How do we move forward? Especially when we have citizens who follow lies and live in hatred and attack our sacred grounds of Government?

How can we as artists discuss what justice for all of us looks like?  What do we want for our future?  How can we increase compassion and understanding to give voice to those voices that fall on deaf ears? How do we find ways for those deaf ears to hear, see, and feel outside their understanding? Art can be the language of constructive action towards being heard. We want to work toward an understanding and developing movement forward through our art.

Some Topics to launch from:

  • Pandemic: How it has changed/impacted/escalated our lives

  • Discrimination: How has it changed? Not changed? What questions should we be asking?What are the answers?

  • BLM: social/racial justice, behavior, protesting, outsiders looting, How we are coming together?

  • #MeToo: equal pay, equal treatment in the office, the world… constant harassment in life and work

  • Division in the Country: We have never been so divided. How do we find common ground? How do we actually make these United States exactly that - United? Can we? Can this new administration?

Concentrate on one, or draw on more than one, it is all up to you and your imagination. Go for it! Written and performed pieces 3 to 5 minutes tops. 

We will host a virtual evening to perform, display, discuss, and enlighten the many sides of these issues that impact us all.  Looking for: Scenes, Short plays, Short films, Monologues, Music, Poetry, Dance, Paintings, Sculptures and Photography - again, nothing to exceed 3-5 minutes.

The entire evening will run 75-90 minutes with no intermission and will be via Zoom link.  We will have a cast of professional NY actors reading the chosen pieces, and all art for the evening - photography, paintings, sculptures, music - will be put on display.

This is open to all members of our organizations and affiliate organizations (see the list at this link).

Email your submission between the morning of February 14 and 11:59 p.m. on March 21 to conversations@womenartsmedia.org




Equity Library Theater of New York Winter 2021 Virtual Play Festival

Submissions are now being accepted for the Equity Library Theater of New York Winter 2021 Virtual Play Festival. Seeking short plays (no more than 15 pp/minutes), from playwrights from across the globe. Also seeking monologues (no more than 4pp/minutes). Musicals welcome! 

  • We post your YouTube link of the performance to the free festival site for voting by viewers.

  • When/Where: TBA, YouTube

  • Deadline: April 15

  • Application Fee: None

  • Eligibility:  We do not produce your work, we provide a venue for you to present actors performing your play. One submission per playwright. No more than 15 pp/minutes for short plays; no more than 4pp/minutes for monologues. 

  • Please include name, address, telephone number and email address on your submission. 

  • Categories: (short plays and musicals, monologues)

  • Address: 

  • Contact:  equitylibrarytheater@gmail.com

Submission Information


The People’s Improv Theatre takes open submissions year round for theatre, stand-up, sketch comedy, performance art, dance, improv troupes etc. 

  • When/Where: New York City

  • Deadline: Rolling

  • Application Fee: Free

  • Eligibility: Must be between 45-75 min

  • Categories: New Works, dance, theatre, improv, comedy

  • Address: 123 e24th st, New York, NY 10010

  • Contact: info@thepit-nyc.com

  • Submission Information


NY WinterFest 2021

Now calling all playwrights: Here’s a chance to have your play live on a New York City Stage! Submit your work to the Winterfest 2021 festival competition. Accepting plays and musicals of all genres between 5-90 minutes in length. New York Theater Festival has been a haven for playwrights for 17 seasons. Total cash prizes up to $7,000. 

  • Deadline: Ongoing

  • Application Fee: Free

  • Eligibility:

  • Submissions Accepted from a 30-mile radius outside of Manhattan and only run if the entire cast and crew are from New York City. Plays are considered on a first-come first-served basis. The earlier you submit, the better your chances are of having your script invited to the festival.  Each applicant is fully responsible for all elements of their production, including directing, casting, stage-managing.  We know exactly what you need to make your show a success and we welcome you into our community of playwrights and theater innovators.

  • Categories: Short Plays, Full Length, One Act

  • Contact: NYwinterfest@gmail.com

Submission Information


Freshwater Theatre

Freshwater Theatre prides itself on constantly working with new artists, expanding our family. We’re always on the lookout for new scripts and new technical artists to work with.


  • Deadline: Ongoing
    Application Fee: Free

  • While we certainly are interested in world premieres of new plays, we also are very interested in second and third productions of new works, as we believe this to be the key to finding the works that will propel theater into the future.
    We will only respond to playwright submissions for plays that come into serious consideration for future production. We cannot give any specific time frame on if/when a response will be given.

