It's Women's History Month. Support gender parity by buying tickets to shows from our online directory of Qualifying Productions.

It's Women's History Month. 
Support gender parity by buying tickets to shows from our online directory of 
Qualifying Productions. 
At Parity Productions, we hire 50% women and transgender playwrights, directors, and designers on every production. And we provide extensive and free promotional support to productions that meet the 50% hiring standard in the form of social media, e-blasts, PR support, and placement in our online directory of Qualifying Productions.

Congratulations to March 2017's Qualifying Productions.

If your production qualifies, click here to submit. 

Your Production Here
What Does it Take to Run Our Qualifying Productions Program?

We spend 35-40 hours per month researching Qualifying Productions, which includes reaching out to individual producers. Additionally, other production companies submit their shows to us regularly. We check each submission thoroughly to ensure it meets the 50% Qualifying standard. 

We then create imagery and social media content for each production and send out a monthly press release garnering additional promotion for Qualifying Productions. A total of 60-65 hours spent on our Qualifying Productions program per month.  

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