Mothers search for the disappeared in The Room of Bones

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Now Available!  THE ROOM OF BONES

"THE ROOM OF BONES is a necessary work...however harrowing, these images and these voices must form part of our public awareness." - Paulina Suarez, Ambulante

Across Mexico and Central America, the last twenty years have been plagued by a meteoric and troubling rise in desaparecidos, or missing persons. Beautifully shot, THE ROOM OF BONES, by Salvadoran filmmaker Marcela Zamora, follows four mothers who search for the remains of their children who disappeared amidst violence in their country. It bravely documents the arduous work of forensic anthropologists in contemporary El Salvador, where tens of thousands of people have been murdered in the last decade, their remains buried in clandestine graves 
In THE ROOM OF BONES the search for physical remains, uncovers the brutal history of three decades of social violence in this Central American country.  The impossibility of resolving the local situation is illustrated by the film's central metaphor hidden in its title: El Salvador is like a closet overflowing with bones, too small for this much death. The result is a harrowing portrait, providing testimony to the catastrophic legacies of violence that continue to plague the region.  

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