  • Categories: New Plays

Contact: info@freshwatertheatre.com

Submission Information



Seeking Submissions for Corruption Inc. – A Monologue Festival Competition & Short Film 

CORRUPTION INC. is a powerful two-fold project encompassing an exciting and exclusive livestream monologue festival competition and culminating in a critically important theatrical short film featuring a series of chosen monologues which will be produced and showcased on various digital platforms and submitted to film festivals across the country.


This project was conceived based on the need to open the conversation to encompass all points of view regarding the current state of society, and the emotional & mental impact it has on us as a whole. We hope that this project will help us listen to each other, enlighten, and ultimately come together.


Living in America has a unique set of challenges. Living in America during the last 12 months has been even more of a challenge. 


Although the Media and freedom of the press was formed and protected under the Bill of Rights in an effort to inform American citizens of activities and events with accuracy and impartiality, promote transparency in government and politics and expose corruption in business and government practices, some would suggest it has become a perversion of itself and almost omnipotent in its power to affect perception and general constructions of truth.


The Media – whether Magazines, Newspapers, Internet, Television, Radio, or Social Media Platforms – is one of the most influential factors shaping the opinions and viewpoints of what people believe life and culture to be.


Every day the media tells us who we are, who we should be, who we're not, what we should think, and how we should feel. As a result, many of us take on narratives and identify with them as if they are our own. Though, many of these narratives do not truly belong to us, the majority of people will go along with the media's conditioning out of fear, oblivion, exhaustion and/or a host of other reasons. 


However, there are a growing mass of individuals who bravely go the other way, who ask questions, who challenge the status quo, who refuse to blindly accept the stories they've been told to live. The monologues requested are about these outliers. 


We are looking for bold playwrights & writers who will

confidently write about today’s controversial topics.


Each monologue should have all of the elements of great storytelling, and be original.

The piece should be no longer than 8 minutes, and be written in the first person narrative.


We want to take the audience on an emotional journey with ebbs and flows from the character's first person perspective as they tackle challenging topics such as the one's listed below. 

1. Do government restrictions/lockdowns impact the constitutional rights of the people? What about small business owners? 

2. Can mask and vaccine mandates be a violation of someone's right to govern their own body? Do citizens lose those rights during a crisis? If so, is this ethical?

3.  Has the media become an antagonist by only permitting a one-sided, limited narrative that purposely shapes the information we consume and serves to divide? 

4. Has the Media purposely created exaggerations and false delusions about individuals or events to sway a particular audience or group of people? Should they be held accountable?

5. Has the Media contributed to the loss of culture, tradition and history in the country?  Is that important?  Do Americans truly care whether the media is reporting the truth or not? How do you know if the media is reporting the truth or not?

6. Has the media participated in the conditioning African-Americans and minorities throughout their lives to feel inferior? Has Media narrative formulated depictions that stigmatize various groups of people? Has that helped to divide us?  Could the very people who are in opposition be more similar than they realize?

7. Could social media be distracting people from critical thinking, individual thought and reaching their highest potential?  Does social media disconnect us from each other and reality?

Is freedom of speech being compromised?  When social media platforms remove posts and censor individuals, does it infringe upon a person's constitutional right to free speech? Are we in danger as a society of losing those rights?  Have we become unable to decide what's best for us as a society so that it is necessary for someone else to decide for us? 

We know what the official media narrative says about these topics. 

How is your character's outlook different?

Does your character question or disagree with the way these issues are presented by the media?


How does your character feel about the media?

How has it impacted her/him?

Does he/she feel that there is unbiased, neutral reporting taking place in the present day? 

Are regulations ethical? Why or not? 

What are the psychological, physical, emotional, and mental effects of consuming media regularly? 

How have the current events impacted your character’s relationships with family, friends, neighbors and/or fellow citizens?

Why do we care?

How is this relevant?

How can this story empower and/or enlighten others?

**NOTE: We are looking to hear various perspectives from people and characters of different generations, cultures, nationalities, genders, ethnicities, citizens of socialist & capitalist countries, the LGBTQ community and everyone in between.  We would like to evoke conversations that make people think and come to their own conclusion of what "the truth" is. 


This project is a livestream monologue festival, and competition, ultimately resulting in a theatrical short film featuring a series of monologues which will be produced and featured on various digital platforms and submitted to film festivals.

