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Submission Opportunities Newsletter for Women in Theatre
(previously known as Theatre Funding Newsletter)

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Our NEW Featured Special Opp:

**365 Women a Year**

365 Women a Year: A Playwriting Project will have a full slate of plays for 2015, and will be needing women directors all across the country (and even around the world!) to direct those plays in festivals, readings, and productions. If you send in your resume, they will forward it on to wherever appropriate. We will also be creating an online database of female directors.

If you are a female theatre director, please send your resume with DIRECTOR as the Subject Line followed by the Special Opps Code for December to: 365womenayear@gmail.com. Include your bio in the body of the email, and attach your resume as a pdf. Also include in your email where you live, as well as other regions where you regularly work, if any.

You can visit 365 Women a Year's Wordpress or Facebook page to check out their mission!

TO SUBMIT: Include the Special Opps Code, which can be retrieved by emailing specialoppscode@gmail.com, and "DIRECTOR" in the subject line.

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 #StageOpps online
#StageOpps online 

Ongoing additional Funding Resources
on the WomenArts website.

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The Women in the Arts & Media Coalition is a coalition of member organizations; if you are a member of one of our member organizations, you are a member of the Coalition!  The purpose of the Coalition is to focus the power of our member organizations together and to use that combined strength to address issues of concern to women in theatre, film, tv, radio, and new media.  We are committed to being the link between our member organizations as we collaborate to impact the various topics that affect women in our industry through advocacy, networking, and events. 

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