Madame Curie, a new musical from Create Theater

MADAME CURIE, a new musical

Book & score by David Kurkowski
Directed by Cate Cammarata
Dean Schneider, Musical Director

from Create Theater
June 1
on Zoom

Madame Curie tells the remarkable story of the famous scientist. We first see young Maria in occupied Warsaw as a young child with a natural curiosity about the world, and then follow her to Paris, where she meets her future husband Pierre and conducts the ground-breaking research that earns her two Nobel Prizes. Hers was a remarkable life, filled with crushing tragedies as well as soaring triumphs. This musical will forever change how you look on Madame Curie.
With Richie Abanes*, Rajeer Alford*, Elena Camp*, Kerry Conte*, Jeff Coon*, Ben Dibble*, Hanna Gaffney, Alex Kidder*, Nicholas Saverine*, and Mijon Zulu
(*Members of AEA)
Approximate running time: 2 hours
A short talkback will follow immediately after with the author.

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