CORRUPTION INC. Livestream Festival Competition will premiere at The Nubox located at John DeSotelle Studio, Spring 2021. Dates TBA

For immediate consideration, please email submissions@bluepearltheatrics.com

Place "CORRUPTION INC. Submission from #StageOpps" in the email subject. You will be notified if selected.

The monologue must be original and unpublished. 

The deadline for submissions is March 1st except for #StageOpps readers. For you, the deadline is March 15.

The top 6 monologues will be featured in the short film, and receive a $100 cash prize.

CORRUPTION INC. Film release TBD. The project will be filmed on location in New York City, NY.

National Arts Diversity Integration Association

NADIA Opens Submissions for New Play or Musical to be presented in Amplified Currents Festival of the Arts. National Arts Diversity Integration Association (NADIA) is accepting script submissions for a new play or musical to be recorded and presented as a staged reading in their Spring 2021 Amplified Currents Festival of the Arts, which will be held online,. NADIA is committed to investing in the work of and supporting artists who have been historically excluded in the arts, especially Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. BIPOC writers and creatives are particularly encouraged to submit. Please note: There are no submission fees, nor is there a fee to be a part of the festival. This is a paid opportunity, and all artists involved will receive a stipend for their time and talent. Playwrights will be responsible for travel expenses should they choose to join us for any part of the in-person recording process, which will take place in New York, NY in the beginning of April. 

When/Where: (when is the performance/festival?) April 17th-25th, 2021 online

Deadline: March 5

Application Fee: None


Submission Guidelines:

Piece should be no longer than 75 minutes long

Have a cast no larger than 10

Should be actor/story forward

Should incorporate music in some way 

Should be unpublished and have limited or no production history 

Should include a character breakdown as well as a brief synopsis

Categories: one-act, any genre


Contact:  nadiaconnectsinfo@gmail.com

Link to submission information

Website: http://nadiaconnects.org


ATHENA PROJECT’s Plays In Progress Series

The Athena Project’s Plays In Progress (PIP) Series exists to develop new theatrical works by women* playwrights. Selected playwrights work in consultation with a dramaturg, director, and cast to see their works performed at various levels, from table reads to staged performances, and receive audience feedback from post-presentation discussions. The Series also includes networking events for participating playwrights. Due to COVID-19, the 2020 and 2021 series have adapted to online formats. We plan to resume live, in-person performances in 2022.

Submissions are accepted March 1-April 15, 2021. Three to five new plays will be selected through an anonymous adjudication process and winners will be announced by October. The selected plays will receive a dramaturg, director, and cast for presentation as part of the 2022 PIP Series, held the first week of June in Denver, CO. Presentations will take the form of table reads, concert readings, and workshop performances. We encourage playwrights to attend the full Series and offer stipends to assist with expenses.

When/Where: June 2022 in Denver, CO

Deadline: April 15 at 11:59 pm MDT, or sooner if we reach 315 submissions

Application Fee: 

Eligibility:  The playwright must be a woman* and may submit only one full-length script. Full-length is defined by at least 60 pages in standard playscript format.

Only previously unproduced plays are eligible. Scripts with prior workshops, readings or academic productions are accepted, but the script should be revised prior to submission to PIP so the playwright receives the most benefit from this opportunity. (Presently, we cannot accept musicals.)

Submission must include:

  • An anonymous script in PDF format. Do not include identifying information in this document. Page 1 of the script must include Title, Character Breakdown, and Synopsis of script (200 word limit).

  • Resume in PDF format – include contact and identifying information only in this document and the submission form.

Categories: (musical, play, one-act, 10-minute, etc.)


Contact: LiteraryManager@AthenaProjectArts.org

Link to submission information

Submit at this page


Musical Theatre Program at Columbia College Chicago 

The Musical Theatre Program of the Theatre Department at Columbia College Chicago is looking for a new musical theatre work that we will workshop, rehearse, and present either in-person or virtually (depending on vaccine distribution and mask mandates) in the Fall of 2021. We are looking for a piece that provides a unique perspective on our contemporary moment, shines a light on injustice, and/or share stories from underrepresented voices. We are looking for new works that haven’t been produced. • Each book writer, composer, and lyricist will receive a stipend for attendance at minimum one week of the rehearsal process (including the first day of rehearsals), attendance at each performance, and the talkback.

• We will furnish recordings of each performance to the creative team.

• The rehearsal process and performance medium will be subject to COVID recommendations.

