The Intersectionality of Feminism, the Environment & Sustainability: FEED THE GREEN

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"Using telling and beautiful imagery and astute commentary from many feminist leaders, the film persuasively argues that abuse of women and other oppressed groups goes hand in hand with abuse of the planet." 
-Kathy Rudy, Professor, Women's Studies, Duke University

FEED THE GREEN: FEMINIST VOICES FOR THE EARTH challenges the cultural imagination surrounding the destruction of the environment. This enlightening documentary, by Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies professor and scholar Jane Caputi, features a variety of feminist thinkers whose voices are powerfully juxtaposed with images from popular culture, including advertising, myth, art, and the news, pointing to the ways that an environmentally destructive worldview is embedded in popular discourses, both contemporary and historical. Caputi also addresses the ways that the ill effects of environmental damage are felt disproportionately by those who face racial and socioeconomic inequalities.  Required viewing for Women's and Environmental Studies as well as studies in Pop Culture. 

**Congratulations to Director Jane Caputi, WINNER of the Eminent Scholar Award at the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association! 


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