Career Coaching with Andrew Frank: PRODUCTIVITY and HAPPINESS

DATE: Monday, July 27, 2009 
TIME: 6:30-9:00pm 
LOCATION: MTC Studios, 311 West 43rd Street, 8th floor, Studio 3

Too much work? Too much play? Are the strains of working in the arts all-consuming? Is taking care of yourself a challenge? 

This one day workshop, presented by ANDREW FRANK, is designed to help you come up with a specific plan of action, with tangible ideas and tools that will increase your chances of having a successful, fulfilling and happy career in the arts. Topics include: models of change, the elements of happiness, and the Whole Life Model.
Dynamic networking, champagne-tinis and snacks to follow.

Over the past decade Andrew has worked with hundreds of artists on a variety of life concerns including: professional career development, networking, diversifying income streams, emotional and physical health, relationships, and living in New York.

He works professionally in theatre as a director, writer and producer and was the Founding Artistic Director of Manhattan Theatre Source. Andrew is certified in Personal Coaching by NYU. Andrew is a member of IAC - (The International Association of Coaching www.certifiedcoach.org) and practices under their printed Code of Ethics.

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