When/Where: November 11, 12, and 13, 2021 in Chicago, IL

Deadline: March 15

Application Fee: None

Eligibility:  Playwrights not currently enrolled at Columbia College. 

Additional guidelines:

• BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, TGNC (trans & gender non-conforming), women, and other underrepresented book writers, composers, and lyricists will receive first consideration.

• Works can be any length. The performances will consist of either a series of shorter pieces, the first act of a two-act musical that is not yet complete, or a full-length completed musical.

• Musicals must be new (never produced) or have a very limited production record.

Please include:

• Short cover letter including name/contact information, resumes, and bios of the creative team

• Short synopsis and casting requirements (including vocal ranges) • Production record (if applicable)

• Full script of the play and at least three demos of songs from the show (full sketch of the show will be accepted for works still early in development)

Categories: musicals of any length

Contact: jhill@colum.edu

Link to submission information Submissions should be sent to Jermaine Hill , Coordinator of the Musical Theatre Program at jhill@colum.edu

See opportunity on company website


Artists' Exchange 2021 One Act Play Festival 

Seeking original, short (10 minutes ideal) one act plays to produce in Artists' Exchange's 15th Annual One Act Play Festival in June 2021 in Cranston, Rhode Island. Comedic, absurd, dramatic, satirical, farcical, musical, etc. are all welcome for review. Works for actors of all ages (children thru seniors) and abilities are strongly encouraged.

When/Where: Selected plays will be performed outdoors by Artists’ Exchange in Cranston, Rhode Island in late June 2021 (details TBD).

Deadline: April 2 

Application Fee: None

Eligibility:  Submission Guidelines: Plays should be original, short one act plays 10-15 minutes 

long (ideal length 10 minutes; no longer than 20 minutes maximum will be considered).

Previously produced plays acceptable. Playwrights may submit up to three (3) plays maximum. Works for actors of all ages (children thru seniors) and abilities are strongly encouraged. 

Categories: 10-minute, all genres


50 Rolfe Square

Cranston, RI

CONTACT: 401-490-9475

WEBSITE: http://www.artists-exchange.org/home.html

Link to submission information

use the Google form submission link:


See opportunity on company website


Little Theatre of Alexandria (Alexandria | VA)

The Little Theatre of Alexandria (LTA) New Voices Series and The Arlington Players (TAP), are looking for your original 40-60 minute Audio scripts. Call open until March 8, 2021. It is free to submit, no pay provided. One show will be performed in May on a local radio station or via Zoom.

Deadline: March 8

Application Fee: None

Eligibility:  We do not have a specific theme other than the play must be an audio script. Any genre is welcome. 

Must be an original work, although it can have been performed in other places.

Must have a run time of between 40-60 minutes, no intermission. Scripts with run times outside of this will not be considered.

As we are attempting to have this broadcast on a local radio station, scripts can not contain strong language, or authors must be open to the exclusion of any strong language in the script. 

No musicals/scripts with music/movement pieces will be accepted at this time--no exceptions. Anything else is fair game.

Up to 3 scripts may be submitted per playwright.

10 pages of the winning script will be posted online during the audition call in a google doc so that actors may familiarize themselves with the material. The author may select these pages or may ask us to select for them.

Scripts must be submitted in blind PDF format by March 8, 2021. No late or incomplete entries will be considered.

The winner agrees that no rights of any kind will be paid for this performance and that New Voices/TAP will bear the sole responsibility of selecting the director and any/all cast and crew. New Voices/TAP will also be responsible for paying all expenses for the mounting of this show. New Voices/TAP will not pay for the playwright to travel to DC, but will provide the playwright with performance time/station if on the radio or access to the zoom performance if done by that medium. The winner also agrees that no other theater in DC, MD or VA will be allowed to perform the play from the time of selection through June 2021.

Categories: audio plays

Address: 600 Wolfe Street

Alexandria, VA 22314 http://www.thelittletheatre.com

Contact: 703-683-5778

Questions? Email newtheatervoices@gmail.com

Link to submission information Submit here: https://forms.gle/EcPbq5yZzB6fBnCt6

See opportunity on company website

The Rep New Works Festival

Currently, we accept full-length play submissions for season consideration and our upcoming New Works Festival.

When/Where: Ongoing

Deadline: Ongoing

Application Fee: None


Please email plays to the Artistic team with the subject line: “Submission: TITLE OF PLAY.”

