Super SWAN Spotlight: Crazy Love in Pittsburgh

Super SWAN Spotlight:
Crazy Love in Pittsburgh

"Being surrounded by all of these amazing women coming together and supporting each other like crazy . . .  Respecting each other like crazy . . . It's a reminder that we're all in this together - we're so much more powerful when we lift each other up and celebrate our accomplishments."
                                                         - Tressa Glover, SWAN Day Pittsburgh
When you talk to Tressa Glover and Don DiGiulio about SWAN Day Pittsburgh, the first thing you notice is their love for each other and for the amazing community of artists they have built. They are theatre artists who believe in taking risks and they invite other artists to leap into the creative unknown with them.

Through their SWAN Day Pittsburgh events over the past seven years, they have presented over 350 artists, and they have created an incredibly rich environment for cross-disciplinary collaborations.
On Saturday, March 5 they will present SWAN Day Pittsburgh 2016 (an evening of short works) and SWAN Day, Jr. (an afternoon of arts workshops for kids) at the Twentieth Century Club in Pittsburgh, PA. For more information visit the website of their theatre company, No Name Players.  They are donating 20% of the proceeds to the YWCA of Greater Pittsburgh.

An Evening of World Premieres & New Connections
SWAN Day Pittsburgh is unique because Glover and DiGiulio give artists a prompt every year and challenge them to create brand new songs, dances, theatre pieces, and visual art, so that every piece is a world premiere.  This year the prompt is from the medieval theologian Meister Eckhart:
"And suddenly you know... It's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings."
Glover and DiGiulio often speak of SWAN Day as their favorite night of the year because it generates so much positive energy for both the artists and the audience members. Artists often find new collaborators, and two of the 10-minute plays that have premiered at SWAN Day Pittsburgh have been produced by professional and collegiate theatres in other states.

Glover also speaks about the ways that SWAN Day helps her cope with the challenges of being a female actor.
"Female actors are often competing against each other for the same role, and that can lead to tensions among us.  We don't have enough opportunities to work together or alongside each other. SWAN Day hits a reset button for me."
Congratulations and thanks to Tressa Glover and Don DiGiulio and to all the artists of SWAN Day Pittsburgh for building such a powerful platform for the women artists and audiences in your region. Your work is a wonderful inspiration to women artists all over the world!

Read more & watch videos about SWAN Day Pittsburgh on the WomenArts Blog>>

CALLING ALL ARTISTS: Are you able to make a living through your artistic practice? Do you have health insurance? What keeps you up at night? The Mellon Foundation wants to know, and it is important for them to hear from women artists!

Please take the Mellon Foundation survey on career, health, and well- being. It should only take 15 - 20 minutes.  TAKE THE MELLON FOUNDATION SURVEY>>
Composer Judith Shatin Demonstrates Kinect Technology
Judith Shatin is a composer and sound artist who draws on a cornucopia of sounds -  from workers and machines in a deep coal mine, to the calls of animals, the shuttle of a wooden loom, and a lawnmower racing up the lawn. She will demonstrate how Kinect, a motion sensing input device for computer controlled electronics, will be used in her new piece, Black Moon, on Saturday, March 5 from 2 - 5 p.m. at the DiMenna Center for Classical Music in New York.  Read more>> 
Terry Baum in Hick: A Love Story
Eleanor Roosevelt wrote 2336 letters to Lorena Hickok ("Hick"), the most famous woman journalist of her day. Solo performer Terry Baum brings their passionate relationship to life at Baltimore's Theatre Project. Through March 6. Read more>>
SWAN Show at G. Lee Gallery
Meet some of the most talented artists in Galveston, Texas at G. Lee Gallery's annual SWAN Show. Featuring female artists in a variety of media, this FREE event is Saturday, March 5th from 1:00-9:00pm at G.Lee Gallery, 2215 Post Office Street, Galveston, TX 77550. (Artwork pictured is by Jane East.) Read more>>
SWAN Day Gathering of International/
Migrant Women/Artists of Color

SWAN Day was celebrated for the first time in Hamburg, Germany last year when artists Aster V. Delgado's Art, Luján Martelli, Judith Tellado and Natalie Vazquez exhibited together. This year they are looking forward to creating an even wider circle of international /migrant women artists/of Color in Hamburg!  Read more>>
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