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Submission Opportunities Newsletter for Women in Film & Video
(previously known as Film/Video Funding Newsletter)

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January Special Opp:

Kitchens and Calhoun Productions

Kitchens and Calhoun Productions (www.kitchensandcalhoun.com) seek pop, rock, jazz, gospel or hip hop artists to compose instrumental incidental music for our interracial buddy comedy, The Struggle. About The Struggle: "Life is hard in these mean streets, but best friends Kitchens and Calhoun are taking on NYC one battle at a time. They've got big hearts, no dollars, and strong side eyes for all the shenanigans the Big Apple throws their way. All day, every day: The Struggle is Real."

Kitchens and Calhoun also seek the following for The Struggle:
- a marketing & social media consultant
- sound editing assistance
- color correction assistance

Please send your website or social media and any relevant work samples to Kristen Adele Calhoun and Jessica Kitchens at kitchensandcalhoun@gmail.com.

TO SUBMIT: Include the Special Opps Code, which can be retrieved by emailing specialoppscode@gmail.com, and your area of interest in the subject line of your email.

About Kitchens and Calhoun: Kristen Adele Calhoun and Jessica Kitchens met while working on a regional theater production of Clybourne Park by Bruce Norris.  It was Rochester.  It was the dead of winter.  Polar Vortexes were slapping these two in the face every chance they got.  Kristen and Jessica knew they would not survive this brutal experience unless they created some dope art to warm their souls.  Write or die.  Thus began the creative process that led to The Struggle.
Writing The Struggle led to figuring out how to get the series made, which led to deciding that they would film it themselves, which led to investing in equipment and learning how to produce, shoot, star in, edit, and market a web series from scratch.  It has been the most incredible learning process and has exponentially increased the amount of creative power that Kristen and Jessica harness.
Welcome to Kitchens & Calhoun Productions.  We hope you dig it.
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