In the body of the email, please include:

• A brief synopsis of the play

• The development history of the play

• A brief, personal bio

Submissions made under these guidelines may be sent to The Rep by email.

Categories: (musical, play, one-act, 10-minute, etc.)


130 Edgar Road

St. Louis, Missouri 63119

Contact: 314-968-7340 PLAYSUBMISSION@REPSTL.ORG 

Link to submission information web site

Hedgepig Ensemble Theatre: The Ladies of Castile 

Hedgepig Ensemble Theatre is seeking to commission a playwright to adapt a verse play by a forgotten woman writer from history. The commissioning award is $1,000. Founded in 2012, Hedgepig Ensemble Theatre elevates the voices of women (cis, trans, non-binary) by reimagining the classics. As part of Hedgepig’s Expand the Canon (www.expandthecanon.com) effort, we are commissioning an adaptation loosely based on Mercy Otis Warren’s verse drama, The Ladies of Castile. This play grapples with revolution, women’s roles in the status quo, and a country divided.

When/Where: The process will culminate in a work-in-progress public reading in the fall of 2021 with the hopes of moving to full production in 2022 (with additional stipend).

Deadline: March 12

Application Fee: None

Eligibility:  We are especially interested in proposals from playwrights that identify as Global Majority (does not identify as "white") women or non-binary playwrights. Playwrights must be 18+ and based in the New York City Metro Area. The ideal candidate has experience working from historical source material, comfort in a devising setting, and interest in both prose and verse writing. You can visit this site for a sample of the source material play: http://bit.ly/LadiesofCastile To submit, please send a resume, 10-page writing sample, and a cover letter addressing your interest in adaptation and experience in a devising setting to info@hedgepigensemble.org with the subject line: Playwright Submission / Ladies of Castile. 


Link to submission information web site


Shubert Fendrich Memorial Playwriting Contest 2021

To encourage the development of quality theatrical materials for the educational, community and children’s theatre markets, Pioneer Drama Service is proud to sponsor the annual Shubert Fendrich Memorial Playwriting Contest.

This is an ongoing contest, with a winner selected by June 1 each year from all eligible submissions received the previous year.  All eligible plays accepted for publication will be considered contest finalists, from which the winner will be selected.  The contest winner will receive a $1,000 royalty advance in addition to publication.

Deadline: ASAP, ongoing, announced each June 1

Application Fee: None


You can start the submission process by contacting us here.

We will only consider manuscripts with a running time between 20 and 90 minutes.

Submissions must be family friendly in both subject and language. NO cursing. NO explicitly adult content.

We prefer casts that are either balanced or favoring females. The more gender neutral roles, the better.

We favor plays and musicals with ensemble casts, where more than just a few have a chance to shine.

Plays with elaborate set, costume or technical requirements are not appealing because of the limited resources of many of our customers. Pictures, sketches or descriptions of your vision are always helpful.

We recommend your submissions have had at least one production or reading, hopefully staged. We feel this fundamental field test is necessary before a play can be considered for publication since plays are created for the purpose of performance.

Manuscripts must be computer-printed in dark ink. We do not require specific formatting. However, your efforts to ensure your script is free of misspellings and typos will help the submissions editor.

We hope that Pioneer Drama is your first choice as a publisher, and we encourage you to submit to us exclusively. However, we do accept simultaneous submissions with the understanding that you will accept the first contract you’re offered and not use the situation to seek multiple offers from which to choose. If you receive another offer, please notify us immediately so we may rescind your submission.

The following information must accompany your submission or query:

100-200 word synopsis.

Cast list that indicates the number of female roles, the number of male roles and the number of roles that can be performed by either gender. We do not accept one-person shows.

Running time.

CD and/or score for musicals. We appreciate the opportunity to hear the music, if possible.

Set design(s). Please feel free to provide diagrams and/or pictures.

Proof of production or staged reading (i.e., review, program, etc.) A DVD of your performance is ideal, though not required.

Age of intended audience.

A self-addressed envelope of sufficient size with appropriate postage for the return of your materials. We will NOT return manuscripts or accompanying material if this is not included.

Cover letter and/or resume.

Link to submission information web site

Middle/High School Plays by BIPOC Playwrights

Theatrefolk Inc. is seeking one-act Middle School & High School play submissions by BIPOC playwrights for immediate publication. Our mission is to represent student voices and to let students know they are not alone. It has been made clear where we have succeeded and where we have failed in this pursuit. We want to do better. It’s crucial that students know there are playwrights out there speaking directly to them and for them.

