Martin E. Segal Theatre Center's Spring 2015 Season! Featuring Ayad Akhtar, Lee Breuer, Sibyl Kempson, & PEN World Voices International Play Festival!

A Tribute to Franca Rame
Lucinda Childs' Dance (2014). Photo courtesy of Pomegranate Arts
Lucinda Childs' Dance (2014). Photo courtesy of Pomegranate Arts
The Segal Center's Spring 2015 SeasonAll Events FREE! + Open to the Public
The Segal Theatre | 365 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY
The Segal Center is pleased to announce its Spring 2015 Season, featuring an outstanding lineup of national and international artists, academic and cultural leaders, and opportunities to explore theatre and the performing arts across the globe. Season Events include:
An Evening with Leslie Ayvazian
March 16 | 6:30pm Reading + Conversation
Co-presented with The Play Company
The Films of Lee Breuer: Mabou Mines DollHouse & others
March 30 | All Day Screenings + Conversation
Sibyl Kempson with 7 Daughters of Eve Thtr. & Perf. Co.
April 6 | Afternoon + 6:30pm Reading
An Evening with Ayad Akhtar
April 13 | 6:30pm Reading
Urban Dramaturgy
April 23 | 6:30pm Conversation
with Bertie Ferdman
Book Celebration: Four Millennial Plays from Belgium
April 28 | 7:30pm Reading + Conversation

May 4 + 5 + 11
Monday | May 4 Madi Marifat + Hjalmar Jorge Joffre Eichhorn (AFGHANISTAN) 4:30pmValère Novarina (FRANCE) 7:30pm
Tuesday | May 5Angella Emurwon (UGANDA) 2:00pmYerandy Fleites Pérez (CUBA) 5:00pmRoland Schimmelpfennig (GERMANY) 7:30pm

Tuesday | May 11
Joned Suryatmoko (INDONESIA) 2:00pm
Sitawa Namwalie (KENYA) 5:00pmRafael Spregelburd
(ARGENTINA) 7:30pm
Richard Foreman, Filmmaker
May 18 | All Day Screenings + 6:30pm Conversation
As always, events at The Segal Center are FREE and open to the public, first come, first served! All events take place at The Graduate Center, CUNY, 365 Fifth Avenue, NYC. Be sure to check our website for further details about the Center's programs, publications, digitial initatives, and special events.
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