The Rehearsal Club: HAPPY HOLIDAYS


A hearty group of Rehearsal Club Alum and other supporters joined us in greeting Jan Owen, one of our Rehearsal Club Alum currently living (and loving) her residency at The Actors Home.
Thank you to Lucy Seligson and Jordan Stohl for providing the elegant luncheon, educating tour and gorgeous space to play.  David Lewis at piano and Larry Spivack on everything else (he brought his own full band w/bells & tambourines).  
Pictured above from left to right are:
David Lewis, Martina Vidmar (remember her from our Women @ Work production in 2012 at The York Theater?), Sunney Keyser, Larry Spivack, Rise Clemmer, Mary Lou Barber (also W@W), Ginger Ray (Showstoppers w/Arthur Anderson @EAG), Lorraine Goodman (helped us w/our press kit also), Dottie Belle, Steve Boockvor, Denise Pence, Arthur Anderson (seated, married to Alice Middleton ), & Jan Owen, resident.


Holiday Ideas

Consider checking out our Member Services page on our website for gift ideas.  This calendar was created by Sunny Keyser's daughter, Jen Halpern, a casting director & champion of rescue dogs (rescuemen.org).  Others among us have books written.  All members who are supporting us thru their $10 dues are welcome to link their projects to our site.

As you can tell, even the residents got into the act!  The tree pictured above is also the one at The Actors Home.  


HAPPY HOLIDAYS from all of us in New York to all of you across the country!

We look forward to rocking the New Year with the launch of our documentary fund-raising campaign.  Watch for details coming out soon and become an ACTIVE participant in your social circle for helping us find the funding to create this lasting memory of our home.  Projected Goal:  $205,000

As with the Centennial -- WE CAN DO IT!

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