  • Deadline: Ongoing

  • Application Fee: Free

  • Eligibility: Plays must be contemporary, feature characters that are of Middle School and High School age, and have simple staging requirements. Although not required, plays that can be performed online or in a social distancing scenario will receive more productions.

  • Categories: New Works, Drama, Comedy, Theatre

  • Contact: submissions@theatrefolk.com

  • Submission Information 


Fire Escape Plays

The New Jersey Repertory Company is soliciting 30-45 minute plays or musicals that are newly written and previously unproduced, and that can be staged on a multilevel fire escape. Playwrights should keep in mind that cast size is limited to 1-3 actors and performers will be on separate levels with separate entrances and there will be no physical contact. Audiences will sit in their cars as in a drive-in movie or in safely distanced and designated spaces with portable seats. 

  • Deadline: Ongoing

  • Application Fee: Free

  • Eligibility: Performers will be on separate levels with separate entrances onto the fire escape and no physical contact. All submissions must comply with this.

  • Categories: New Works, Plays, Musicals

  • Contact: njrep@njrep.org

  • Submission Information


Project Y Theatre Company

Project Y is now accepting plays, scenes, and monologues that are written with the context of the scene being a Zoom (or Skype) call. Plays can be two characters, or more. Context is key -- there must be a realistic need for this to be a Zoom call: teenagers talking late at night, a couple separated by borders, classmates trying to Zoom for a class project, lovers making plans to elope, etc.

This effort is sponsored by Project Y Theatre Company, NYC. All submitted plays will be considered for professional production with Project Y in NYC. In addition, the Project Y Co-Artistic directors are theater professors at Carnegie Mellon University and Middlebury College, respectively, and are in search of material to use with their classes. All plays chosen for production will receive a stipend for their work.

We are in the midst of an unprecedented temporary departure from the traditions of theatre as we know it, so let's make some new work for this new world.

  • Deadline: Ongoing

  • Application Fee: Free

  • Eligibility: All submissions will be eligible for professional production with Project Y Theatre Company NYC. 

  • Categories: New Works, Plays, Musicals

  • Contact: info@projectytheatre.org

  • Submission Information


Panglossian Productions

What are you working on?  What are you excited about?  What would you like to discuss and develop with a creative team?  Bring it on. Panglossian is seeking new full-length plays for our new global/local developmental reading series, Plays in Progress. We work with writers across the globe to develop work locally here in Williamsburg. Selected playwrights will discuss their goals for the script with our staff, attend one or two discussions/rehearsals, and participate in a public reading, which will be streamed online. Writers who are not local may participate virtually over Skype.

  • Deadline: Ongoing

  • Application Fee: Free

  • Eligibility: Playwrights at different stages in their careers who share our sense of daring and passion, and a desire to develop their work in a collaborative, supportive setting. Plays that show muscular language and strong theatricality and that say something universal in a unique way. While we are open to any genre, we would love to receive more comedic full-lengths and smart plays for young audiences.

  • Categories: New Plays

  • Contact: literary@panglossian.org

  • Submission Information


She ATL Summer Theater Festival

The inaugural She ATL Summer Theater Festival is produced by SheNYC Arts, and will accept 3-4 full-length plays and musicals by women-identifying writers who reside in Georgia.                                       

  • Deadline: December 15

  • Application Fee: None

  • Eligibility:You must have a show that is written by a woman-identifying writer or a team that is at least 50% women. It can be a play, musical, one woman show, or an adaptation of an old work. It must be full-length, or a series of short plays by the same author that will fill a full-length slot. At least one of the authors must reside in the state of Georgia.

  • Categories: Full length or series of short plays

  • Contact: info@shenycarts.org

  • Submission Information


Urban Stages Emerging Playwright Award 

Our $500 Emerging Playwright Award (coupled with press coverage) is given to playwrights who show excellence and dedication throughout this process – from development to the stage. Out of hundreds of submissions a year, we select 15-20 plays for readings. From these, we select 1-3 plays annually to go on to our workshopping phase. Our workshops are meant to prepare a play for our Off-Broadway stage. From our workshops, we select 1-2 plays for full productions, complete with a playwright’s contract and compensation (separate from the award).                                      

  • Deadline: Ongoing

  • Application Fee: None

  • Eligibility: Plays may have been developed or produced elsewhere, but never produced in New York City. Plays from overseas and throughout the US are accepted and considered, but special attention will be given to playwrights who live in or near New York.

