Virtual Theatrical Experience: 2020 S.W.A.N. (Support Women Artists Now) Day Screening - Tape


Join NYWIFT, SAG-AFTRAFF2 MediaWomen in the Arts & Media Coalition (WAMC)HerFlixImageNation Cinema Foundation2020 One Woman One Vote Festival, and African-American Women in Cinema (AAWIC) for a screening of the new feature Tape in recognition of S.W.A.N. (Support Women Artists Now) Day, an annual event on the last Saturday of March that celebrates women artists.
There will be a Q&A following the screening.
You will receive instructions the day of the screening via email in order to access the film.
Free to attend. 

Tape – 98 min (2020)
Based on true events, Tape follows Rosa (Annarosa Mudd), an actress who, in order to inspire her own courage, pierces her tongue, cuts her wrists, and shaves her head, as a ritualistic homage to Shakespeare's Lavinia from Titus Andronicus, and secretly places hidden cameras on her body as well as in a dark studio. Rosa begins to stalk another actress, Pearl (Isabelle Fuhrman), who she identifies as the next "protege" of a successful producer, Lux (TarekBishara). But as Pearl and Lux enter the targeted studio, and Rosa collects and edits footage, she, and we, must all sit through an endless day of Lux's screen test process, and the grey areas of pressure that women experience when being coerced by a powerful man. As Rosa peers into her own past experiences playing out before her eyes, she is forced to question whether her revenge-fueled goal of revealing what goes on behind these closed doors is worth what it takes to do so.
Tape stars Isabelle Fuhrman (Orphan, Hunger Games, Hounddog), Tarek Bishara (The Tale, Time Out of Mind), Annarosa Mudd (Tape is her film premiere), Allison Wynn (Vox Lux, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Daredevil), Isabella Pisacane (Daredevil), Alexanna Brier (Small Time), Lolly Jensen (The Mountain), Sophia Adler (Split), and Kana Hatakayama (Orange is the New Black).
Tape is written, directed and edited by NYWIFT member Deborah Kampmeier (Hounddog, Virgin, Split) and produced by Deborah KampmeierVeronica Nickel (Moonlight, First Match) and Annarosa Mudd. Executive produced by Kenneth and Marie Romanski. Co-Produced by Sophia Harvey (Before You Know It, The Artist's Wife), Christopher Woll (Split), Sean Smith (Alter Ego), Marcus Hart (An Honest Neighbor), and Minista Jazz (Fly By Light). Director of Photography is Valentina Caniglia (The Amytal Therapy, Little Sicily). Production Designer is Mikaela Martin (Ramona). Costume Designer is Annie Simon (Can You Keep A Secret, Anesthesia, Crypto). Sound Designer is Chris Woll (Split). Composer is Leslie Graves (Hounddog, Split). Casting is by Stephanie Holbrook (The Kindergarten Teacher, Madeline's Madeline).
Co-Sponsored Jan Lisa Huttner


Event Information
Virtual Theatrical Experience: 2020 S.W.A.N. (Support Women Artists Now) Day Screening - Tape
Date/Time: Saturday, Mar 28, 2020
2:00 PM to 4:30 PM
Location: Virtual Theatrical Experience
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