Testimonials for Coalition Events - 2006 and earlier

Testimonials for Coalition Events

"The Coalition is a marvel of Networking. At least from my perspective. As a member of Actor's Equity and The League of Professional Theatre Women I attended a Coalition Networking event. All I expected was to meet some interesting people. Through an amazing and helpful women, a master networker, I found a video editor/producer, a personal assistant, and an extraordinary writer/director for my one person play, Good Lessons from Bad Women. All of this from one connection. Amazing. Thank you Coalition." 

Dorothy Leeds
"Chief Bad Woman"
Good Lessons from Bad Women

"My name is Terry Diamond. I am a playwright/director and have been attending NYCWAM networking events since 2003. I went to my first NYCWAM BSINE at the Players Club in 2003. I was planning to produce a show in Spring 2004. At that event, Sally Plass the proprietor of Plass Prop House handed out flyers for her prop services. I took her flyer and when I needed a set and props I called on Sally. She dressed my set and it looked great. She offered a very modest rental fee because her business is non-profit. A few months later, I helped Sally get a "services to the field" grant, the first ever grant for Plass Prop House from NYSCA.

The next networking event I attended was in January 2004. I met Lisa Haas, a playwright/performer. Sharing a similar sense of humor we connected professionally. In the next few years, we developed and enoyed a very warm collegial relationship. We support each others work and regularly pass on opportunities that come our way.

I think NYCWAM's networking events are a very effective away to avail myself of the collective resources of professional women in the theatre, arts, and media and to offer my own." 

Terry Diamond
Creative Director
DIAMOND Consulting Inc.
"The events I've attended, Networking, and Perfecting Your Pitch, were well run, created a warm atmosphere, and provided help in areas that are important to me as a musical theatre writer. I met people who were investing time and effort to climb professional ladders, and whose activities and persons were in themselves interesting. We spoke the same language, an opportunity for which I sincerely thank the Coalition."

Hana Roth Seavey

Member: ASCAP, The Dramatists Guild
"The coalition is totally awesome... really. At the very first coalition event I went to I made many connections, including two who became clients and one who I swapped services with and who has become a close associate".

Reid Green
Editor / DPSuperluminance Video

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