  • Categories: Full Length Plays, New Plays

  • Contact: 212.421.1380

  • Submission Information




Unlimited Stages - New York, NY

In celebration of Women's History Month, Unlimited Stages is debuting F-ing Funny Females: An all female comedy show consisting of songs, sketches, and stand-up written and performed by women on the first Friday of March. Because the show will be presented through Zoom, all of the performers are given the option to present their acts live or pre-recorded.

For those who are interested in performing, please submit your headshot, resume, and video reel. For those interested in submitting an original sketch for the show, please make sure that the estimated runtime is 5 minutes long.

All performers will receive an equal stipend pay of $50, and the show will be presented live through Zoom on March 5th.

Submission Information


The Morgan-Wixson Theatre is presenting a curated series of one-person shows to be presented on Zoom, and would love to read your one-person play!

Here are some details:

  • This is a non-union theatre.

  • There will be a stipend of $100 to the playwright/performer.

  • We are looking for submissions that are 60-90 minutes in length.

  • The plays will be presented on Zoom, but can be pre-taped.

  • We can offer the stage in Santa Monica as a performance space to tape.

  • The plays can be new or have been performed previously (e.g. at a festival), but must be unpublished.

If interested, please send your script and any other accompanying materials (e.g. video, reviews if available) to Mirai Booth-Ong at mirai.booth-ong@morgan-wixson.com.


For more Onstage opportunities, visit Backstage.com; ActorsAccess.com; and Playbill.com.




Submit to Parity Productions

Parity Productions is in the midst of some changes.

If you've been on our website lately, you may have noticed one or two of them. There are more on the way, but here's what we can share for now.

One—We have a new mission statement:

Parity Productions promotes parity by empowering women, trans, and gender-expansive artists in theatre.

In fulfilling our mission, we:

  • Commission and develop original plays

  • Produce and promote the work of playwrights, directors, and designers

  • Provide opportunities for underrepresented voices to work in theatre

This new mission statement gets to the heart of what we do simply and clearly, and reflects our gender language shift—from the term trans and gender nonconforming (TGNC) to gender-expansive.

Which leads us to...

Two—Our artists database has a new name:

The Women and TGNC Artists Database is now The Parity Database. Same party, new nametag.

The Parity Database is a free online resource we provide to the NYC theatre industry to create visibility for women, trans, and gender-expansive artists and provide easy access to them for artistic leaders who seek to create more equitable hiring practices for creative teams, with a goal of New York City productions meeting our 50% gender parity hiring standard. And because we intend to lead by example, we hire artists to all our own creative team positions through Database profiles.

We're also actively adding Parity Database profiles during the COVID-19 theatrical shutdown, as a way Parity can support the New York artists who continue to create and make the performing arts accessible through even the most challenging periods, and to best champion these artists when live theatre returns. Artists interested in having a free profile in the database can complete this form at theparitydatabase.org.

If you have any questions or feedback about these changes, please feel free to email us at info@parityproductions.org.

"When putting together a team for a new show, Parity Productions' Women and TGNC Artists Database is usually my first stop. They've made it very easy to find many qualified artists in just about every discipline. It saves so much time to have one source to visit rather than spending hours Googling and asking colleagues for recommendations, and it has introduced me to some wonderful colleagues I might not have known about or found on my own.”

For more information, please visit parityproductions.org/our-advocacy

Minnesota Street Project Art Services

Seeking: Project Coordinator, Client Development and Relationships Manager, Dispatcher, and Lead Art Handler

Location: San Francisco, CA

Website: www.minnesotastreetartservices.com 

For more information: http://minnesotastreetproject.com/careersDescription

Minnesota Street Project offers a competitive benefits package that includes Medical, Dental, Vision, LTD, AD&D, Paid Time Off and Parental Leave, Retirement Savings, 401-k Plan, and Pre-Taxed Commuter and Childcare Benefits, and is an Equal Opportunity Employer. 

Application Instructions

Please email a single PDF that includes a cover letter, resume, and salary requirements with the subject line “POSITION APPLYING FOR_LAST NAME” to artservicesjobs@minnesotastreetproject.com. 

For more Onstage opportunities, visit OffStageJobs.com and Playbill.com.



