Waiting for Grace at the Odyssey Theatre in LA

Two previous Collaboration Awards honorees are enjoying a world premier production of
Sharon Sharth's Waiting for Grace
at the Odyssey Theatre in Los Angeles.

The play is receiving positive reviews and strong audience response.

Playwright and actor Sharon Sharth and her long-time friend and colleague, actor Pamela Dunlap 
got their start in NYC as members of Circle Repertory Company, as did another member of the cast, Lilly Knight.

This play was written (and is produced) by a woman and stars three women from NYC!

PS. An unsolicited comment by an audience member:
"Sharon, after we saw Waiting for Grace, [my wife] told all her friends that it is an excellent play. We both thought so. Very courageous effort on your part both in the writing and the performing of it. We were both totally engaged in the performance and the intellectual high wire act you performed, doing one of the best jobs I am aware of in trying to reconcile modern feminism and successful relationships between men and women. You took on an important and difficult topic and pulled it off masterfully. CONGRATS and THANK YOU.  Morley

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