Winter Soulstice SoundSplash

Rejuvenation through sound! 
You are not watching the music - You are in the music!

Critically acclaimed recording artist, Bemshi, takes you on a journey celebrating the super healing force of MUSIC! Pure overtones of sound waves transform the condition of your cells, organs, regulates the heart rate, respiratory, and nervous systems. Also boosts the immune system and provides a powerful anti-stress treatment. By unlocking the healing secret found in music, this special sound bath holistically recharges the body, relaxes the mind, and tunes us within the greater spiral of nature, the season, stars and community.

Once cleared and balanced we can better connect with the divine and are more open to cosmic messages and ancestral memories. Through this transformative work, our collective spirits will reach a very high resonance. Deep sonic healing messages will permeate and empower the community.
Bemshi performs and conducts live spontaneous music within a blueprint of sound healing techniques, featuring some of today's most notable and aspiring artists. This groundbreaking music and sound bath combines sacred African traditions, universal scales and modes, and true artistic expression.

Bemshi Shearer, Founder SoundSPLASH, JazzHeals / the Embracing the Legacy Music Wellness / Sacred Arts Program.

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