Steven Schwartzberg Grants for Mental Health & Wellness

Writers are the beating heart of theater, whom we rely upon to take us on journeys and inspire us to think. During these unprecedented times, DGF has created the Steven Schwartzberg Grants to provide financial support for mental health and wellness services for writers. To help connect writers to therapists, DGF has partnered with Advekit, an online therapist matching service, to expand access to mental health support that might be out of your reach.

Please complete the form to receive $1,000 toward therapy through Advekit, courtesy of DGF.

If you already have a therapist or are seeking mental wellness support other than Western talk therapy, DGF is working on ways to support you in your wellness.


NYC Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA)

The NYC DCLA is dedicated to supporting and strengthening New York City's vibrant cultural life. Among our primary missions is to ensure adequate public funding for non-profit cultural organizations, both large and small, throughout the five boroughs.

They have many grants tailored to the needs of artists living and working in the city throughout the year.

  • Deadline: Ongoing

  • Application Fee: Free

  • Eligibility: Independent Artists and Groups

  • Address:

    • New York City Department of Cultural Affairs
      31 Chambers Street
      New York, New York 10007

  • Contact: 212.513.9300

  • Application Information 

SubletSeries@HERE Program

This creative curated rental program has allowed many upstart companies and emerging artists to realize their full artistic vision on a small budget. The program provides subsidized performance and rehearsal space, technical assistance, and administrative support, including a fully staffed box office. SubletSeries@HERE artists can also access equipment that is not typically available in venues our size such as video projectors, wireless microphones, color scrollers—all for free or at subsidized rates. We accept applications from artists all over the world for the opportunity to show work.

  • Deadline: Ongoing

  • Application Fee: Free

  • Eligibility: Independent Artists and Groups

  • Address: 

    • HERE Program
      145 Sixth Ave
      New York, NY 10013

  • Contact: 212.647.0202

  • Application Information

Annenberg Foundation

The Annenberg Foundation does most of their funding in the arts, culture, and humanities to organizations in the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernadino, and Ventura. The Annenberg Foundation's arts and humanities grants are available to agencies that serve the greater Los Angeles region, typically with budgets over $5 million.

  • Deadline: Ongoing

  • Application Fee: Free

  • Eligibility: Arts, culture, and humanities in greater Los Angeles region

  • Address:

    • 2000 Avenue of the Stars
      Suite 1000S
      Los Angeles, CA 9006

  • Contact: info@annenberg.org

  • Application Information




Sewanee Writers’ Conference

We are now accepting applications to the 2021 Sewanee Writers’ Conference. The application deadline is March 15. The Conference will be held from July 20–August 1 at the University of the South in Sewanee, TN. We offer workshops in fiction, poetry, playwriting, and nonfiction. Our program also includes an individual meeting with a faculty member, readings, craft lectures, and master classes.

Our hope is that we’ll be able to hold the conference as usual, but we are well aware that circumstances may intervene. So we’re planning for a standard conference, for a socially distanced conference, and for the worst-case scenario of cancellation. (At this moment, should we have to cancel, our plan is to once again offer a robust summer-long slate of virtual workshops and master classes.)

At our next conference, whether or not that is 2021, we will be honoring acceptances to the 2020 Conference. This means that we have a smaller number of slots available this year. We welcome all to apply, but please be aware that we expect competition for the remaining spots to be stiff. In 2022, we hope to return to our usual process and acceptance rate.

Exciting Additions to the Conference Include:

  • Adding two nonfiction workshops and a second playwriting workshop to complement our fiction and poetry workshops

  • Offering small master classes on a variety of craft and professional topics

  • Offering one-on-one meetings for participants with all editors, agents, and theater professionals

  • Opening with a session called The Ethics of Workshop in which we will have a community conversation about some of the challenges that arise as we come together to discuss our work

  • Broadening our community through strengthening our commitment to diversity and inclusion

  • Emphasizing sustainability

Artcroft Center for Arts and Humanities

Residencies of an average of 2-8 weeks for visual artists, writers, actors, and performance artists. Residency provides housing, studio, and meals; artist responsible residency fee ($40/day), deposit (10% of residency fee), travel, materials, and local transportation.

  • Deadline: Ongoing

  • Application Fee: $25

  • When: 2-8 weeks

  • Eligibility: Residencies are available to established and emerging visual and literary artists 18 years of age and older without regard for race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion.

  • Address: 

    • Artcroft Center for Arts and Humanities
      2075 Johnson Rd.
      Carlisle, KY 40311

  • Contact: artcroft@msn.com

  • Application Information


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